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Free Android emulators: 3 programs in comparison

Bluestacks (already on the market since 2011) is the best known and most used worldwide Android emulator. The emulator from the USA impresses with good product maintenance and ongoing updates. There are also one easy installation and intuitive operation. If you have problems with the software, the Bluestacks Community on the well-known Reddit platform with over 25,000 members can help. In addition, the official website offers extensive assistance (e.g. information on operating and optimally configuring the emulator).

Like most Android emulators, Bluestacks in particular has specialized in gamesthat can be played smoothly in higher resolution, even on larger screens, and controlled with the mouse and keyboard. When creating game controls, users can already click prepared basic configurations To fall back on. In addition, you can use your own gamepad and adapt it to your individual needs (e.g. through key mapping). Familiar touchscreen functions can also be simulated on the PC (tapping, swiping, shaking, zooming, tilting, etc.). Through the Ability to multitask From Bluestacks you can switch apps and be active in several applications at the same time.

Particularly popular top games can be found quickly via a separate implemented app center. You can also download books, music and films, and interesting apps and programs you have already bought from the Google Play Store to install. The Android emulator is known for its broad support of Android apps, installation and compatibility problems are less common.

Access to the Play Store and subsequent synchronization with an existing account (e.g. to download apps that have already been purchased) are only possible with one Google login possible. So you have to register with Gmail and have a corresponding email address. These Registration requirement Bluestacks is often interpreted as a disadvantage. The vast majority of users already have a Google account, which is also mandatory for Play Store use on Android smartphones and tablets.

For special applications and games you can bypass the Google Store and directly so-called APK files (APK = Android application package). The files are available on special Internet sites, but you should definitely check their integrity before downloading and installing. You can use APK files particularly conveniently install via drag-n-dropby simply dragging the setup file into the emulator window. If Bluestacks is already installed and linked to .apk files in the system, a double-click on the installation file is sufficient.

Bluestacks runs - like most emulators - best with Windows 10 (64 bit), but already supports versions from Windows 7 (32 or 64 bit versions). The main memory should be at least 2 GB RAM. The provider provides different download versions for 32- and 64-bit versions. If you use a 64-bit Windows PC, you can even get an installation version for 64-bit Android apps download (especially useful for performance-hungry games). The current version (Bluestacks 4) is emulated Android nougat - not the current version, but most of the apps and games currently offered run without any problems on the OS.

One of the disadvantages of the Android emulator is that it free only an ad supported version there (with sponsored ads & commercial breaks). The ad-free premium subscription costs just a few dollars a month. But you also have to live with advertising within the Play Store apps (in-app advertising) with a premium subscription. There are repeated complaints in the community that Bluestacks play unsolicited games, Bloat and adware installed in the background. The manufacturer affirms in its blog that the official version does not contain any hidden malware, spyware or other undesired additional software. A check of the current official installation file revealed no abnormalities with VirusTotal.

The manufacturer affirms in the privacy policy that he is complying with the European ones Privacy policy holds. However, the US company passes on collected data to third parties and is in any case obliged to comply with the Cloud Act (in certain cases, collected data must be made available to American investigative authorities).

Users repeatedly report on the net about Performance problems. Such problems are generally not uncommon with emulators because they run as a "system-in-system" and require a lot of resources, especially when playing games. But there are also sources that classify Bluestacks as a particularly powerful and fast emulator, which is characterized by a good performance and low latencies excels.

Like other Android emulators, Bluestacks some adjustment screwswith which the performance can be improved (e.g. flexible allocation of computing and system resources, activation of virtualization). Ultimately, the performance depends crucially on which resources are generally available. Of course, she also plays Network performance a role that can also be played live with other users (Bluestacks supports numerous team and online games).