What are the different types of lottery

The Aktion Mensch social lottery:
Good luck for everyone

The Aktion Mensch association operates the largest German social lottery. It's a lottery for a good cause. Because with the income from the lottery, up to 1,000 social projects are supported every month. With over 4 million participants annually, the Aktion Mensch social lottery has given a total of over € 4 billion to social projects since the association was founded.

  • over 1,000 social projects become
    supported monthly by us
  • over 4 billion euros have been since inception
    in 1964 in social projects flowed.
So the social lottery can be lucky for everyone: for the winners of the lottery and for the people who benefit from the funded projects. Because Aktion Mensch has one goal: WE wins. That is why the association is committed to ensuring that everyone can participate in life on an equal basis - people with and without disabilities.

The lots of the social lottery Aktion Mensch

The Aktion Mensch social lottery is a non-profit lottery and works like any other social game of chance: in order to generate income, the lottery issues tickets to the participants. So that everyone can play according to their wishes, the Aktion Mensch social lottery offers various tickets with different chances of winning. The amount of the prize depends on the prize categories you choose. Your stake is then also based on this. The lucky ticket, for example, offers the chance of up to two million euros per drawing. With the 5 star ticket you can win up to one million euros per drawing. In addition, there are special profit categories such as the dream house with land, the immediate pension or the household money. With these two types of tickets, you pay your stake monthly. Until you cancel the lot. This also means that your ticket plays in the draws every week and you have the chance to win every time. With the annual ticket you can win up to two million euros per drawing. As the name suggests: You buy the ticket and it will play for one year from the specified start of participation. If you want, you can also order the annual ticket as a subscription like the other two types of ticket.

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Win with the Aktion Mensch social lottery

At Aktion Mensch, 30% of the income from the social lottery is distributed as lottery prizes and the winners are determined in the weekly draws. In 2020 alone there were 1,661,612 winners in the Aktion Mensch lottery. Among them were 69 happy people who could look forward to a main prize between half a million and two million euros. In the last 10 years (2011 - 2020) an average of 30 people became millionaires with the Aktion Mensch social lottery.

That's how much money goes into funding

As a social lottery we give at least 30 % of our sales for a charitable cause.

But we do more:

With total sales of 467 million euros in 2018, even € 200 million (37%) flowed. in promotion and educational activities.

How do the winners find out how lucky they are? In principle, all winners will be informed personally by Aktion Mensch, as the lottery will play in their name. In addition, the winning numbers are published on ZDF on Sunday evening, in the newsletter, in the app and on the Aktion Mensch website. There you can also check at any time whether your ticket has been won. And on the website you can also find out what social projects were supported with the income from the Aktion Mensch social lottery. This way you can make sure for yourself that the lottery proceeds have actually been used for charitable purposes.