How do I get a free API to recharge

APIs: What you need to know about the programming interfaces

If you integrate application programming interfaces into programs or applications, you should test them first to make sure that everything works as expected and that the APIs do not take too long to access information. Developers who write their own APIs should also check them out first. Fortunately, testing APIs is relatively easy these days, thanks in no small part to applications like Postman or cURL.

With Postman, user-defined API calls can be tested. Developers can import and try out their API specifications. Postman also offers Schema support for formats like RAML, WADL, OpenAPI, and GraphQL. APIs can be tested in both the initial and final stages of development. Postman's pricing structure differs depending on the size of the need. Smaller teams can design and test APIs for $ 12 per user per month, while larger companies can do better with Postman Business for $ 24 per user per month. An enterprise package is available for companies with more than 100 users.

CURL is a command line tool that can be used to test APIs. This requires a good understanding of command line functions. It's not quite as convenient as Postman and doesn't offer a graphical user interface. However, CURL is free. The documents on various topics can be viewed on the CURL project page.