Iowa people wear cowboy boots

The invention of the cowboy boots - today they are cult

This type of footwear is always controversial - some smiled at it mildly, while others revered it as iconic footwear with an image, the average consumer thinks about which store to trust.

And the shoe industry? She regularly resurrects the pointed boot like a phoenix from the ashes and pumps the store shelves full.
But can you trust it or do you immediately become the victim of a manta joke while wearing it?

On the other hand, 'Kult Werner' also has him on his feet! And after all, all you have to do is surround yourself with the right friends and your self-confidence is in control again ... what do big city yuppies know about real life? Or are you right? Is a cowboy boot silly whatever the fashion industry is saying? Is it timeless?

Where does the shoe actually come from, who invented it and what is important: which image-laden contemporaries wear it today?

After the American Civil War ended, the era of the cowboys began, those men who brought the herds of cattle, which had hitherto been more or less regional, over hundreds of miles to their destination. Many of the men were ex-soldiers who now made a living as cowboys. So it was obvious that her clothes and footwear also resulted from army times.
The shape of the boots was not ideal for riding, too wide in the front and the heel too flat. The unconscious cry for the cowboy boot that should spend most of his life on horseback - or in the saloon - was uttered.

In the years after the civil war, boots were still made - the cowboy did not have to fall back on army stocks - but the shape and functionality left a lot to be desired:
it just got too much of the old round shapes.

Invention of the cowboy boots

And this is said to be the case with a shoemaker from Kansas: the German Charles H. Hyer and his brother Edward Hyer, sons of a German immigrant who came to the USA around 1850. Charles was born in 1852 and learned the shoemaking trade from his father.

In the early to mid-1970s, Charles moved from Illinois to Kansas, more precisely to the town of Olathe. He taught the craft of leatherworking at the deaf-mute school. He was also of the opinion that a shoemaker's shop could also be worthwhile, as it was in 1875/1876. He asked his brother if he would help him and so Edward moved to Olathe too.

The company history of the shoemaker's business tells of an unknown cowboy who one day came to Charles' shop, dissatisfied with his previous boots and wanted to have custom-made boots made in a previously unknown shape. They should be pointed at the front so that you could slide into the stirrup quickly and easily. The heel should be pulled higher so that you could anchor yourself in the stirrup. Charles thought the idea was a good one and that's how the first pair of real cowboy boots in history came about.

The unknown cowboy provided the necessary word of mouth and demand increased.

In 1880, Charles and Edward decided to specialize in boat manufacturing and they founded Hyer’s Boot Company, which later went down in history.

The brothers mainly hired craftsmen from Germany, Sweden, Poland and other northern European countries. From the 1890s, Charles ran the company alone after his brother left. Charles wanted to expand his production even further and began to travel west to make his boots better known. He also introduced catalog dispatch for his goods. Shortly before his death in 1921, production reached around 15,000 pairs of boots per year. His sons continued the business until 1977 - the name Hyer had long since become a legend.

1977 was sold to the Ben Miller Company in El Paso, Texas. But the Olathe Boot Company wants to keep the spirit of the old days alive, hiring some of the former Hyer craftsmen and still in business today.Famous names like Buffalo Bill Cody, Clark Gable, Gene Autrey, Will Rogers, Ken Maynard and US presidents like Teddy Roosevelt and Calvin Coolidge and Dwight Eisenhower wore Hyer boots.

Today it is stars of the movie and pop world like Madonna, 'The Boss' - Bruce Springsteen and Arnold Schwarzenegger who bring the Western look back in no time at all. But politicians like Clinton, Reagan and Bush also show leadership in pointy footwear. Today, of course, cowboy boots are available in all heights and leather types.

It really doesn't have to be snakeskin, you can set yourself apart from the common man with elaborately sewn patterns - only: if you want to top you should choose 'Ostrich' leather, i.e. ostrich leather, the elitist kind of cowboy boots with which you can find yourself in the club of the oil barons can confidently show ...


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