Files for GTA 5

How GTA files should look. 5. Install installation changes for Grand theft Auto V. Normal Scripted Modifications

You want to know where to get gTA games. 5 on the pc? In this article I will tell you where GTA 5 conservation is stored, you need to know where to go to install conservation with the game that has traveled.

If you want to set the game to save a copy of your save to transfer to another computer, you need to know where to put GTA 5 on the computer.

In the licensed and the pirate version gTA 5 stores In different places so read the entire article, what you have operating system does not matter much.

What to find to save GTA 5? My computer"And click" documentation"

Find inside the folder Rockstar Games., Open it.

Find inside the folder GTA V.Open it.

Inside you will find the folder ProfilesOpen it.

Inside there is a folder approximately title 5E3D0A14, W. they will be different letters and numbers.

Open this folder, inside there are files, for example CFG.DAT and PC_SETTINGS.BIN - You are responsible for your control settings, graphics parameters and other game settings.
All other files are responsible for your GTA 5 preservation on PC, now you know where they are stored.

Save the necessary files of your GTA 5 save files when you translate save to another computer, then the settings files are no better copied, but rather to create the game yourself, as the performance of the computers can vary.

However, if you did all the steps, didn’t it find your receipt of GTA 5?

Maybe you installed pirate version. GTA 5., It can save GTA 5 in a different folder.
Where are the preservation of GTA 5 on pirates With a tablet from 3DM?
There is a possibility that the preservation of GTA 5 pirates may be in place C: \ ProgramData \ Socialclub \ Player \ 271590 (maybe other numbers)
How do you find?
Open " My computer" - Further - Hard drive on which Windows is installed. Usually it's a C.
Find a folder. Program data.This default folder is hidden on your system.
Turn the display to a hidden folder and files in your system (like? Google).
Either copied Program data. And paste it in the address bar on the hard drive where Windows is installed.

After you need to get into the folder Program data., Find the folder Social club.

This is what the console is inferior to for PCs. So this is the opportunity to change the original content. And do not hide yourself, for many GTA V version personal computers there was something overshadowed: first there was the humble that the player files are unsuitable for the intervention, and the other day the rock star himself fell with a stain that eventually all experiments on it hacked their kids.

But PC is on PC to find loopholes everywhere. A few focuses that we will tell about in this article - and the road to immortality, slow mo, the retailers falling from the sky to the whales, and a few other goodies is open.

Attention:All manipulations with the GTA V files are done at your own risk. Most of the existing modes currently only work in a single game, but some have an impact online. If you don't want to scream in your ears two-week banCarelessly punishing the Rockstar does not require you to install into network mode and it is better to make all the changes. It's easy to do by right-clicking the game in the Steam Library, go to Properties \ u003e Local files and choose Check the integrity of the cache.

Even more attention:According to the latest (05/05/2015) (05/05/2015) changes by developers in EULA are prohibited, which change of game files is prohibited. Banyat now even for the most harmless fashions for singles - so we recommend not installing them in order not to lose access online.

So, first of all, we need to get rid of the problems arising from the last version of 350.1, which you most likely automatically mastered. The update prevents the modifications from working so the solution here is just one thing to roll the game to the previous version. Download old executables here and replace your own: GTA5.exe and Gtavlauncher.exe are located in the root directory of the game (Steam version is somewhere in \ Steamapps \DISTRIBUTED \Grand.Theft.AUTOMOBILE.V \), and update.rpp - in the folder \ To the same way.

Now you can go on. The entire toolkit is limited to the V and LUA plugin script hooks, which do not take long to install.

Script hook V.

As the name suggests, thanks to the script hook V for the authorship of Alexander Blade, the modders can write their scripts and cling them to Singla GTA V, this is a fundamental means of creating changes without which it would not work. .

Package contains the latest version of the ASI loader and local trainer. First, you certainly need to use, and the second is a set of basic cheats like teleportation, high jumps, and faster running. Optional in general.

