Hitting a sandbag hardens the knuckles

Tempering Fists in Boxing: Guide to Strengthening the Fist

The opinion about whether you can really harden your fist is heavily debated and controversial.

You often see on TV how someone smashes a few bricks with his bare fist, but you don't see that there is a very long training behind it.

Especially with the Boxing the question arises very often, how to harden your fist. I think this question is so popular because it is believed that you can do more damage to your opponent with a rock hard fist.

But is that really true?

Now I would like to go into that in this article, as some readers have asked about it many times.

This is how you harden your fist

The fist itself - or, to be more precise, the metacarpal bone - cannot be passed through on your own Toughen blows against the wall. You can slowly get your fists used to the force of the blows, but more factors play a role than just the metacarpal bone.

These would be the stability of the fist itself, the wrist bones and the forearm muscles. What I like to do to "harden" my fist are Push-ups on the fist.

The decisive factor here is not the stress on the bones, but rather the training of the wrist and the entire musculature cause your blows to become "harder".

You can also do deadlifts to train your forearm muscles. This ensures that you can form a better fist and have better stability when taking punches.

One more way, to be able to form a stronger fist include hand trainer handgrips / spring grips. You can use it to train all the important muscles of your arm - you can also use this device to train anywhere on the side.

Gloves for the punching bag

A very practical exercise on how to harden your fists the fastest is training on the punching bag - the decisive factor here is how and with which gloves you train on the punching bag.

The regular training, where you train your technique, stamina and endurance on the punching bag, means that you work at full strength most of the time. For hardening your fists, however, this is not necessary, the repetitions are decisive.

Do you know the 10,000 hour rule? I have derived a 10,000 blows rule for myself - you have to hit this number per fist to become halfway insensitive.

You will barely manage 10,000 hits per training session on a punching bag - depending on your condition and time. However, 1,000 strokes are a possible number that you can safely achieve in a short time.

But don't think that's all there is to it. This is more of a yardstick that you can use to measure your progress. After each workout, try to do an extra round of the punching bag with 1,000 hits each time.

So that you can manage the training unscathed and get the best benefit for you, I warmly recommend you to use extra boxing gloves for the punching bag. These are a little thinner than your "normal" boxing gloves and thus have better contact with the hard punching bag.

Protect your hand with a boxing bandage

You have certainly seen a professional boxer wrapping the boxing bandages on TV. If not, watch out for the boxers to take off their boxing gloves after a boxing match is over.

You will find that the boxing bandages around the fist are particularly thick. This has a meaning and purpose, because the fists are a boxer's "money makers" and they want to protect them as well as possible. The whole hand is thus protected in the event of a blow.

I really recommend that you put on your own boxing bandages every time you train, be it sparring or on the punching bag, and protect your hands.

If you are a beginner you should always train with boxing gloves. It will take your fist bones about 6 months to get used to. Only then can you slowly try to train only with boxing bandages on the punching bag.

A healthy diet for strong fist bones

We all know that to get strong bones, we need to consume calcium and plenty of vitamins. "You are what you are" - it is said so beautifully.

Using all of your training to improve your To harden fists and getting a harder hit won't do you any good if your bones are weak.

So pay a little more attention to your diet and use foods high in calcium, vitamin B6, vitamin D and omega 3. Fish, fresh fruit and vegetables and much more are, for example, good foods for strong bones.

I would like to briefly mention here that the human hand consists of 27 hand bones and is actually not biologically suitable for hitting objects with the fist.

A person's hand is meant to be grasped, grasped and held on. Since the hand consists of many small bones, it is very prone to injuries, especially in boxers.

Can you really harden your fists?

My personal opinion, whether one is his Toughen your fist in boxing can is a Jain! I can only speak from my own experience and say that my fist does get softer if I haven't exercised for a long time.

I noticed this especially when I was after a break from training hit the punching bag with bare hands have. My hands hurt a lot more afterwards and were more prone to injuries.

The Metacarpal is very vulnerable and a break in this region often occurs with professional boxers as well. What I would like to say carefully is that you can't really harden the bone yourself.

Now you may be thinking that after a fracture, the bone will grow together more tightly and if you only put your fist under stress long enough that a hardening will form at this point.

I can tell you that one Break on the hand is not funny and that the fist is never again like it was before. So don't get stupid thoughts, because I really do not wish you a broken metacarpal bone.

Do you have any further questions on how to harden your fist in boxing? Just drop me a comment below and I'll answer you.