Is it worth buying an upgrade to NBA 2K19

"NBA 2K20" voted almost the worst game ever on Steam

NBA 2K20has almost become the worst rated game of all time on Steam. Just Flatout 3 from 2011 received even more criticism. At NBA 2K20 only 16 percent of the almost 1,800 ratings are positive. In the reviews, the players complain that the game is Pay2Win, crashes again and again and also has massive deficiencies in the gameplay, including the balancing.

Players improve with real money

The anger of the critics can primarily be traced back to the fact that players have been exceeding the pain threshold for loot boxing for years. To turn your own professional into a world-class player, you either have to play hundreds of games to unlock the in-game currency Virtual Currency, which in turn can be invested in further development. Or you can help with a real money payment. This is also necessary in the MyTeam game mode.

Twitter campaign to save game

At NBA 2K20 the manufacturer has now implemented slot machines and wheels of fortune, in which you can win card packages that in turn unlock player trading cards. With the full-price basketball game, users feel more like a casino simulator and therefore climb the barricades. The hashtag # fix2k20 is already being used to protest on Twitter. Now the manufacturer has also been punished on Steam for the gambling mechanics and the lack of implementation. (red, 11.9.2019)