How does plagiarism work

Plagiarism check: we reveal what it really brings you!

Why plagiarism check? In recent years it has become more and more common to hear about plagiarism in the news, as a result of which doctorates have been withdrawn. Of course, not only doctors are accused of plagiarism, but plagiarism in a bachelor's or master's thesis can also lead to failing. Bachelor and master students must therefore submit a plagiarism-free thesis. A good way to be on the safe side here is one Plagiarism check perform. But what exactly is that and what should you pay attention to? We'll tell you!


Plagiarism - what is it and why is a plagiarism check necessary?

Simply put, it's one plagiarism around a Copy or intellectual property theft. This means that you adopt ideas or quotations in your bachelor thesis, master thesis or diploma thesis without pointing out that they did not come from you.

In the media in particular, one hears again and again of plagiarism cases in prominent circles. The first question you should ask yourself is: How can something like this even happen? Evil intent is quickly assumed. But if you put yourself in the position of a student, the subject of allegations of plagiarism in the thesis is completely different.

Plagiarism does not always have to do with an attempt to deceive, but rather often arises from a lack of concentration or carelessness. Especially in the stress of writing a bachelor's and master's thesis, it can happen that you forget to give a source. Something like that can happen of course - but it shouldn't! Universities are not so lenient at this point and will fail you in the worst case. So that you don't lack concentration when writing your work, we recommend taking a look at our blog articles on energy boosters, learning tips and stress management.


How does the plagiarism check work?

After you have submitted your bachelor thesis, diploma thesis, master thesis or dissertation, your university will be awarded a Plagiarism finder use to to check your thesis for plagiarism. So get ahead of the university and do a check yourself to make sure that your thesis is plagiarism-free.

The plagiarism finder searches using its own software after plagiarism in your thesis. If you carry out a check, your entire work will be compared with all sources available on the Internet for this purpose and possible plagiarism will be found. You can find out exactly how this works and what processes are behind it, for example, in this article by the University of Vienna on the subject of plagiarism checks.

With the help of a plagiarism check, you can be sure that your thesis is in terms of References correct and you have not built any careless mistakes.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of a plagiarism check?

For example, if you want to carry out a plagiarism check for your bachelor thesis, you have two options: Either you decide on one free review or you take that paidOffer from a professional provider in claim. We definitely recommend a professional plagiarism check, because better than safe. You wonder why We explain why!

Disadvantages of the free plagiarism check:

  • Limited number of characters: If you choose a free provider, you often have a character limit. Accordingly, you often cannot have your entire work checked, as the limit is 5,000 characters.
  • Not a complete exam: In the case of a free review, not every sentence of the thesis is checked, but only every second or third sentence.
  • Inadequate data protection: In the case of free software, the issue of data protection may not be too important. Therefore, you should definitely check beforehand what will happen to your data. Make sure that your data is not stored, distributed and in the end sold on for money!

As you can see, there are a few downsides to getting a free plagiarism checker and it's not necessarily the holy grail. You can switch to a professional check, which costs money, but also has some advantages.

Advantages of the professional plagiarism check:

  • All-round service for problems, questions and suggestions
  • Data security and data protection
  • Extensive and extensive plagiarism check
  • You receive a plagiarism report as an explanation of the result of the plagiarism check

Disadvantages of the professional plagiarism check:

  • Additional financial effort: plagiarism check from € 14.90

Just the subject privacy is very important in a professional plagiarism check. Almost every provider assures you that your data will not be used for any other purposes and will not be stored in the first place without your consent. In addition, your data is encrypted on servers so that it is not made accessible to others. Compared to the free plagiarism check, the professional plagiarism check also makes your complete work checked for plagiarism. This way you can guarantee that your bachelor, master or diploma thesis has really been put through its paces.

You will also receive a professional plagiarism check detailed plagiarism reportthat explains exactly how many plagiarisms were found in your work and where they are. Last but not least, you always have the option with professional plagiarism software Contact the provider take you by the hand and answer all your questions.


How do you find the right plagiarism software for you?

When choosing the right plagiarism software for your thesis, it all depends on what you value yourself. If your top priority is not to spend money and you don't care about the distribution of your data, then you can definitely rely on a free plagiarism check. The result is usually not completely complete, but you still have a rough idea of ​​how your work is doing when it comes to plagiarism.

But if you want yours Bachelor and / or master thesis a complete success and you are also willing to spend a bit of money on it, then you should use a professional online plagiarism scanner.

A little hint: Of course, there are also differences between the providers of professional plagiarism checks. Some offer more, others less. Because of this, you should beforehand compare different providersto find out what is offered for which plagiarism check. We have put together a few aspects that you can pay attention to.

  • Registration: It may happen that you first have to register with a provider for the plagiarism finder. However, since most of this is very annoying and takes up time, you should rather look for a provider with whom you do not have to create a user account first.
  • Database storage: In a professional plagiarism check, the subject of data protection is - as already mentioned - very important. However, it can still happen that your data is saved on a local server. If your university then uses the same plagiarism software, it can happen that your work is read out again and is then recognized as plagiarism itself.
  • price: The costs for a plagiarism check also vary among professional providers. The price depends on the words to be scanned and the service around them. It is therefore worth making a comparison here in advance.


Conclusion: You won't go wrong with a professional plagiarism check!

Why pay for a service that is free? That is a question that every student will probably ask. Precisely for this reason, you should urgently look at the arguments in favor of a professional plagiarism check, but also those that speak against a free plagiarism check, and then consider how important your own university work is for you.

who to make sure If you want to go, it is best to check with a professional plagiarism check whether it has been cited correctly and all relevant sources are available in the bibliography. The professional plagiarism checker checks everything and makes sure that you get your Submit work with a clear conscience can.

Author: Maxime Werner from BachelorPrint