What are some good tapas to eat

Small bites, great pleasure: 20 tapas for Spanish evenings

Once upon a time ... The origins of tapas

There are various legends about the origins of tapas culture - the oldest of them even goes back to 13. Century. At that time the beneficial effects of wine in combination with small appetizers namely to have cured the Spanish King Alfonso X of an illness. Thereupon the king ordered that wine only be served together with food.

Another reason for this instruction could have been the thirst of the stagecoach at the time. They liked to drink a glass too much while resting and were then no longer able to deliver the mail properly. With a bite to eat it was The effect of the wine is softened - does that sound familiar to you?

As beautiful as the different stories are, it probably all started with the tapas a little less royally. In the hot parts of Spain, the Wine glasses often covered with a slice of breadto protect them from flies. So that this edible Lid ("tapa") did not fly away, he was additionally weighted with olives or ham. Over time, the methods of weighing bread down became more and more elaborate.

In the end, it doesn't really matter who serves you which tapas story - the main thing is that he serves it with a glass of wine and delicious snacks.

Typical ingredients for your tapas evening

Tapas vary from region to region in Spain. Nevertheless, there are a few classic ingredients, of which you can always find something on the table in addition to wine or beer:

  • Flesh: Serrano ham, Iberian ham, chorizo, morcilla, salchichón
  • Cheese: Manchego, Idiazabal, Roncal, Zamorano, Queso de Burgos
  • Fish and seafood: Prawns, sardines, squid, mussels, stockfish
  • Vegetables: Potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, zucchini, mushrooms, aubergines, artichokes, garlic, chilli
  • Fruit: Olives, dried fruit (dates, apricots), melon

Acquired a taste? Then you are surely ready for one now "Tapeo" - that's what a pub crawl through various tapas bars is called in Spain. In order to share the Spanish way of life, you don't necessarily have to get on the next plane to Madrid. Just invite some friends over and organize your own tapas evening - because these 20 Mediterranean bites provide inspiration.

Many tapas can be enjoyed both hot and cold. So you can prepare the small bites in advance so that you only have to put them on the table in the evening.

Tapas dreams: 20 refined canapés

Papas Arrugadas: Wrinkled potatoes with mojo rojo and mojo verde

Your tapas evening begins in the Canary Islands. This is where these delicious little potatoes with a sea salt crust come from. Simply break open papas arrugadas with your hands and then dip into the typical Canarian mojos. To the recipe

Pimientos de Padrón: Roasted peppers with sea salt

The little green peppers from Padrón have finally made it to many German supermarkets. Reason enough to enjoy the pimientos with sea salt not only as a tapa at a Spanish restaurant, but also at home. To the recipe

Fiery chicken empanadas with jalapeño cheese filling

In Spain empanadas are often prepared for on the go or offered as street food with countless different fillings. How and where you eat these chicken empanadas with fiery jalapeños and creamy cheese is up to you - because they taste good everywhere. To the recipe

Classic alioli

What would a tapas evening be without Alioli? Right, it wouldn't be a real tapas evening. After all, the classic garlic cream for dipping potatoes, bread or olives is indispensable on the Spanish table. To the recipe

Croquetas de Jamón: Spanish ham croquettes with salsa

Different countries, different croquettes - but one thing always remains the same: the potential for addiction. With the Spanish croquetas de jamón, the golden-brown crunchy shell hides not only a creamy bechamel filling, but also spicy Serrano ham. To the recipe

Loach fillet in a fruity tomato sauce

Fish dishes are just as much a part of the Mediterranean as the beach and sun. Serve that Mediterranean holiday feeling with the loach fillet in tomato sauce. After feasting, the fruity sauce with white bread is dipped up to the last residue. To the recipe

Spicy Albóndigas - Spanish meatballs

When Spanish meatballs meet a spicy chili sauce, the forks are quickly pulled out all around. You can serve the spicy Albóndigas as a warm or cold tapa. To the recipe

Spanish starter platter

When tapas dreams come true, it looks like this: chorizo, alioli, sherry mushrooms, manchego, serrano ham, seafood and olives as far as the eye can see. An evening in good company has no better companion than this motley starter platter. To the recipe

Fried olives with lemon aioli

End the evening with a glass of wine and a bowl of olives - that sounds almost perfect. You can still go a step further by wrapping your olives in a crispy coat and dipping them in fresh lemon aioli. To the recipe

Dates wrapped in bacon with goat cheese

Hearty and yet sweet, crispy and yet creamy - the filled dates wrapped in bacon are the best proof that opposites actually attract. However, the attraction of the dates from the plate to the mouth is even greater here. To the recipe

patatas bravas

Patatas Bravas are rightly at the top of the list of the most popular late night snacks in Spain. The “brave potatoes” owe their name to a tomato sauce that tastes as fruity as it is fiery thanks to cayenne pepper and smoked paprika powder. To the recipe

Salmon and tuna ceviche in crispy corn bowls

This is how Fingerfood Deluxe works: freshly caught salmon and tuna combine with a spicy lime marinade to create a delicious ceviche. The whole thing is then served in a crispy corn bowl. To the recipe

Crunchy avocado fries

Have you ever eaten avocado as oven-fresh fries with a panko crust? No? But you should! Crispy on the outside, creamy on the inside and simply delicious all around. You can safely do without ketchup, because this is a homemade sour cream dip on the table. To the recipe

Fried shrimp with basil aioli

With this green aioli variant, basil clearly had its leaves in play. One crunchy shrimp after the other goes first into the delicious garlic cream and from there directly into your mouth. To the recipe

Crunchy Bites: Chilli Popcorn Chicken

The crispy chicken bites can be sniffed with your fingers like popcorn and are at least as popular. Is it because of the cracker breading? Or about the spicy chilli-lime taste? It's best to find out for yourself! To the recipe

Potato tortilla with Mediterranean oven vegetables

When potatoes, eggs, tomatoes, peppers and aubergines meet in Spain - this is not the beginning of an extremely bad joke, but of an extremely good tortilla with Mediterranean oven vegetables. To the recipe

Fried onion and guacamole rings

Just save yourself the extra dip and fill your onion rings with guacamole before baking. The result is guaranteed to be twice as delicious. To the recipe

Polenta fries with aioli

Crunchy golden brown sticks - that sounds like fries! Exactly right, except that these fries are made from corn grits rather than potatoes. Baked in the oven and served with aioli, they become a delicious snack. To the recipe