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Windows Windows 10: blue screen - you can do that


The blue screen is a known problem in Windows 10 that is caused by an error in the system that prevents it from working correctly. Blue screens were more common, especially when Windows 10 was fresh on the market. In the meantime, however, the problem occurs less frequently. Most of the time, the blue screen is related to a Windows update. You can find help here.


In many cases, Windows the problem itself. Most of the time there is also one on the blue screen Status display. Wait for the self-repair to finish. Often times, your computer will start up automatically new and independently identified the error and Fixed.

Check hardware

Just got one new hardware component connected to the PC? Maybe the problem is here. Remove the hardware back from your computer and see if the blue screen reappears. If this is not the case, you can narrow down the cause of the error to your connected device.

As you progress, you should check whether maybe one Driver error is present. It is best to download the appropriate driver directly from the manufacturer's website. You should then install this before connecting the device the next time. If the problem persists, the connected Hardware possibly defective.

Check software

Also freshly installed software can lead to problems under Windows 10. If the bug after an update you should uninstall this Windows update. The same goes for new programs. To identify or exclude them as a source of errors, try to uninstall the programs under Windows.

To resolve these software issues, you may need to have the safe mode use. This is especially the case if the blue screen appears right after starting Microsoft Windows. Read here how to start Windows in Safe Mode.

By the way:
A computer malware called "Troubleshooter" works with a fake blue screen.

Activate / deactivate quick start

For some users, blue screens appear mainly after they have received the Quick start options changed to have. You then simply have to go back to the previous setting put back. You can read more about how to activate and deactivate the quick start in Windows 10 here.

More solutions

Now the possibilities are slowly exhausted. You can try contacting Microsoft support to have specific help to get your problem. This is especially useful if your blue screen is giving you one Error code notifies.

Another alternative: reset Windows 10. If you've tried all of these without success, you'll need your Set up the computer again. To prevent data loss in such situations, you should regularly create a backup.