Why do some people fail to deal with rejection

Rejection in everyday life and how to deal with it

Almost everyone knows that Feeling of rejection. In most cases this is handled and processed well. But everyone is different resilient and sensitive. What almost throws one person off course, another does not even notice. There are different reasons why we are rejected. This post is about how to deal with rejection and come out stronger.

None of us are immune to rejection. Even famous personalities have often struggled with rejection in the past. The way up is often marked by rejection. The positive thing about it, however, is that each rejection can also be seen as a signpost in a different direction. Maybe even the right direction for your own life. Those who risk things in life can be rejected. That hurts at first and leaves you confused, sad or angry feel. On the other hand, it can also be seen as a strengthening of the personality.

Where you encounter rejection

There are many situations in which you will encounter rejection. Starting from Dating, above Application and Sales pitches, up to Selection process at universities. As you can see, it is not possible that a person will never be rejected in their life. So you definitely are not alone. Often other people's lives just seem much more perfect than it actually is. Wherever you encounter the feeling of rejection, others like you do too. Unfortunately, even if you would like everything to go as you would like, this is not always possible.

Keep rejection away from self-worth

If someone doesn't understand why they were rejected, it often turns out to be the same taken personally. Sentences like "I am not good enough", "I'm just a failure" or "I'm just not sympathetic", then mingle in our thoughts. Please note: a rejection very often has nothing to do with you as a person, so leave your self-worth alone with self-doubt. Maybe the other person was just in a bad mood. It can also be that the other person simply has a very specific idea of ​​things. It is also the case with job interviews that a decision is made on exactly one person. Would that then mean that all people except the selected person are incapable?

Allow feelings

If we are rejected, it often redeems it Feeling of shame and many people do not want to allow negative feelings per se. However, it is important feeling unwanted emotions as well. This is the only way to process them and then let them go. Don't tell yourself that it doesn't matter how you feel. The feeling and expression of your emotions is important for your mental health. This enables development and personal growth.

Spend time with people who accept you

You cannot be loved by the whole world - that is not even necessary. It is enough if you have a few people who accept you for who you are. Talk to them about what happened to you and how you feel about it. Maybe it will emerge from it an open conversation and you can exchange experiences with your counterpart. Because it is well known that suffering shared is suffering half. And from time to time you need a reminder that you are good the way you are.

Finally, a reminder for you: You are great as you are. Not everyone can and must see this. Start loving yourself and see those people who do too. Let go of what's out of your control.

Photo credits: iStock.com/SIphotgraphy