Why are girls' clothes becoming increasingly scarce

Difference between boys / girls clothes


I also think that - unless it is about glitter roses or little dresses - the difference is really made by the adults. I'll take up the Pokémon example. It's been several years for me, back then Pokémon wasn't the mass-produced item it is today, I liked to play it on the GameBoy and also like to watch it on TV. I am female - so what? But when boys in kindergarten get the idea, eh, a girl is wearing a Pokémon shirt, now I don't want mine anymore, sorry, but then I ask myself who shaped the child, probably the parents or other adults ?
I prefer to get most of the clothes in the men's department (Suse, why the Schäm-Smiley ????), are simply more beautiful for my taste and more comfortable for normal everyday clothes. However, I've never liked girls' clothes that were so obvious, I haven't worn clothes since my communion.

With babies I don't see any difference between the sexes except in the colors, now that my son is 2 years old and wears size 92, it is more noticeable, but also not so extreme.

My son had a pair of pajamas, they were definitely from the girls' department, white with red strawberries on them, he saw them in the store when he was just under 1 year old and immediately hugged them and didn't want to give them away. He got it too, we were looking for new pajamas anyway and he liked them. He really wore it, the only piece of clothing so far that really met its target and didn't have to be sorted out beforehand because it didn't fit.

And pink for boys ... well ... I've seen - especially southerners - increasingly with pink shirts or shirts in recent years. At first it takes getting used to, but it doesn't make them look feminine or even funky. With glitter it would be something different again ...

And whether or not your daughter makes a mockery of herself later, I think that's really because of HOW she performs. And how the possibly mockers are shaped.
What does she get out of it when she wears all-girl clothes, but doesn't feel at home in them at all? Either she refuses to put on the clothes at some point or she does it like my girlfriend and I: The unloved clothes broke very quickly with us ...


Greetings from Patzi