Which Pokemon cannot be caught by anyone

Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! / Let's Go, Eevee!

Game description:
The games of the PokémonSeries typically appear in two versions. It is the same with Let's go, Pikachu! and Let's go, Eevee!. The only difference is the partner Pokémon, and some Pokémon can only be found and caught in one of the two games. The games are actually a remake of the Game Boy Color game Pokémon Special Pikachu Editionwhich was released in Europe in 2000 and also as Pokémon Yellow Edition is known. With the new edition, fans and newcomers can now relive the adventure.
A lot has changed in the past 18 years. In the course of time, many features were added, such as the mega developments or the Alola Pokémon. A feature of Pokémon yellow was also that Pikachu chases after the character. This is now in let's go possible with any Pokémon. The game also takes over the core of the old Game Boy Color game. In such a way that the players were able to experience the adventure with the "buddy" Pikachu even back then and can now decide for Eevee or Pikachu when buying. In addition, the two versions are basically the same and compatible.
Everyone's goal PokémonThe game is to set off into the big world, collect all 8 arena medals, defeat the "top four" and finally complete the Pokédex. This is also in Let's go, Eevee! and Let's go, Pikachu! the case. The biggest change is in catching. In all the older parts of the series, you had to look for the wild Pokémon in the tall grass and didn't know which Pokémon you would encounter. Now the Pokémon run around freely in the game world and can be caught in a targeted manner. If you want to catch a Pokémon, it must be hit and caught with the motion control and a targeted throw (if you play the Switch in handheld mode, a push of a button is enough to throw the Pokéball). There is the possibility to land a “good”, “great” or “simply fabulous” litter, which increases the probability of catching.

Text by Dorian Bulla

Pedagogical assessment:
Recommended age
When playing the title, our game testers quickly realized that “it won't work without reading”. The young people noticed that reading the dialogues is important in order to understand where to go next. The game suits you a bit here, as the keywords are highlighted in red. Reading skills are also important in combat because you need to know which attacks can be used. Certain elementary attacks against certain types of Pokémon are particularly effective. The game does not have a high level of difficulty, so that it can be played very well by younger children. Our play tester group, taking into account the numerous dialogues, was of the opinion that the game can only be played completely independently by children from the age of 8. For younger children, we recommend playing the game with an adult. The adult can then play the companion Pokémon and help with the dialogues.

All testers found the game very entertaining. Due to the large game world and the many different Pokémon, there was no boredom. The youngsters enjoyed the variety of movement control and liked the coordination when catching. They progressed quickly in the story, so that at no time could frustration arise. In addition, there are occasionally cute cut scenes that made our testers smile.
Starting the game proves to be very beginner-friendly, and thanks to helpful explanations, catching and fighting are basically not a challenge. Catching stronger Pokémon is more difficult, however, as they can swerve to the left and right.

Multiplayer mode
The game has a local co-op mode in which anyone can play with a Joy-Con controller. Here you walk through the world together, whereby the second player cannot interact with anyone, but is simply a “follower”. The problem here is that the second player can run out of the picture and the game does not take this into account. This can quickly lead to losing sight of your figure. However, both players can act when fighting and catching the Pokémon. In catch mode, they can throw their Poké Balls one after the other or try a combo throw which increases the chance of catching them. This is possible if both players are swinging their Joy-Con at the same time. You can also act together in battles. The second player receives the second Pokémon on the team. This makes it possible to fight together in a team. But there is a problem here: The level of difficulty decreases extremely. Because of the "2 on 1" situation, the players always have an advantage. Whether that is good is then a matter of taste. However, as mentioned earlier, this mode is ideal for parents and young children.

Although the Nintendo Switch is weaker in terms of performance compared to other consoles, the game was able to convince all testers with its graphics. The colorful surroundings and the childlike look fit perfectly into that Pokémon-Franchise. The youngsters, who had all played part of the series before, praised the development of the graphics (from 8-bit to HD). Some were excited to see their favorite first-generation Pokémon in HD. We tested the game with an LED projector on a screen so that the players could really immerse themselves in the game.

Since the game uses the music from the old parts, any seasoned Pokémon fan will indulge in nostalgic memories. In addition, the music was played by an entire orchestra. Surprisingly, however, some testers quickly found the music disturbing because it was repeated over and over again. So everyone was happy about every new tune they heard.

extra cost
The only additional costs the game offers are due to the Poké Ball Plus. The Poké Ball Plus is an additional controller hardware and ensures a realistic gaming experience. It works like a Joy-Con, but looks like a Poké Ball and includes additional functions such as sound and LED light. The Poké Ball Plus package also includes the legendary Pokémon Mew, which can only be obtained by purchasing the Poké Ball Plus. In addition, other Pokémon can be stored in these. If you have the Poké Ball with you in everyday life, the steps are counted and the Pokémon can be trained with it. In addition, the Poké Ball Plus can also be used outside of the game as a “GO Plus” for the Pokémon Go app. It is also possible to transfer the Pokémon from Pokémon Go to the game.
In addition to the main story, fighting other players is also a great attraction for fans of the series. However, in order to compete online against other players, you need a paid Nintendo Switch Online membership.

In summary it can be said that Let's gois a wonderful game that our testers could cast their spell on for a few hours. Many of our teenagers said that they would like to play the game again. However, the older ones lost their motivation after a while, which is due to the very low level of difficulty and the comparatively short duration of the main story. The games are definitely perfect for anyone who is a fan of the series or who wants to get in touch with the Pokémon franchise.

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