What are your favorite books for easy reading

Favorite books - what to read to be happy

Favorite books - what to read to be happy

There are books that have changed my life. There are books that were just good for me. There are books that I have learned from. So today I share my favorite books - subjectively and to the best of my knowledge. So watch out, dear seekers of meaning, yoga lovers, nutrition fanatics and lucky children out there, here is my favorite list for you, with my all-time favorites, life changers and very personal Bibles. I wish you a lot of fun and I'm also looking forward to your opinions and your own favorite books in the comment.

Favorite books that helped me get on better with myself

I have to start with these books because they have all been milestones for me. Not in chronological order, but with a lot of passion I can recommend:

A new earth - Eckart Tolle's absolute favorite book

I just have to say it: this book changed my life. Really now. I could have noted every 3rd sentence and love it! Absolute reading recommendation for everyone who wants to really dig deep into the question: Ego or consciousness? to dive. If you want to listen first, you can find my video series for the book here.

Superattractor - Gabby Bernstein

My new favorite in the feel-good heaven. Gabby Bernstein uses the principles of Abraham Hicks in this book (currently only readable in English). The book invites you to take care of your own energy and well-being, because then we can best give, help, and go our way. Lots of little practical tips and a good pinch of spirituality:

Health for body and soul - Louise L. Hay

In this book, Louise L. Hay not only describes her own path, but also reports a lot from her work. It's a bit like a coaching session with Louise and feels wonderful. You can track down inhibiting beliefs and get great tips on what to do with which topic. I got to know mirror work here and learned more about the connection between physical and psychological issues.

The Happiness Project - Gretchen Rubin

Is one of my classics when it comes to tackling your own path to happiness. The book is a great introduction to the world of self-experiments. According to the motto: what must I because do to get happier? Gretchen also cites a lot of good scientific studies and reports on the way what affects her personally and how. A very inspiring book, if you are lucky enough to screw it up a bit!

You are your guru - Gabrielle Bernstein

And then there are books in which I always read a page before going to sleep. This is one of those things that I always use in the evening. I like Gabby Bernstein's varied, practical tips and easy way of writing.

Now! - Eckhart Tolle

And then there is this classic. Now! I read it for the first time a long, long time ago. At that time I neither meditated nor was I as obsessed with yoga as I am today. But the book was a great eye opener for the luxury of being in the moment. For the freedom that waits here. Eckhart writes in his very own style and I like him a lot.

Love what is - Byron Katie

The book was an absolute eye opener. Byron Katie developed the coaching and self-help technique "The Work" and has been successfully accompanying people into happier lives for many years. The book describes the technique of The Work through many, many case studies, explains Byron Katie's way of working and tells her own story. Suddenly I saw so many things differently that I was worried about or annoyed about before. That was great!

Light is the new black - Rebecca Campbell

Or in German "Your light suits you well" I read the English version because I just couldn't wait for the translation and I love this book. Rebecca shares her story into light, how she found the voice of her soul and found the courage to follow it. There are tons of tips on how we can do it. For all soul seekers out there who are not yet following their destiny: This is your book - either in English:

or also in German:

Wisdoms of the Heart - Louise L. Hay

Here is Louise again, this time with a wonderfully illustrated book that has accompanied me every evening for years. Affirmations and Louise's absolutely positive view of the world then let me slumber blissfully. The perfect bedtime reading!

The soul wants to be free - Michael A. Singer

Another book that blew my mind! In this book, Mr. Singer describes why we distort reality, how we find our true selves, and why this is so essential to us. Hammer! I love it.

The café on the edge of the world - John Strelecky

A small book and still quite fresh on my bookshelf. Manager John is stranded in a café where everything is a little different and he is made to think. A wonderful little book, which got me thinking and was just nice to read.

Living with no regrets - Bronnie Ware

This book was also my sleep book for a while. 52 lessons about life, what it really is and what makes us happy are included and are good for you. Bronnie describes scenes from her life and what she learned in those moments. So much was familiar to me. A great reminder of what matters in life.

Favorite books about the course in miracles

Ok, this month is kind of the month of the course anyway. After all, there have already been introductions, first reports and guest contributions. It took me a couple of books to get some degree of the right course. Therefore this time in chronological order of my reading history:

Could work wonders - Gabrielle Bernstein

40 days full of affirmations, meditations and food for thought that will familiarize us with the course and its main messages. I celebrated these 40 days twice in a row. It was good for me to take these different perspectives. Somehow I got softer with the book.

Return to Love - Marianne Williamson

This book was a revelation to me. With such clarity, conciseness and her own examples, Marianne describes the course and its most important messages that I was amazed with my mouth open. Eye opener, the next.

