What is MS after engineering

Master's degree and industrial practice - ms + i

Master's degree and industrial practice (ms + i) is a dual study model of the THM at the Friedberg study location with a special focus on a scientific and particularly practical master's degree. In cooperation with a partner company, you will complete your three-semester course in a balanced time ratio of practical phases in the company (36 of a total of 70 weeks) and in-depth specialist modules at the university. You can also complete your master's thesis as well as a study project under the direct scientific supervision of the university lecturers in the partner company.

The dual ms + i study model enables you to have a demanding and future-proof training in the master's degree in mechanical engineering and mechatronics.

Advantages and perspectives for students

  • ms + i combines a broad-based degree with professional experience in operational practice and thus creates the best prospects for your successful professional future.
  • ms + i offers basic financial security through the partner company and thus the best prerequisites for a quick and successful graduation, regardless of whether you want to start directly after the bachelor's degree or want to gain further qualifications after a few years of professional experience.
  • ms + i provides you with a professorial contact from the THM. In addition, in consultation with you and your company, in-depth training courses are offered as part of a mentoring program, which will prepare you even better for future specialist and managerial tasks.
  • ms + i provides you with your own classrooms, equipped with PCs, printers, internet access, etc.
  • ms + i will optimally qualify you for your professional future, whether in research and development, planning, project planning, production or for tasks in management or technical sales.

Advantages for the partner company

  • ms + i binds particularly talented graduates of bachelor's courses to partner companies. Companies can provide these future junior employees from their own ranks with targeted academic qualifications for further specialist and managerial tasks without them losing touch with the company.
  • ms + i is an extremely effective way of recruiting young talent and retaining staff with a reasonable financial outlay. The fees are only € 3,000 once per participant.
  • ms + i offers partner companies the opportunity to have a say in the course content of the additional mentoring program and thus to specifically strengthen the areas of expertise required for your company.


In order to be able to take up the dual master’s degree according to the ms + i model, you also apply for a job at one of the partner companies.

We are also happy to help companies find suitable students. In addition to the cooperation agreement between the company and the university, enrollment in the corresponding master’s course takes place.

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