How do I keep iron in my blood

Do All Pregnant Women Need Iron Supplements?

Taking iron supplements is especially important for pregnant women who have (). For women with normal blood values, taking it as a precaution is unlikely to have any health benefits. It is enough to get enough iron from food.

The mineral iron is part of numerous proteins and enzymes that the body needs to stay healthy. Most of the iron in the body is contained in hemoglobin, the blood pigment in red blood cells. Hemoglobin transports oxygen to all tissues and organs in the body. If the blood does not contain enough iron, the amount of hemoglobin in the blood also decreases. This can impair the supply of oxygen to cells and organs.

If the hemoglobin level is low, one speaks of a (). At the beginning and at the end of pregnancy, a hemoglobin level of more than 11 grams per deciliter is considered normal. In the fourth to sixth month, a slight drop to 10.5 grams per deciliter is still normal.

If the hemoglobin levels are lower, the iron level in the blood is also measured. In this way it can be determined whether too little iron is actually the cause. Since the body can store a certain amount of iron, a blood value is also measured, which shows how well the iron stores are filled. If the iron stores are empty, but the hemoglobin level is still normal, one speaks of a latent (hidden).

During the course of pregnancy, the blood values ​​are checked several times. In this way, an iron deficiency can be detected early and compensated for by taking iron supplements.