The Universe has your back - Gabrielle Bernstein

Or stop in German "The universe is behind you". In this book, Ms. Bernstein deals with techniques with which we get more confidence in life. Perceiving fear, acknowledging it and then coming into contact with the universe to what is weighing us down is the topic. Nice and concrete and for everyone who needs more trust.

in German:

or for everyone who wants to try it in English:

The course in miracles - Grenthof Verlag

Of course. There is really nothing more to say than in this introduction. He's another eye opener for me, but he's not that easy to work with. You get used to it and the messages are fantastic.

Favorite books that bring me closer to meditation

Meditating is a matter of practice. Like so much in life, you just have to do it. The effect comes by itself. Meditation has given me a new calm in my head and so meditation has become my daily island. A couple of books have brought me closer to the topic, but I'm not through with all of them - so they are more likely to be read in stages.

Rest up there! - Andreas Knuf

However, I did read this book to the end. Andreas describes in such a wonderfully simple and clear way what is going on in our head and shares a lot of exercises with us who are looking for real peace up there. Years ago that I received the book and I'm still grateful for it today.

Meditation - Opening the Gate to the Heart - Sally Kempton

I love Sally's book - even though I still haven't finished reading it. You just feel like meditating! In addition, she takes the fear of techniques and shares her own ideas.

Experience meditation - Davidji

Here, too, there is no final report - I am still in the middle of it. Davidji describes the most diverse techniques, so that you get to know an incredible number of possibilities for beautiful meditations. I always have to try it out first (and that's why I move very slowly).

The Orange Book - Osho

The master of meditation in a small, handy book with such a virtuoso bouquet of meditation techniques. Absolutely inspiring!

Favorite books on yoga

Ok, so that this post comes to an end, there are only my absolute favorites here. Yoga books are stacked up here - hui. But my favorites are those who have given me something. That inspired or motivated me.

I am now. - Su Busson

I love this modern translation of the yoga sutras. Su writes so simply and clearly and plausibly. Wonderful - I've read it several times.

The heart of yoga - Sat Hari Singh

Kundalini teacher Sat Hari Singh kidnaps us into the world of Kundalini Yoga and goes through various gates - to the heart. Tips, exercises and lots of knowledge and inspiration. Devoured!

The 8 Gifts of Man - Gurmukh

After attending one of her workshops, I fell a little in love with the wise and beautiful yoga teacher Gurmukh. She radiates so much cordiality and warmth. It's great. This book about the chakras explains well and, above all, there is the appropriate Kundalini exercises for every topic.

Yoga or the Art of Finding Yourself - Jeff Krasno

The co-founder of the Wanderlust Festival asked tons of great yoga teachers to write texts about aspects of their practice. In addition, the book contains such beautiful photos that it is good to leaf through it. I love this book. Naturally.

The Art of Attention - Elena Brower and Erica Jago

This is one of the most beautiful yoga books. Beautiful pictures, inspiring texts and lots of yoga sequences. Even space for notes has been thought of. Anyone who knows and likes Elena's way of teaching will love this book.

Yoga heals - Tara Stiles

You may or may not like the hip Tara yoga style. I like him. And besides, I like this book very much, because the usual complaints are listed from A to Z along with the corresponding yoga exercises. So alternate breathing when a cold starts or the headstand against the hangover. This book saved so many days for me.

Little Gurus -Olaf Hajek

There are books that you don't read, you just look at them - and you are happy in the process. I didn't buy this book for my son - I had to have it. It's just beautiful, no text and huh, a darling.

Retox - Lauren Imparato

The book takes some getting used to. On the one hand, Lauren recommends (contrary to the studies that advise against it due to the increased risk of colon cancer) the consumption of red meat, and her tone is a bit strange (for me at least). If you ignore that, however, you will find a book for every situation in life. There are great yoga sequences, each shown on a double page with a photo - super easy to get ideas for your own practice. So I like it, it inspired me.

To live invincibly - Guru Jagat

What can I say? It is just cool and explains in a simple and understandable way how we can make our life more vital, clearer and more radiant - including a lot of exercises.

I am a woman

Beautiful, simple book from which you can choose a variety of Kundalini Yoga exercises. I love to work with it and it has helped me a lot.


Favorite books that brought me closer to psychology

And then there are books that I didn't read in college but that taught me important things. Correlations, explained well and comprehensibly, simply help to understand better. For example myself.

The New Psychology of Time - Philip Zimbardo & John Boyd

A book that explains how we create our world - and what perspective does to us. Lots of exciting studies are described and their essence for a happy life derived. Eye opener No. 2846

The Power of Good Feelings - Barbara Fredrickson

Professor Fredrickson is researching happiness and has discovered one. The book is good to read for a scientific book and contains the wonderful Broaden & Bright theory that explains when we humans thrive and are happy.

