How can we export comments from Instagram

Instagram: Saving pictures - This is how it works in the app

On Instagram, users from all over the world present their most beautiful photo creations. But what does it look like if you want to save an attractive picture from Instagram? There is no button for downloading a photo in the app. We'll show you how you can still download pictures to your mobile phone.

Basically, you can only save other people's pictures for your own collection. An upload on your own channel is not only dishonorable, it also violates copyright law.

Instagram: Download your own pictures

If you want to download your own pictures from Instagram, for example because you have lost the original file, you can do this directly via the settings of the app:

  1. Open the Instagram app.
  2. Switch to the Settings.
  3. Call the section security on.
  4. You can find the option here Download data.
  5. Enter an email address.
  6. Tap Request download.

You will then receive an email with all the content related to your Instagram account. This includes all pictures and videos you post as well as comments and other profile information. It can take up to two days for the content to be made available to you.

Instagram: Save other people's pictures

It is a little more cumbersome to save pictures of other Instagram users on your own mobile phone. The fastest way to save the photo is to use the screenshot function on Instagram. With the screen recording tools, you can easily trim the screen recording. We'll show you how to take screenshots with smartphones from different manufacturers:

You can use it to take the most beautiful photos: Cell phones with the best camera

On the iPhone and Android phone, an additional app also helps you save the pictures from Instagram profiles. For example, use FastSave (Android / iOS), InSaver (Android / iOS) or one of the numerous other apps. How to save the pictures using an Instagram downloader app:

  1. Open Instagram and navigate to the post that you want to save.
  2. Tap the three points above the post.
  3. Choose Copy link.
  4. With the link in the clipboard you can now call up the Instagram downloader.
  5. Usually you have to log into the app with your Instagram account.
  6. Paste the link from the Instagram post into the app.
  7. The picture is now displayed in the app. About the Share function it can be saved on your mobile phone.

The saving process is not visible to the creator of the post.

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