Can women reach orgasm only through breast manipulation?

Nipple orgasm: With these tips you can experience the exciting climax

With hands and fingers

Hands and fingers are perfect for starting foreplay for a nipple orgasm. Your partner can gently stroke and knead your breasts and roll your nipples between two fingers. If you like it a little more intense, you can also try pinching - but caution, pleasure and pain are often close together. So it's better to approach slowly.

With lips and tongue

Lips and tongue are also very welcome in nipple stimulation. Starting with kissing, your partner can lick your nipples, gently circle them with their tongue, and suck on them to increase your arousal. Even gentle biting can be very pleasurable. Caution is also required here so that your sensitive nipples are not injured.

With the help of sextoys

Sex toys can also create a nipple orgasm: some vibrators are shaped in such a way that they can be used not only on the clitoris or penis, but also on the nipples. Our favorite is the "Volta" from Fun Factory. Its two fluttering tips ensure particularly gentle, yet intense stimulation. But the "Satisfyer Endless Joy" is also a great toy for nipple stimulation. Many women also like the sensual vacuum of small nipple pumps.

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