Why do puppies sleep when they are touching

You should never do this while your dog is sleeping

Just like humans, dogs need sleep - and this can depend on their age, breed and temperament up to 20 hours a day be. It is important that the four-legged friend can recover undisturbed so that they stay healthy. Therefore, under no circumstances should you do these things while your dog is sleeping.

Persistent lack of sleep in dogs can lead to, among other things weakened immune system, one decreased cognitive performance and to depressive or aggressive behavior to lead.

Vacuuming is now taboo

A recovering dog must not be disturbed. So don't pick up the noisy vacuum cleaner when your dog is sleeping. You just would rudely wake you from sleepwhat stress can be for the animal.

Try to use very noisy objects in the household only when when your dog is awake. If he feels disturbed by the noise, he should be able to retreat to another room.

Turn the music and television down

The dog's basket is often in the living room, where it is Radio and television are located. It is important for the dog to rest, so now you should better to loud music or a wild action movie dispense. As a dog owner it should be a matter of course to be considerate of the needs of the animal.

Lots of strange and noisy people

If your dog is resting, it can be very irritating to him when he is through frequent ringing on the door and loud conversations is awakened. If he is torn from his resting phase and immediately confronted with many new people with strange smells, this can be overwhelming for the dog.

Do not pet sleeping dogs

The dog may be frightened if he awakened in deep sleep becomes. Therefore: As cute as you think your dog is when he is sleeping in his basket - it is better not to stroke him now. He will be awakened and be through the touch restful sleep is disturbed.

Keep other pets away from him

In a household with multiple animals, you should take care that each of them sufficiently recover can. For example, if an excited kitten wants to play with the senior dog, although the senior dog obviously wants to withdraw, you have to intervene.

Especially sick or old animals need a lot of sleep. It is essential that you help your four-legged friend to get the rest they need. Preferably deal with the awake animalsso that the tired can withdraw and sleep undisturbed.

Don't wake the dog!

In general: only if the dog is left alone while sleeping, he can also really relax. Refrain from waking him. Even if you feel like playing or going for a walk with him, that's no reason to wake him up.

Dogs need to sleep to stay healthy. Sleep is just as important for them as it is for humans in order to process events of the past day. Persistent lack of sleep affects dogs among other things negative on the immune system and the Cell repair process out. Disturbing him while he is sleeping can be dangerous in the long run.

What to do about nightmares

Even if you have the feeling that your dog is dreaming badly, it is better not to wake him up. However, it can be good for your dog if you help him gently place your hand on your stomach and talk very quietlyto let him feel your closeness carefully in this way. Some dogs calm down this way.

The dog should be sleeping always be left alone, because this is the only way he can recover. A rested dog is not only healthier, but also mentally fitter and ready to experience new things.