What are the best toilet paper towels

Finally: a really good alternative to damp toilet paper?

Most of us haven't used anything else for decades. And suddenly it wasn't a good idea? We are simply talking about toilet paper.

We all use toilet paper every day - but doctors warn against it

Because the little towels don't really clean us up, especially after a bowel movement. This removes most of the dirt, but residues can hardly be avoided and we all just think we are clean. The singer Will.i.am describes it so appetizingly to Elle: "Take some soft chocolate, rub it on a wooden floor and try to wipe it off with a dry towel. You will distribute it in all the crevices." Oh well...

Why is wet toilet paper used in the first place, and why shouldn't I use wet toilet paper?

For reasons of hygiene, more and more people are turning to moist toilet paper. Although this solves the problem of cleanliness, it also has serious disadvantages: According to an eco-test from 2014, all brands actually contain ingredients that can trigger allergies. The unpleasant consequences in a very sensitive area: inflammation, tears in the skin, pain.

The toilet is not a rubbish bin - it could be expensive!

And where does damp toilet paper end up? Of course, but also unfortunately, in the toilet. But the toilet is definitely not a rubbish bin (by the way, this also applies to food, oil, baby wipes, condoms, cat litter or cigarettes - all of this is even legally prohibited to dispose of in the sewer)! Because the damp cloths have another massive disadvantage: They do not dissolve in the sewer system, clog the pipes, pollute the environment and their disposal costs a lot of money - among other things, one reason why the operating costs of your apartment have increased so much. ..

How should I dispose of damp toilet paper?

If you do not want to do without damp toilet paper at all, then never dispose of it in the toilet, but in the household rubbish. To do this, you can simply place a small rubbish bin next to the toilet, where all tampons, sanitary towels and the like belong. Thanks to a lid and frequent emptying, there can be no odor development.

Which wet toilet paper dissolves?

Even if many providers promise it, the answer is unfortunately: not a single one on the market so far. The Vienna City Administration has tested several products: no damp toilet paper dissolved within six hours of testing. Therefore, it is usually stated in the small print that you should never use more than three towels per toilet, in order to at least reduce the risk of clogging your own toilet.

FRESH stay fresh: a foam as an alternative to damp toilet paper

The local company RINGANA developed an environmentally friendly alternative to wet wipes. The idea: a nourishing cleaning foam that simply turns your normal toilet paper into moist toilet paper. “If you moisten normal toilet paper with water, you have the problem that it becomes soggy and lint forms. Cleaning products in liquid form and gel form also have this problem. That is why we have developed a fine-pored foam, ”explains Ringana founder Andreas Wilfinger.

In addition, FRESH stay fresh (50 ml - € 8.90) does not contain synthetic preservatives or critical ingredients such as parabens or mineral oils. Extracts from the ball flower and cherry bud nourish and soothe sensitive and irritated skin.

The cleaning foam in the test:

The cleaning foam is simply applied to dry toilet paper, 1 - 2 pumps are enough. The leave-on product does not have to be washed off afterwards.

So far so good. However, two to three sheets of toilet paper are definitely needed so that the foam does not immediately soak it through. In addition, the "feeling" is quite different from that of the classic damp toilet paper and you also need a few "passes" until you feel really clean. After a short period of getting used to it, however, the small foam dispenser becomes a permanent guest of our editor. Especially because the small can is also ideal for on the go or when traveling.

Other alternatives: the bidet

Another solution would be the good, old bidet, which we hardly have any more these days. In Asia, but also in Southern Europe, this is still very widespread and is also becoming more and more advanced and technically sophisticated. Anyone who has ever sat on a toilet in Japan, including heated seats and music, knows what we are talking about. But perhaps with increasing complaints, the demand for the small shower will return after the big business, which simply washes away bacteria and co.

... or the bidet "to go"

HAPPYPO Easy-Bidet Po shower - mobile bidet at 19.98

Bidet attachment for retrofitting your own toilet for 69 euros.

Portable bidet for connection to the water pipe for 37 euros.

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