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13 qualities you can pick up from Richard Branson for your blog business

I lay on the beach. And let me sizzle.

I have a cold cola in my right hand. On the left is Richard Branson's autobiography.

Every now and then I look up, enjoy the breeze ... and the almost infinite view of the azure blue sea.

Oh ... vacation is something beautiful. Or?

This is my second time reading the autobiography.

First I read the German edition, a small collector's item. Now it's the turn of the unadulterated original.

You notice. I'm a huge fan. Richard Branson is my greatest role model.

But who is he anyway?

Who is this Richard Branson?

Richard Branson is easy the Entrepreneur.

He is also an author, adventurer, knight and multi-billionaire with the motto: "Screw it, let's do it!".

And he's British. But that's not so bad! 😉

I actually think it's a shame that he's so unknown in German-speaking countries. Almost everyone in the rest of the world knows him.

More precisely, Branson is the founder of the Virgin Group, a conglomerate of now over 400 companies in the fields of travel, entertainment, lifestyle, finance, telecommunications and what else do I know.

Branson is a master of brandsstrain.

Today he lives on Necker Island - his own island - and mainly takes care of non-profit projects.

What more does the entrepreneur's heart want?

But let me tell you more about this colorful personality.

1. Richard Branson started small

When my friends and I started our first business, we were a bunch of young hippies barely able to scrape together a living.

In 1968, when he was 15, he founded Student Magazine. There was no fancy office. Just a little phone booth he was trying to get advertisers from for his magazine.

After that, he and his buddy lived in a basement. There they slept on mattresses ... and dirty coffee cups and old "fish and chip" packaging were lying around everywhere. It was a mess.

And from this chaos he built his current empire bit by bit.

Unfortunately, the magazine was not financially sustainable in the long term. So he turned around ... and sold cheap records through the mail.

Some time later, however, due to a post-strike, they had to find a “real” store ... and the Virgin Megastores were born.

Then a record label was added. Then Mike Oldfield and with him his first million ... and the rest is history.

And just like Branson, you have to start small in your blog business. Fortunately, you don't need a phone booth today. Today you can sit comfortably at your laptop.

So write three articles. Promote them actively. Look at the results. And then just keep going.

Every company has to start somewhere.

2. Richard Branson challenges the status quo

Every time someone says I don't have an option, I try to convince them otherwise.

Branson is always someone who attacks and annoys the big players. It's always a kind of crusade.

For example, when “Virgin Cola” was launched, he drove a tank against a pyramid full of “Coca Cola” cans. That's a statement, right?

And you also have to challenge the status quo with your blog. You have to do something to change.

Maybe your readers just don't know how you do something. Or your target audience is just doing things wrong. But you know better and your job is to change that.

That's what this is about. Around change.

3. Richard Branson makes mistakes

Every successful businessman has failed, and most entrepreneurs who run their own businesses have been broke at least once.

I just mentioned it - Virgin Cola. Nothing came of it. Coke was just too strong. And also Virgin Bride, the wedding dress trade. Nothing came of it either.

Branson has founded countless companies. Some of them failed. No matter.

Like him, you don't need to be afraid of failure now. Regardless of whether you have chosen the wrong niche, chosen the wrong positioning or used the wrong customer approach.

Correct the bug. And go on.

Mistakes are part of life. Mistakes aren't a big deal. Because that's the only way you can learn.

4. Richard Branson talks to his customers

Whenever I'm on the plane or on the train or in the record store, I walk around asking people about their ideas and how we can improve the service.

Branson always welcomes good ideas. Much of Virgin's innovation originally comes from its customers. Your customers are the best advisors!

As a smart blogger, you have enormous advantages here. Every article is automatically a communication with your customer.

But also make sure that you answer the comments and emails. Also take surveys. This is how you learn your audience much know better.

It is important that you are in constant dialogue with your audience.

5. Richard Branson always finds a solution

I was sure there had to be a way around the system.

I have a good example of this: by chance he found out that if he exported records to Belgium, but reintroduced them immediately, he could save taxes.

Well The end result was a night in jail.

But the idea is still typical of Branson. "Doesn't work, doesn't exist". That's his motto. You absolutely have to adopt this thought.

Who would ever have thought that blogging was a great way to make a living?

Today I know some bloggers (myself included) who have nice sales just do with their blog.

As I said, it doesn't work, doesn't exist!

