Will Bitcoin be valuable in the future

The Bitcoin rate fluctuates massively. After a week-long slump, he has now reached a record high again. But will the cryptocurrency still exist in ten years?

Anyone who invests in Bitcoin or follows the course cannot stop being amazed. In addition, the daily look at the value of the cryptocurrency is like an emotional roller coaster ride. The reason for this: it fluctuates massively. While Bitcoin fans were still able to look forward to the all-time high at the end of December 2017 and the digital currency had finally cracked the 20,000 US dollar mark, investors have now been disappointed for months.

Will Bitcoin recover again?

There are many reasons - but experts believe that they are Many investors and financial experts fear a bubble that could burst soon.

Aaron Lasher is also one of those who believe that a bubble has formed. But he sees it surprisingly positively. The Bitcoin expert knows about the volatility of the crypto currency - but he still believes that it will turn up again Upward trend is emerging. Any bubbles in the past are negligible in his opinion.

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That is why he has now revealed to "MarketWatch" that he will not sell his Bitcoins at any time before, during or after a bubble. Instead, he thinks in the long term and this is also his investment strategy. Therefore he will become eventual Sit out the coming falls.

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Financial expert predicts the unbelievable for Bitcoin

True to the motto of the famous banker Carl Mayer von Rothschild: "Buy when the cannons are thundering, sell when the violins are playing". He recognized early on that countercyclical investing - that is, investing money when everyone else leaves in times of crisis - at the end of the day it brings you big profits when everything is over.

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And Lasher dares even more: In an interview, he predicted a great future for Bitcoin. So his prediction is that Cyber ​​money will be worth a lot in ten years: around 200,000 euros per Bitcoin. An unbelievable idea - and a blatant price increase that one does not even dare to dream of today.

Bitcoin halving: is there a price explosion?

But Lasher is not alone with his incredible vision of the future: Harvard academic and currency investor Dennis Porto has his back. He calculated that the Bitcoin rate in the next five years up to 100,000 eurosclimb will.

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Will Bitcoin be affordable for everyone soon?

For Lasher, the cryptocurrency thus represents the ultimate investment because it is risky, but has enormous growth potential. But be careful: Anyone who now feels the need to get into the cyber money business immediately will be disappointed by Lasher. There is a possibility that inexperienced laypeople invest too much or enter if the price is too high or panic - and in the end sell again far too early.

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