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Goodwill is not: holiday landlords in Mallorca keep money

Companies in the tourism industry in Mallorca have little reason to be happy this year. And yet it is advisable to be patient with customers who do not want to or cannot take their vacation in their country of origin because of a travel warning and the associated obligation to quarantine. Many hotels and vacation rental providers have responded to cancellations this year in an accommodating manner and allow customers to rebook for the coming season free of charge. Not so the recruitment agency Homerti based in Inca.

Homerti was only founded around four years ago by three Mallorcans from Sa Pobla and specializes in arranging large fincas for holidaymakers. Homerti has more than 1,500 fincas and holiday homes on the island and on the Costa Blanca.

Including the idyllic country villa "Ses Pedres" near Manacor. This was rented by the German Sascha Maier (name changed) together with several work colleagues for a week in September. His niece had planned to get married on Mallorca during this time Mallorca issued a travel warning in mid-August, the wedding was canceled. Maier wanted to cancel the finca and book it again next year.

Put on draft

He tried several times to contact Homerti, but no one answered. Finally, an employee of the portal wrote to him at the beginning of September to explain that a rebooking to the next year was not possible and in this case the total price of 1,800 euros would be due. The state of alarm in Spain was lifted on June 21. "We currently have no special conditions for reservations with arrival in August / September / October and no information about travel restrictions on the part of the Spanish authorities for the period", says Homerti Percent of the total rent as cancellation fees. "

Maier and his fellow travelers could not come because a quarantine obligation in Germany could not be reconciled with their professional obligations. Homerti announced that it might be possible to change the date in the current year. Maier and his colleagues clarified with their employer that they could get vacation in the week after Christmas and come to the island. Homerti's answer first: They will clarify this with the house owner. Two days later the email: "Unfortunately we have to inform you that it is no longer possible to change anything, the calendar in this house is closed in winter."

Maier tried to get the landlord's contact details in order to enter into negotiations with him, but Homerti did not give them out. Since October 7th, the correspondence with Homerti has come to a standstill.

Number of complaints

If you look at the reviews of the platform on the Internet, you will quickly see that Sascha Maier is not an isolated case. Almost all of the 53 customer opinions recorded there paint a catastrophic picture of the company, especially since the beginning of the pandemic. One user wrote: “The Homerti company is totally inflexible. Due to the Covid-19 travel warning, we were unable to arrive. Zero concession, no voucher, no rebooking to 2021 and no partial reimbursement. Insist on your terms and conditions. Cannot recommend Homerti and would never book through this company again. Hopefully the Homerti company will notice that customers will not have forgotten this behavior in 2021. "

Another even suspects fraud: “Unfortunately, you cannot rebook the finca that you cannot visit for Corona reasons. We don't get a cent back. 1,800 euros put in the sand! Another addendum: I managed to reach the actual owner of the finca. He said that he had not received any money from Homerti, he wants to end the contract with the club, which in my opinion is an even bigger mess. "

One review after the other reads similarly, but at the company based in Inca, people are initially clueless when asked by MZ. "What reviews do you mean?" Asks an employee on the phone. Despite multiple inquiries, MZ only receives a very general one Mail in response to the allegations: "The cancellation conditions that we currently apply are the usual ones. There is currently no alarm condition (the mail was sent before the alarm was again declared on Friday, editor's note), customers travel daily at." At times more flexible booking options have been offered, with the possibility of canceling free of charge up to 48 hours before arrival, it is said a bit nebulous. Reference is also made to travel cancellation insurance, which is recommended to customers.