6. Richard Branson takes breaks

I like getting out of London in the middle of winter. I've found that sunshine and long-distance travel always give me a clear perspective.


About as. Only in real life.

We bloggers simply have a great passion for our topic. Otherwise we wouldn't be able to blog about it that long.

But sometimes we are so passionate that we overdo it. And too much of a good thing often backfires.

That's why you should take breaks. Short breaks in writing. But also long-term breaks to relax. This recharges your "creativity tanks".

7. Richard Branson is an idealist

I may be a businessman because I start and run businesses for profit, but when I dream of new products and new businesses, I am an idealist.

For Branson, it's not about making money. He loves the game. He loves the challenge. That's why he does what he does.

Lots of people start ... or want to start a blog business just to make money. But making money is not a goal.

I've already written about it here. If your business model is "make money on the internet" then you've already lost. Sorry

Therefore, you should have more idealistic goals. What do you want to achieve? Why do you do what you do What is your vision

8. Richard Branson reinvests, always

What is money actually for? To make things come true

You know what? The first million he made with Mike Oldfield? He didn't squander them. No. He was looking for new artists and generally into the company reinvested.

Branson was always someone who looked for ways to get to expand. Whenever Virgin had money, he looked for new business opportunities so as not to bet everything on one horse.

This is also something that many bloggers who want to start a blog business or who are already running it do not understand.

They only ever take from their venture. But they don't give anything. They don’t give anything for their growth.

But you have to invest in growth. Define part of your sales for this. To do this, buy ads on Facebook. Use it to make competitions. Or put it in your education and buy books and courses.

If you don't reinvest ... I'll see black.

9. Richard Branson sees business as a way of life

Business is a way of life.

As I said, Branson doesn't think about money that much. For him, it depends on the people and the challenges that come with them.

He also breaks the boundaries between work and fun ... and just has a great time. For him there is only a Life.

Your blog business is also a way of life. You are free. You are your own master. You can develop yourself. It's a really cool lifestyle.

But it also has its downsides.

You always have to be present. Always deliver content. Have to have a constant dialogue with your audience. And, in the beginning, you have to do a lot for it without getting anything in return.

That’s exhausting.

But I see it the same way as Branson: You just have to do business Life.

10. Richard Branson cherishes his brand

We have never let a company sit down: we always pay our debts, we always look after our reputation as an organization that keeps its commitments.

A really wonderful example of this is the initial public offering of the Virgin Group in 1986. Some time after that, things did not look so rosy and the stock plummeted a lot.

What was Branson doing?

He bought himself too own capital all Shares back. He paid for the "artificial" loss caused by supply and demand on the stock market, and the company was back in private hands.

Hopefully it's not that expensive for you, but that's exactly how you have to cherish your brand (and your blog is a brand).

If your blog is about high quality articles, then deliver too always high quality items. If you say you reply to every comment, email, and tweet, then reply too always on every comment, email and tweet.

Make up a promise. And hold it.

11. Richard Branson is the face of his brand

Branson's role model, Sir Freddie Laker, recommended him to show more of himself and give the Virgin brand a face.

That is exactly what motivated me to present myself as the face of the monkey blog.

We humans want to do business with People do. And not with faceless companies.

Therefore show yourself and your personality in your blog. It's an important part.

12. Richard Branson is always fun

Fun, which is a particularly charged word for me, is one of my most important business criteria.

No matter what Branson does, fun and never boredom are always the order of the day.

If you don't enjoy your blog business, if you don't enjoy writing articles, podcasting, recording videos, and creating digital products, then maybe you should do something else. Or maybe look for a different topic.

fun is important.

13. Richard Branson doesn't shy away from a doctorate

To be successful, you have to be out there, you have to have everything under control right away, and if you have a good team [or alternatively, a good blog] and more than a fair share of luck, you might create something.

Branson was always ready to go outside and promote Virgin. That's how he did it always made.

As a blogger, you have to go outside too. You need to write high quality articles. You have to be high quality Guest Posts write. And you have to meet other bloggers network.

You have to do all of this to get the attention you deserve.


Richard Branson is just a fascinating and colorful personality. Still, I couldn't cover everything in this 1,913-word article.

In conclusion he says himself:

I travel around the world about 250 days a year, trying to make Virgin the most respected brand in the world, not necessarily the biggest, but the best.

That's a nice thought from the Entrepreneur.

His life (and therefore my motto) can be summed up wonderfully in these nine words:

Live life to the fullest. Enjoy every minute.