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To be honest, my experiences are not all positive. At the beginning I didn't get the right information and then randomly logged on to various panels. In doing so, I pissed off some dubious providers.

Not only did I waste a lot of time here, it also cost me a lot of nerves if the payouts failed to materialize. However, since it worked out well for some market researchers, I stayed on the ball. It was worth it for me!

For over 7 years I have worked with a number of pollers and have always tried new ones. The wheat has definitely separated from the chaff.

That left almost 15 market research companies with whom I still work today. Thanks to them, I have earned several thousand euros in the past few years with paid surveys and their placement. You can find out which market researchers they are below in the text.

If you are curious, you can take a look at the top 10 in our list of the best.

My conclusion after several years as a participant in paid online surveys:

  • If you know the right panels, you can really make money doing polls on the internet.
  • You don't have to work hard for it and the best thing about being a survey participant for me: You can work comfortably from home at any time.
  • If you work quickly you can even get a comparatively good hourly wage. People with a good grasp of things who can quickly use a PC or smartphone receive an allowance of 5-10 euros per hour, depending on the online panel or survey.

My main findings:

1. You have to be careful when filling out the profile or the first surveys. If you give contradicting information in the questionnaires, some companies will sort you out in the later surveys using trick questions.

These trick questions are built in to sort out bots or dishonest participants who just click through.

2. Those who only take part in one market researcher usually do not generate any monthly income. In the best case, you can make a payout every 2-3 months for each pollster. You quickly lose motivation. You simply have too few surveys a month to earn serious money with them.

So that the money flows monthly, I recommend registering for several survey sites. I personally recommend 3-5 pages to beginners. With more it quickly becomes confusing. If there is less, there is no monthly cash flow.

3. A new e-mail address is recommended for registering for market research, this way you can better distinguish professional and private inboxes. In this way, the private mailbox remains free from invitations to online surveys. You can also unsubscribe from the e-mail invitations on most panels, but whoever uses a new e-mail account has better cards.

4. Here you will find further useful hints and tips on correct behavior as a respondent. In particular, how to avoid the screenout and how to pass the so-called pretests.

The best paid market research panels of 2021:

Specified: maximum earnings per survey and "average" number of surveys per month (value depends on profile).

Detailed survey comparison

The registration for all panels presented here for paid market research is free of charge for the survey participant. Should a provider ever ask for money to participate, the offer is very untrustworthy.

As mentioned at the beginning, not all paid surveys are serious. But most of them do. From my experience, the companies I have presented work reliably with the respondents. You are interested in long-term cooperation with the study participants.

In individual cases, however, there can still be problems with the support of the sometimes hundreds of thousands of active members. If you have a problem with an online panel, you can inform us of this using the email address given in the legal notice. We then try to mediate.

Since I have been successfully making money with surveys for years, I can confirm that the money will also be paid out. Usually this is done via Paypal or by bank transfer. Vouchers, e.g. from Amazon, Douglas or Zalando, are sometimes also sent.

You can then use them to shop in online shops. Payment by check is also rarely available. So far I have only experienced this at Global Test Market, although this research panel now also offers other payout options.

Like everywhere else, there are black sheep but the good panels don't rip you off! I have already been able to test a large number of providers and only recommend reputable online panels.

Well-known and large market research companies are behind their surveys. They carry out surveys on behalf of corporations and brand owners.

The polling companies are paid by the clients of the study for the data collection in the context of the online survey as well as for the anonymized evaluation of this.

The pollsters use this money to pay the survey participants in return. This takes place in the form of an expense allowance for their help and for answering the study. It's a solid business model that works reliably. You can tell because everyone involved benefits from it.

More than most other ways to make money from home. Anyone looking for "home work" or "earn money" in a search engine will certainly know what I mean. There you will find a lot of offers that are designed for rip-offs and fraud. There are also a few websites where you can make money but get around so little that it's actually not fun at all.

Keyword: Paid4, Paidmail, Surfbar and Co. Benefit from our experience with paid surveys and register with the best-placed market research panels on our list of best or carry out a survey comparison, not to be confused with

Most companies in the field of market and opinion research adhere to the applicable laws regarding data protection. German or European companies in particular generally adhere to strict data protection standards and only collect the data in pseudonymized or anonymized form (working group of German market researchers and social researchers).

Furthermore, the panels are mostly members of larger associations such as the professional association of German market and social researchers) or international associations such as Esomar, which in turn set their own data protection criteria for their members.

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