How to install the script hook V:

  • Copy scripthookv.dll from the folder \ dlldownloaded archive in the root directory of the game where executable file. Gta5.exe.
  • Do the same with dsound.dll - it is needed to download custom scripts.
  • Spend a similar procedure with nativTrainer.asi if (what does that "if" mean?), Whether you want to try the startup cheats or say, play for the monkey.

GTAV LUA plugin.

This Headscript plugin allows users to work LUA scripts with the game. About MODDING support lua language means a new degree of freedom, and if you've come across it in a Garry mod, you'll probably imagine what that is talking about .. cool without exaggeration - that's why.

How to install GTAV LUA plugin:

  • Transfer the contents of the archive (folder \ scripts.and the lua_sdk.asi file) in the same directory as the game: \ Steamapps \DISTRIBUTED \Grand.Theft.AUTOMOBILE.V \.
  • Pay attention to the content \ scripts.namely - to the folder \ addins.This is the place to go for any LUA files you want to use. At installation time there is blank, yes.

Examples to check.

In order not to miss anything after the job is done, we immediately show something. You can choose a model to taste for yourself, and we'll take two scripts as an illustration: Bodyguard menu by Jedijosh920 and Ragdoll / Limp at the request of Sakratt.

How to install the BodyGuard menu:

  • Copy bodyguardmenu.asie from the archive into the root folder of the game, in which the scripthookv.dll is located.
  • Everything. What have you been waiting for Run the game, hit the end key, and suit the bodyguards with a digital keyboard unit.

How to install Ragdoll / Limp on request:

  • Since the mod uses LUA scripts, transfer Ragdoll-on-Demand.lua to the catalog \ Steampapps \ common \ grand theft auto v \ scripts \ addins.
  • Celebrate the successful installation of your game's launch. With each press of U, the hero will fall into the last AKI rag doll. More information on setting up mode can be found in the applied Readme.pdf.

As a result, Grand Theft Auto V is successfully modified and desecrated. Now you can just smoke different scripts in the game, but as time goes on the community promises to adapt: ​​custom vehicles are expected, types of weapon and player models - everything is like the good old.

Replacing the save in computer games can give a lot of gamer functions. This method allows you to pass hard game moments, get achievements or weapons, or just watch the game without spending personal time on them. This article will tell you where to get "GTA 5" on PC and how to replace it with others.

License or Pirate?

The location of saving files varies depending on the version game setting. If you're using a pirate retack, they're all stored in a folder with a hacked Social Club installed in it. As you know, you need access to the internet and empowerment in the Social Club service. You also use the Social Club in a hacked copy, but without authorization on Rockstar servers. You can find Save in the GTA V folder in the system terrder section The hard drive, which is located in "Users \ Username \ Documents \ Rockstar Games \ Rockstar \". Where are the "GTA 5" stored on the PC, there is a profiles folder in which files with 8-character names are related. Each of them is responsible for a separate save slot.

Storing files in a licensed copy are in an entirely different place. To do this, go to the "Documents" folder. Next, go to the Profiles folder which is in the Rockstar Games \ GTA Vatory. Here you will find the same picture as with pirates - files with 8-digit codes in the title. You can also find the configuration files (Settings.xml and CFG.dat) in a location where the "GTA 5" is saved on a PC for a licensed copy. They contain the settings of your game profile (controls, graphics quality, etc.). If you replace saving files, do not delete configuration files, otherwise the game will have to adjust.

How do you use saving for "GTA 5"?

With the installation of all Trite and easy. Download the saved memories from a reliable source. The favorites are typically distributed in archives. With the exchange of old files, unzip them to the specified folder. Make sure you copy the oldest receipt to avoid the loss of progress in the event of a new error. Now you know where the receipt of "GTA 5" sounds on the PC on the PC and can change it yourself.

The licensed version of the game synchronizes its preservation with cloud storage. Steam so you can use them on other computers without copying. All you have to do is log into your "Steam" account and download the game to your hard drive.