What does a secure line mean

Internet Firefox: "This connection is not secure" - what to do?


In the Firefox browser it can happen that you receive the error message "This connection is not secure". This happens when an actually secure https page has an invalid certificate. This article tells you what exactly the error means and how to react to it.

Firefox warning "This connection is not secure"

When you visit a web page with Firefox, the browser does not open the page immediately. In order to be able to establish an encrypted, secure connection using the https protocol (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure), Firefox first checks whether the website has a valid certificate. This identifies the page and shows that the connection to it is secure. If no valid certificate is available, the message "This connection is not secure" or "Warning: possible security risk detected" appears.

You now have three options:

Leave the website directly

If you need to enter sensitive information on the website or are simply unsure, you should leave the site. The problem is that the data may not be transmitted securely, it could be read out or be lost. Leave the page by clicking on "Back (recommended)You can also try to contact the website operator so that they can check the certificate of their website.

View the exact error codes and then decide

If you click "Extended ...If you click ", you will be shown the exact error codes and further information about them.

You can register by clicking on "Show certificate"even look at the questionable certificate. If you click on"Additional Information..."Click, you will be taken to a Firefox website where you can find out which secure pages the error message is sometimes displayed on and how you can work around this. Find out more and then decide whether you want to leave the website or use it despite the risk You can find out what the most common error codes mean on Firefox.

Use the site despite the risk


If you do not want to enter any data on the website and trust the operator, you can display the page despite the error message. You should only do this ifThey are sure that you can trust the site and that your connection is secure (this could otherwise be manipulated). If you transmit data to the website via an unencrypted connection, it can be intercepted. To use the website anyway, follow the step-by-step instructions or take a look at the brief instructions.

Quick guide: use the website despite the risk

  1. To view the exact error code, click under the message on "Extended ...".
  2. Take a look at the error code, read the Firefox explanation about it.
  3. If you want to open the page anyway, load the website at your own risk. To do this, click under the error code on "Accept risk and continue". To add a security exception for the website's certificate, you will then be presented with the website.