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The dream hotel

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  • Anni (born 1989) on

    Hey guys, does anyone happen to know what the title song for the dream hotel is called? Is that fly away? And which artist is singing the song?
    lg Anni
  • Corinna (born 1976) on


    I have now found out on ARD whether the episodes can be bought on DVD. So far, unfortunately, only one: "Stars over Thailand". But towards the end of the year there will be more Epsioden to buy on DVD, in stores or on Amazon.
    best regards
  • Jasmin Kallenbach (born 1989) on

    I think the series "Das Traumhotel" is very cute. I think the actors are all very good. I would like to be part of a shoot of the series and get to know everyone. Where can I buy all of the DVDs and the theme song?
  • Chris (born 1993) on

    Hello, what is the name of the dream hotel in the episode "India", and is it located?
  • Peter (born 1955) on

    Hello Moni, you can find the dream hotel title song "FLY AWAY" under
    Download http://lisafilm.all4move.com/de/ for 0.99 euros.
  • Steffi am

    If you are looking for the title track "Fly away by Alexander Klaws":
    The song can be bought at one4music.de.
  • Petra (born 1967) on

    Can someone give me the name of the hotel from the Africa episode? Possibly also the location. Thanks.
  • Notburga L. (born 1960) on

    Can someone tell me if and where the series is available on DVD?
    Kind regards
  • Moni (born 1991) on

    hi have a very important question looking for the title song of the dream hotel "fly away" by alexander klaws it can be bought on CD, if so where ?? please give a quick answer
  • Daniela Alt (born 1974) on

    Good day! I like to watch the program Das Traumhotel and would like to ask when these episodes will be released on DVD? thanks

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