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Uwe Buermann

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born 1968; Teacher for computer science at the Waldorf School in Kiel; Lecturer at the teachers' seminars in Hamburg and Kiel; Research assistant at IPSUM (Institute for Education, Sensory and Media Ecology).
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What significance do real and virtual living spaces have for human development? What are the opportunities and dangers in modern communication media? How can dangers be countered?


Many children, and even more so adolescents, are now equipped with a mobile phone and a computer; many spend up to several hours a day in front of a screen: on the Internet. Since the world in which we live shapes us, staying in the virtual living space also has an impact on the people who move in them. This is especially true for adolescents. And the younger they are, the less real life experience they have with which to compare the virtual experiences.

Many children and young people can no longer imagine a life without the Internet and mobile phones: The virtual world is not only an addition to their world of experience, but has long since become an integral part of their lives. Before I look at opportunities and dangers using specific examples, I would first like to outline when and how the virtual worlds conquered children's rooms.