How can I be homeless

5 ways to help the homeless - and what better not to do

Donate money:

  • Be aware of what to do with the money.
  • Find out about relevant providers. If possible, personally, because important aspects of the work can be discussed in the conversation.

Donate material (food, clothing, hygiene articles, ...):

  • Ask a specific institution what or whether my donation offer is currently needed.
  • Donate things only in the quality in which I would accept them myself.

Donate time:

Clarify the personal requirements: What is my personal motivation? How much time do I have? What do i want to do?

When working with homeless people, I am confronted with a lot of hardship and personal fate. Can I switch off after my engagement? What possibilities are there to reflect on what you have experienced?

It is important for people to be accepted for who they are. Can I treat people with sufficient sensitivity and respect? Homeless people have sometimes developed behavior that is strange to me. To what extent can I respect differences without evaluating them?
Find out what is needed. This is important not only to actually provide meaningful support, but also to protect yourself from disappointment and false expectations.

And then: Enter the encounters with curiosity and joy, and let yourself be surprised by the perspectives that open up.