What was some controversy behind comfort women

Controversy about the "comfort woman" in Berlin : District councilors from Mitte vote for the "statue of peace" to remain

The district assembly in the middle voted on Tuesday to keep the "Peace Statue" in Berlin-Moabit. "A critical artistic examination of this part of the history of East Asia must be possible," says the motion of the left-wing parliamentary group, for which the Greens and the SPD also voted. A camera team from a South Korean TV station filmed the session.

The bronze figure, which has become a political issue in recent weeks, represents a Korean "comfort woman". Hundreds of thousands of women and girls from Asian countries were abducted during the Second World War and forced to work as sex slaves for the Japanese army.

A subject that the Japanese government is still struggling with today. That's why the statue should go away again. The Mitte district had withdrawn its approval and requested the Korea Association to dismantle it - apparently under pressure from the Senate Office.
The CDU and FDP also voted in favor of keeping the statue, but suggested changing the accompanying text on a board. "We do not think it is right that only the conflict between Japan and Korea is dealt with," said the decreed Benjamin Fritz (CDU). Sexual violence against women in wars is a problem in many countries.

District has withdrawn the request to dismantle the statue

However, this was rejected by the left and the Greens. "It's not just about a global problem of sexual violence in wars," said Ingrid Bertermann (Greens). Japan is doing historical revisionism here. One does not want to accept that.

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BVV had already spoken out in favor of keeping the "Peace Statue" in November. At that time, however, the vote was only to be understood as an expression of will. The current resolution also urges the district office to include BVV in such decisions in the future.

The district office has meanwhile withdrawn its request to dismantle the statue. District Mayor Stephan von Dassel (Greens) said on Tuesday. The responsible legal office will soon inform the Korea Association of this decision.

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