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10 useful tips about Marvel’s Avengers that every hobby superhero should know

Marvel’s Avengers offers a lot of content and features, but their application and use is often quite confusing. Other goodies are obvious, but what they bring is not so clear either. So here on MeinMMO we have collected some useful tips and advice that every player in superhero mmo should know.

Anyone who alludes to Marvel’s Avengers for the first time will quickly have a few questions. Because the game explains a lot of content only gradually and some things even remain permanently vague and have to be explored yourself. So many players wonder why their heroes feel so weak or why you should collect comics.

Tips that you should have known before you started playing

For the questions mentioned above and a few more, we have a number of tips and tricks that will help you get the most out of the superhero MMO. You can find basic information before starting the game here:

6 things to know before starting Marvel’s Avengers

Make sure to adjust the camera

This is why you should do this: Marvel’s Avengers offers you several options for the camera settings, "Wide", "Default" and "Close". You should try each of them out. On “Wide” you can see everything from a certain distance and you have a better overview.

However, Close and Default offer you a more intense gaming experience, as you are right next to your hero, just like in games like Tomb Raider or Uncharted.

The heroes' side missions are particularly worthwhile

That’s what it’s all about: Every time you unlock a new hero in the campaign, you can complete a specific mission for him or her. These are grippingly staged missions tailored directly to the hero.

There you can get to know the hero better and experience an original, personal story by following a copycat as Thor or infiltrating an AIM base as Black Widow.

Fans of the exciting story of Avengers should therefore not miss the missions. And if that's not enough for you, you will get particularly cool gear and a unique costume for the mission at the end.

Also useful: When you have unlocked a new character, be sure to take him to your personal quarters on the Helicarrier. That leads to funny scenes. By the way, you can reach the helicarrier and other bases via the map and the option "Travel to the outpost".

Don't forget your dailies!

That is why it makes sense: Every day you get tasks from the two factions of the Inhumans as well as SHIELD. Each faction gives you 8 quests each and you should take on as many as possible. The tasks are often not a big deal, among other things you should do certain opponents with predetermined attacks.

Each completed task grants you reputation with the faction and that in turn leads to a better range of goods in the faction's shop. So take the tasks with you and try to do as many as you can on the side. Unfinished tasks expire over time, but you get new ones every day.

Always hammers on the track button

Therefore you should do this: Never forget that with "Tactical Awareness" you have a built-in feel for additional features in every mission. So get used to pressing the button for this tracking feature regularly.

Because in pretty much every mission there are hidden goodies that you might otherwise overlook. These can be storage depots or imprisoned inhumans that you free. The reward for this effort is valuable XP and gear, which you would otherwise slip through your fingers.

Just keep in mind that you should definitely do all of these extra goodies before the mission ends. Because after graduation it goes straight to the Quinjet and the mission is done.

Collecting comics brings a lot

Why should you collect comics? It sounds strange, but in the world of Marvel’s Avengers, the heroes are comic book heroes in the original Marvel comics too. You can find them directly in the game and even read them. But that is not the main purpose of the colorful booklets.

Rather, the comics give you smaller boosts on your values. So if you find a whole set, you have a decent boost to your game values. Double comics even give you the bonus multiple times. So it's worth farming the comics.

Where can I find comics? Comics are all over the game world, another reason why you should keep pounding the track button. You also earn comics as a loot for H.A.R.M. training missions.

There are no respecs, but that's not that bad

This is behind it: Unlike in many role-playing games, in Avengers you don't have the opportunity to reset and redistribute your skills. So be careful where you put your points - at least at the start of the game.

However, you can't really kill yourself badly, because at the max level of 50 you have enough points to unlock the basics at least in every skill.

Don't trust the auto loadout

That's why you should choose gear manually: After each mission you often have tons of new items in your inventory that you can use. But which things are best? The game offers a seemingly useful function here, according to which you simply automatically put on the currently best equipment.

But here the game is very easy, because it stubbornly simply selects the gear with the nominally best power level. This may make sense (at the beginning of the game), but if you want to optimize a certain build, the item with the poorer score but the useful bonuses on ranged combat may make more sense for you personally.

So pay attention here and check manually what does which item before you let the game make the choice.

Also good advice for gear: Always dismantle white and certain green items immediately, because the stuff is mostly crap and can only be used as a resource donor.

It doesn't really start until level 15

Why do my heroes feel so weak? Right at the start of the game, your heroes are not in top form and even the apparently unstoppable Hulk is quickly beaten up by a group of AIM bots.

But that changes a lot once you reach level 15. And it gets even worse with the following levels. Because from this point on it is worth slowly building certain builds and making an almost unstoppable tank out of the Hulk by packing enough points into his rage skills.

So be patient with your heroes and don't really get into the skill system and stats until you are level 15. By the way, you can find out how you can quickly get up to the max level here.

Marvel’s Avengers: Bringing Heroes to Max Level - This is the fastest way

Use the checkpoint reset if things don't go well in solo play

This is how this trick works: If you are completely wiped out three times in a mission, the scenario has failed and you have to start all over again. But at least in the solo game with AI companions, there is a fine trick how you can tackle the matter more often.

So if you have already died twice and are making your last attempt, you can simply press the pause button and click on "Reset Checkpoint" in the menu. This deletes the progress before the last backup point, but you have your full three "lives" available again.

Don't forget your minor artifacts

This is what these artifacts are all about: Minor artifacts are useful stat boosters, but they're not that easy to find. They are neither given as a drop nor are they usually given as a mission reward.

Therefore, it is possible that you have an unnecessarily low power level because at level 30 you are still running around with a cumbersome artifact at level 6. Therefore, you should also keep your minor artifacts up to date and get something that fits your overall level in good time.

There are minor artifacts here: A good source for minor artifacts are Drop Zone-type missions. There is always a minor artifact there when you complete the scenario and the mission goes super fast too.

If you have any more tips and advice for Marvel’s Avengers, let us know in the comments.

By the way, if you're wondering how the actors behind the heroes Thor and Black Widow find the game and what they experienced while "shooting" the gripping scenes in the game, then take a look at our big interview with the cast of Marvel's Avengers. In it you will learn, among other things, how silly flying looked there and why Thor had a lot of fun with the hammer.

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