The Jews in Israel are Khazarian Jews

"Nothing against Jews."

Zionism originally referred to a political ideology with the aim of establishing a Jewish state. This was achieved with the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948, but even today some organizations and institutions that advocate the preservation of Israel refer to themselves as "Zionist".

In this country, however, terms such as "Zionist" or "Zionist" are used much more frequently in an anti-Semitic context, as a form of so-called "detour communication", a way of speaking that tries to escape the accusation of anti-Semitism by using the term "Jewish" or "Jew" should be avoided. Not infrequently it is explicitly added that the argument cannot be anti-Semitic, after all, "Zionists" do not designate all Jews, but only certain - namely those who adhered to the ideology of Zionism. But what Zionism are these people talking about? From religious Zionism? From the socialist? Greens? Liberals?

If the term Ā»ZionismĀ« is used in an anti-Semitic context, this occurs - despite the claim that one is talking about a real political movement - detached from real existing political constellations and ideas in all their diversity. Instead, a straw doll is made that has little or nothing to do with political reality. "Zionism" is stylized as pure evil, as an ideology based on misanthropy and desires for annihilation. The followers of this ideology would of course have to be fought by every reasonably clear-thinking person.

The distorted portrayal of Zionist ideology as a hateful caricature of itself becomes all the more tragic when one considers who is included in this anti-Semitic movement in the definition of anti-Semitic actors. Above all in slogans like "The real Jews are against Zionism!" It becomes clear: In the reading of modern anti-Semitism, every Jew who does not position himself clearly anti-Zionist is a Zionist.

The "good Jew, bad Jew" game is old and this variant is just one of many. But they all have one thing in common: in the end, all Jews, with the exception of a few hand-picked copies, can be found on the side of "evil". The assertion that there is nothing against Jews, but only against Zionists, thus becomes a farce.