Flourish - Martin Seligman

The Pope of Positive Psychology explains his research on strengths of character, gratitude and happiness. Studies, specialist knowledge and inspiration concentrated.

Vulnerability makes you strong - Brené Brown

A book by a researcher that touches you. What really makes us strong and free? When we stand by our wounds and our vulnerability. A great book to get a little closer to that goal.

Favorite books on good nutrition

I have countless recipe books and maybe one day I'll add my favorites to this post. But there are also a few books that brought me closer to healthy eating. It motivates me to take good care of myself. I feel fitter than before, which is why I am so glad that I was allowed to read it.

Eat decently - Karen Duve

Above all, I am very happy that I took Karen Duve's book with me on family vacation almost seven years ago. The journalist dares to try it herself and tries out the different types of nutrition: organic? Vegetarian? Vegan? Frutarian? The book is cheerful and yet explains so well about the background, factory farming and much more. Since this book I have been eating plant-based foods, I should perhaps write about it.

Niklas Ekstep - Happy Food

Scientific knowledge about nutrition and very penetrating studies of what, for example, sugar does to us. Moved me!

Skinny Bitch - Rory Freedman & Kim Barnouin

Here two girls clear up all kinds of nutritional waste with clear language, which we normally stuff into ourselves and which can make us fat and unhappy. Why what is not good for us and how good nutrition works to stay in good shape is what this is all about. Great to read and very insightful!

Crazy, sexy, healthy - Kris Carr

Ok, the title is strange, but this book is filled to the brim with knowledge about good, healthy, plant-based nutrition and a healthy life. I devoured it and it was a… yes, sorry, there it is again .. eye opener.

Beauty Detox Plan - Kimberly Snyder

If you really want to detox and want to understand what alkaline and good nutrition looks like and why it makes it so beautiful and radiant, this book will serve you well. Plus recipe section and plan for several weeks!

Peace Food - Ruediger Dahlke

Mr. Dahlke used to be known for not finding plant-based nutrition that great. In Peace Food he explains why things are different now. Studies are cited that show why it is good for our body to only eat plants. There are exciting studies on the adverse effects of animal products as well as a few recipes in the back of the book.

Favorite books about success, job, and determination

Then there are a few books that have helped me to get my way, or just think more about where I want to go and how I want to live. Of course, they shouldn't be missing here.

The 4 Hour Week - Timothy Ferris

Like Mr. Ferris or not - I can't see or hear everything from him. But this book was just wonderful! It shows how success can also work and gives exciting tips that go beyond the typical business administration books.

Find the job that makes you happy - Angelika Gulder

Self-coaching book for everyone who doesn't know exactly what they want to do with their life. Wonderful questions, a clear process and an absolutely suitable result at the end. I did and then it was clear what had to come.

Reinventing Success - Arianna Huffington

Ms. Huffington relentlessly shares her breakdown and the conclusions she has drawn since then. What exactly is success? And what else is life about? Great book to think about.

We can do it differently -

The book of someone who wants to live differently and who thinks about our economy and one's own way. How free do we want to be? What is worth what to us? I thought the book was great! It made me want to have more time for myself, which is still good today.

Draw cards - my favorite sets

I've been drawing cards for several years. On different occasions (recently it has to do with the Mont) and every day anyway. I finally wrote down which decks are my favorites:

Cards that combine yoga and wonderful inspiration

The brand new Spirit Junkie Deck from Ms. Bernstein is currently providing really good impulses:

Ms. Bernstein's beautiful superatttractor deck often makes me very happy in the morning:

And the angels moved in with me, at least on full moon and new moon:

This German-language set from the yoga universe, which fits the book above, has been with me for a few years now and always gives good advice:

Courage & Strength with the Universe Deck

Then there is this current favorite deck of mine for the daily menu (currently only in English), which is great courage and helps to see the world with loving eyes:

and in German:

The right hint at the right time - the god deck

For special questions or on special occasions, I use this deck and have had so many aha-moments that I can recommend it wholeheartedly. And the best thing is: In addition to great oracular tips that always seem to fit, you learn something about the Indian gods, because a lot is explained in the booklet.

Good mood deck for positive vibes and suggestions

I don't want to withhold my first deck (also in English) from you. It's wonderfully colorful, has nice, positive suggestions and there is always a more detailed description of the card on the back. I still love

So dear ones, there are a few more categories on my bookshelf, but those were the most important ones. I hope you enjoy browsing and reading and I would be happy if you share your favorites with me in the comments. And be careful: all books can be ordered at the favorite bookstore around the corner - so it stays there and that is important. If you still want to order via the link: I benefit a little here and say thank you very much!

Books make you happy, right? And are the new shoes. So have fun reading



PS: You can order all books and cards in your favorite bookstore. If you order via the links here, you should know that I benefit a little from it, since these are Amazon partner links.

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