Are there any non-profit health insurance companies

Statutory health insurance

The majority of the German population is a member of the statutory health insurance (GKV). Membership in the GKV is compulsory if the gross salary does not exceed EUR 56,250 per year (compulsory insurance limit 2016). Non-working family members who live with the policyholder at the same address in Germany are also insured under the same conditions at no additional cost.

Identification of the GKV:

  • Coverage of doctor visits, prescribed medication, outpatient therapies and outpatient treatments in the hospital (not with private doctors)
  • Coverage of all treatment costs, with the exception of dentures and glasses
  • Payment of 10 per day for the first 28 days of hospitalization
  • Prescriptions can only be filled out in pharmacies

All statutory health insurance companies in Germany are non-profit organizations that manage the government's health system. Some (AOK, DAK, TK) are very large with several million members, others only have several thousand members. However, this does not mean that the basic benefits are different, because all health insurance companies must comply with the law.

In exceptional cases, however, the health insurance provisions of your home country may continue to apply due to a social security agreement concluded with Germany. Your local health insurance or social security authority will then confirm this to you on a form bearing the number E 101. On the basis of the E 101 form, you are still subject to the domestic health insurance and are exempt from the German health insurance.

If you do not have an E 101 form, you are required to have health insurance as an employee in Germany. Then it depends on your income whether you can take out private or statutory health insurance.