Happy is the richest man in the world

HEAD OF THE DAY: Dagobert Duck: The fantastic billionaire turns 70

HEAD OF THE DAY: Dagobert Duck: The fantastic billionaire turns 70

The very rich Dagobert Duck, known to everyone for his baths in the taler fortune, is celebrating a milestone birthday. His fans are numerous, despite his greed.

Who is the richest man in the world? Jeff Bezos from Amazon? Microsoft's Bill Gates? Not correct! The richest man in the world is called Dagobert Duck, and he is now 70 years old. The exact date of birth of the famous billionaire is not known; he keeps it to himself as well as the current state of his assets. Its creator Carl Barks cannot help either; Barks died in 2000.

After all, Dagobert Duck can now be celebrated: “Happy Birthday Uncle Dagobert! - 70 golden years ». Now the special edition of “Mickey Mouse Special” is coming out with “exciting facts about the anniversary of the richest duck in the world”. It also comes with Scrooge's most valuable possession: his first lucky thaler. But that's not enough, also for the anniversary there is a large-format sequel and the paperback “I love gold and silver”.

That Dagobert Duck will be 70 years old in December, true on the one hand - but also not on the other. Cartoon characters, especially those immeasurably rich, cannot just afford a date of birth.

In the more than 200 page life story «Uncle Dagobert - his life, His Billions », published in the nineties, comic author and illustrator Don Rosa let the famous drake see the light of day as early as the middle of the 19th century. This happens in Scotland, the home of all stingy people - and, as is well known, Scrooge McDuck was stingy too, despite all his wealth.

You can find out in this biography, that Dagobert was not inherently rich, but came from an impoverished Scottish aristocratic family. On his tenth birthday he received a shoe shine box from his father, with which he earned his first money. By selling peat blocks for heating purposes, he got the money he needed to venture into America.

But in America, too, it was not thalers for Dagobert. Only when he stumbled upon a copper vein while searching for silver did things improve: The yield made him wealthy due to the emerging electricity.

Until Dagobert Duck became the richest man in the world, Several years passed. A trip to Australia and the meeting there with an Aborigine, a native inhabitant, brought the drake closer to this goal. This Aborigine prophesied that he would be successful on the Yukon, in northwestern Canada. And so it happened: Dagobert found the ostrich egg nugget there and earned his first million.

Further financial successes followed, and one day Dagobert was actually the richest man in the world. However, this did not make him happy. Instead, he lived bitter and withdrawn in his villa. What eventually became of his fortune is unknown. Scrooge McDuck dissolved his empire because nobody seemed worthy of his inheritance to him.

Fortunately, it is not that sad in the seven decades of Dagobert Duck's life. Rather, his fans will celebrate him now - and no doubt the jubilee will treat himself to a bath in his many thalers for the occasion.

Richard Clavadetscher