Which plant grows on the wall

This is how a wall garden works

A wall garden not only decorates the apartment, but also offers many other advantages. We show how you can bring a piece of nature into your home with it.
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How about a wall garden in the living room instead of a picture? What pioneers such as the French botanist Patrick Blanc have been doing for a number of years with plants on house facades, some of which are hundreds of square meters in size, is increasingly possible indoors: attaching gardens vertically to the wall. The fern carpet in the living room can be just as good as the easily accessible herb wall as a wall garden in the kitchen.

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Building a wall garden

The principle of the wall garden is basically very simple. In contrast to conventional wall greening outside, in which individual plants such as ivy or wine climb up a wall, in wall gardens a large number of plants are placed on top of each other and next to each other. This is how the wall turns green.

What looks natural at first glance is linked to technology. Depending on the size and the system used, the installation of a wall garden is more or less complex. In other words: It takes certain preparations before the wall turns green. A suitable wall construction and a waterproof insulation layer facing the wall are often installed first. Only then does the actual planting layer of the wall garden follow.