What's the best nostalgic game

Charm of nostalgia : Is “Anno 1800” the best winner?

The computer game "Foldit" is a free puzzle game that helps researchers not least in the fight against viruses. As part of the swarm intelligence on their computer, the players “fold” the components of proteins so that the result has the right structure.

“Foldit” received the undoped special prize from the jury at the “Digital Gala” of the German Computer Game Prize on Monday evening. It could have been the right game at the right untimely time of the corona crisis, worthy of wearing the crown as the “Best German Game” - if “Foldit” were not a project of the University of Washington.

Well-engineered, yes, but innovative?

It was always a good decision. The awarding of the main prize to the building strategy game "Anno 1800" is also a good choice, but not the best signal. Sure, the game is as mature and perfect as you can expect from the youngest member of a series that originated in 1998 and is still one of the most successful games from Germany.

If Andreas Scheuer, as Minister of Transport and Digital Infrastructure, praises the “charm of nostalgia”, the innovations compared to the predecessor may still be as exciting, but this selection of winners is not proof of innovation. The fact that co-favorite “Through the Darkest of Times” from Berlin did not receive the main prize - but instead the prize for the “Best Serious Game” - has not least to do with the subject. Games with a Nazi connection contain a residual problem, even if the player organizes the resistance against the Hitler regime.

With the computer game award, politicians want to recognize this form of entertainment as a cultural asset and at the same time strengthen Germany as a developer location. Especially in the Corona period - which may take longer than many currently believe - innovative computer games could make an important contribution, not just for the industry, but also for society. Even science could benefit, see the "foldit" proteins.

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