Does the weight affect the voice

Does weight and / or physique have anything to do with singing?

The only way I know about this weight has to do with endurance. If you want to sing a 3-hour opera, you should put on a little extra weight at the beginning as you will lose several pounds during your performance. Just like boxers and other athletes. The kind of singing that is done in the opera is very, very sporty.

Especially with opera singers, there is a tradition of rich food and wine in opera culture, just as there is a tradition of marijuana in the cultures of some other musical styles. And I don't think that the opera audience or the critics judge an opera singer by his weight, which is in contrast to singers of other musical styles. In the opera it's about bringing the goods vocally. In other styles, it can sometimes be a model show with singing as well. So in general, opera singers are a little heavier than other singers.

In terms of voice physics, you can be a very small person and have a large vocal instrument, or a very large person and a small vocal instrument. The size of your sinus has a lot to do with the resonance and size of your voice, and there are very small people with big noses and tall people with small noses. If you put all the variables together, I don't think you can make any assumptions about physical size, and especially gender. If you've auditioned and a little woman walks in, there's no way she should be surprised if she's using her voice to blow your hair back. I've seen this over and over in my own experience. Also, don't be surprised if a giant walks in with no power at all. Also very often.

A big part of having a powerful voice is exercising. When you learn to sing powerfully from the diaphragm with a relaxed and resonant vocal instrument, you generate your maximum power. And in general, that's a lot more power than an inexperienced singer. (Keep in mind, however, that some people train in church or at home - you don't have to go to college to get trained.) Learning to project your voice is a big part of creating volume and power and the moment An untrained singer can see that he cannot project the voice. And once you're exercised, you need to exercise regularly to keep everything in shape, just like you would with an athlete.

To judge whether a person has a strong voice, all one has to do is hear them sing.