What is your favorite variety of marijuana

What are the best cannabis seeds?

What are the best cannabis seeds?
To answer this question we have put together a list of the best cannabis seeds. In our top of the best cannabis seeds you will find numerous strains that have crystallized over time as the best and most popular cannabis seeds. It is difficult to name a variety as the “best” variety, because as diverse and individual tastes are taken, the criteria of each consumer are always different. But to at least make the search for your favorite strain a little easier for you, we would like to introduce you to the best cannabis seeds in the world from our point of view.


Critical + 2.0

This hybrid comes from a cross Critical + and an undisclosed phenotype, this was chosen because of its particularly high moisture resistance. The result is a highly flexible, fast flowering, light indica dominant hybrid that becomes strong, sturdy, and vigorous. It grows strong, looks like a Christmas tree, and has many large, compact flowers covered in resin. Critical + 2.0 has a deep taste and aroma, with notes of lemon, pine and spice. The effects are powerful, physical and give you a long lasting, calming high.

Skunk # 1

Skunk # 1 by Sensi Seeds is the strain that has shaped the cannabis culture significantly, so its genes can be found in many modern breeds. Breeders around the world continue to view Skunk # 1 as the benchmark for consistent, dependable performance and solid growth. The potency of this cannabis pedigree is so infamous that "skunk" is often used as a generic term for all high performing cannabis strains. After almost 30 years of experience with this strain, Sensi Seeds created the best feminized Skunk # 1 we have ever seen!

From this point of view, it is only logical that this strain is in second place in our ranking.

The sativa genes contained in the Skunk # 1 hybrid have a wonderful influence on the effect, it is an amazingly strong combination of stoned and high!

Purple Bud

As a third highlight, we would like to recommend the Purple Bud from White Label Seeds. It is a cannabis seed created by crossing Afghani # 1, a Kush and a Purple Kush.

Purple Bud grows into an impressive lower marijuana plant. The most impressive are probably the purple flowers, which boast a beautiful purple color without the need to undergo a temperature difference of 10ºC. It is a good plant for indoor spaces, especially in small indoor spaces, but also outside in a Mediterranean climate or in the protective atmosphere of a greenhouse, this plant grows perfectly. The intense taste and aroma is fraught with notes of sweet fruits, sandalwood and pine. Whereby their effect is calming, powerful and long-lasting. It's the perfect strain of cannabis to relax in the sofa at the end of the day.

Moby Dick 2.0

Moby Dick 2.0 from Dinafem is the further development of the popular Moby Dick. It is the strongest psychoactive strain of Dinafem with a concentration of up to 21% THC. Additionally, this strain contains the cannabinoid THCV, a substance found in equatorial sativa that is produced in response to the sun's ultraviolet rays; This substance intensifies the effect of the THC many times over, which makes the effect much more noticeable after only 2 or 3 hits. But the low CBD concentration helps to make the effect intensely psychoactive and lasting. It accelerates you physically and mentally and it takes a long time to come down, easily noticeable physically. Another typical Sativa effect is hunger and thirst, and it is advisable to eat and drink well to counteract the effects.

King Kong

King Kong by Dr. Underground finds its place in our list of the best cannabis seeds not least because of its resin, speed and production, in that order are the most important values ​​of this plant. For their development, the breeders used a dam of Ed Rosenthal Super Bud, who gives the hybrid an extreme sativa production, pollinated by another special plant from the House of Chronic, resulting in a fast flowering plant with lots of resin and large production. There is no doubt that this variety is made for mass production, as it ensures around 1000 grams per plant.


Purple Haze

Who doesn't know Jimmy Hendrix's song "Purple Haze"? The song is about this variety of hase. This legendary weed was smoked most frequently internationally in the 1970s, including at the legendary Woodstock Festival, of course.