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The “big” Emmy awards ceremony is still pending - the primetime Emmys won't be awarded until Sunday - but since there are various Emmy subcategories, it can be The-MandalorianTeam can already look forward to a few golden statues. The Creative Arts Emmys, which are among the primetime Emmys, but whose winners are apparently not attractive enough for the main award, have been awarding prizes in categories such as casting, editing, costume design or production design since 2012. For the first season of The Mandalorian The following prices jumped out during the night:

Best camera for a half-hour single camera series
for episode 7: The reckoning

Best production design for a half-hour narrative program
for episode 1: The Mandalorian

Best sound editing for a half-hour comedy or drama series
for episode 1: The Mandalorian

The best sound mix for a half-hour comedy or drama series
for episode 2: The child

Best visual special effects
for episode 2: The child

Could not prevail The Mandalorian in the categories Best Fantasy / Science Fiction Costumes (won here Watchmen), Best Prosthetic Mask (Miniseries, Film, Special; won here Star Trek: Picard) and Best Editing Single Camera Drama Series (won here Succession). And yes, these are all real categories, which explains why the Emmys take a week to get to the awards shows.
More Emmy news should follow in the next few days.



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17.09.2020 10:33

Congratulations and fingers crossed for Giancarlo Esposito. Although I have no idea what his chances are.



17.09.2020 13:01

I don't think Moff Gideon was present enough in season 1. But who knows ... maybe it will rain prices next year.


17.09.2020 13:39

I think Ludwig definitely deserves a prize. It will definitely come.

Darth PIMP

17.09.2020 14:23

Congratulations! All very well deserved! I am pleased that Baby Yoda was indirectly awarded the Emmy.

Lord Galagus

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