What would Socrates have thought of Jesus?

Socrates and the old church

Socrates, bust, Naples, National Museum

Socrates, bust, Rome, National Museum

Socrates, Herme, Rome, Villa Albani

Platon, Copenhagen, Glyptothek Ny-Carlsberg

Zenon of Kition, Herme, Naples, National Museum

Theophrast, Herme, Rome, Villa Albani

Sophocles, statue, Rome, Lateran

Sophocles, head, Rome, Lateran

Plato, Herme, Rome, Vatican

Periandros, Herme, Rome, Vatican

Metrodor, Herme, Paris, Louvre

Menander, Herme, Boston, Museum of Fine Arts

Menander, Herme (2), Boston, Museum of Fine Arts

Menander, Corneto, Museum

Mausolus, Head, London, British Museum

Mausolus, Colossal Statue, London, British Museum

Lysias, Rome, Capitoline Museum

Lysias, Naples, National Museum

Isocrates, Herme, Rome, Villa Albani

Hermarchos, Athens, National Museum

Tomb of Prokles and Prokleides, Athens, National Museum

Euripides, Herme, Copenhagen, Glyptothek Ny-Carlsberg

Epicurus, Herme, Paris, Louvre

Double therme of Epicurus and Metrodor, Rome, Capitoline Museum

Demosthenes, statue, Rome, Vatican

Demosthenes, statue, Rome, Vatican (correctly completed)

Demosthenes, head, Rome, Vatican

Bias, Herme, Rome, Vatican

Aristotle, Vienna, Kunsthistorisches Museum

Aristotle, Rome, National Museum

Aristonautes, tomb, Athens, National Museum

Antisthenes, Herme, Rome, Vatican

Alexander the Great, statue, Munich, Glyptothek

Alexander the Great, head, Dresden, Albertinum

Alexander the Great, head of the statue, Munich, Glyptothek

Alexander the Great, head, from Pergamon, Constantinople, Ottoman Museum

Aeschines, statue, Naples, National Museum

Aeschines, head, Naples, National Museum

Aeschines, Herme, Naples, National Museum