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If you start a series or movie on Netflix but don't finish watching it, the title will appear in the Watch Next list. If you have no plans to end the series or film either, you can remove the titles from your “Next Watch” list. Then you will really only be shown the series that you regularly stream. We'll explain how it's done.

Delete series and films from "Continue viewing" in the Netflix app

Netflix: Delete series and films from "Continue viewing" in the browser

Follow our step-by-step instructions, the quick start guide or the explanatory video.

Quick start guide: Browser

  1. Log into your Netflix account then click your Profile icon top right.
  2. Then go to "account".
  3. Now you have to Select profilefor which you want to remove series or films from "Continue viewing". To do this, click next to the profile on the one pointing downwards arrow.
  4. In the profile overview you will find the point "Title history". Click on it.
  5. A list of the titles you recently viewed opens. About the Circle icon to the right of the title you can remove episodes or films.
  6. If you want to delete all episodes of a series from the list, then click on "Hide series"In this way, it will no longer be displayed under" Continue viewing ".