Which curriculum is valid for May 2018

Framework curricula

For the 2017/2018 school year, there was a common framework curriculum for grades 1 to 10 in the schools in Berlin and Brandenburg for the first time. This replaced the previously valid framework curricula for primary school, for lower secondary level and the special educational focus “learning”.

Objectives of the new curriculum framework

The framework curriculum has been modernized and streamlined in order to adapt goals, standards and content on the way to inclusive learning. In this way, the different learning speeds of the schoolchildren as well as issues relating to the way of life and career orientation of a future society are taken into account even more.

The new framework curriculum supports teachers in better structuring the transitions between the individual school levels. In addition, the framework curricula for pupils with special educational needs “learning” were integrated and a more understandable language was chosen.

What has changed, what is new?

  • The framework curriculum is consistently laid out from grades 1 to 10.
  • For the first time, language and media education as well as the overarching topics are placed on a curricular basis.
  • Integration of the framework curriculum for schoolchildren with the special educational focus on “learning” as a curricular basis for the individual support of learners in the context of inclusion.
  • Requirements for degrees and transitions are assigned to individual levels, so it can be seen which requirements students have to meet in order to successfully switch from primary school to secondary school and to achieve the desired degree.
  • The standards in the framework curriculum form an important basis for assessing student performance.
  • In related subjects, the models for skills development were coordinated (for example in foreign languages, natural science and artistic subjects).
  • The framework curriculum promotes the design of the joint educational region Berlin and Brandenburg.