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Before any private entrepreneur, the question arises: How can you earn your first money? Which business makes a profit, not a loss? You have a million options: you can occupy several factories, oil platforms, go to the officials. But let's really look at the question. What is the most profitable business in Russia? In the article we will try to briefly and concisely indicate the most cost-effective options for newbies in business that can bring real income. Let's look at what type of income is most real!

Turn a hobby into a profitable business!

Numerous researchers have proven more than once that 100% of all rich people succeed because they did exactly what they loved and totally surrendered to it. This applies to all areas of business - restaurants, clothing (boutiques, shops), large factories and factories. We can conclude that the most profitable types of businesses each have their own. It all depends on your hobby. There are hundreds of types of entrepreneurship, but the easiest way to make money is through your hobbies.

Here are some examples as an example:

  1. Are you a sports fan? Why not found your own club or section? The option is suitable for all athletes - former and present. You can collect groups of different ages. Did you notice that children's sections are now popular? Russian parents try to teach children only the good to introduce them to the sport: football, basketball, karate, even dancing.
  2. Do you sit at your computer for hours? Why didn't you start getting money for it? Internet entrepreneurs are starting to actively conquer the Russian market. So you urgently need to connect until all the niches are occupied.

Here are your ideas:

  • Promotion of a group on a social network (then you can earn by advertising and promoting it to other communities, businesses, organizations);
  • Chain store (trade whatever you like - souvenirs, clothes, products);
  • Information services, education (knowing how to grow raccoons? Teach the rest! There are always customers!).
  1. People love unique and exotic things! Do you know how to weave toys, embroider paintings, do a Brazilian berembau or cut a Ganesha figure in a few days? There will be more than enough customers:
  • Write pictures, embroider;
  • Caskets;
  • Pendants and other handcrafted jewelry;
  • Clay products.
  1. Do you have an "SLR" (SLR camera) and can you take beautiful and professional photos? It is entirely possible to become a photographer. You can work in the studio, attend weddings, concerts and festivals. Romance, not life. You could consider opening your own studio where you don't have to work for an "uncle" but take photos for your own pleasure!

Deal with minimal investment

Many start-ups have the same problem - no money! That means there isn't even a minimum starting capital to start your own business. One takes $ 2,000 to get started, the other 500,000 rubles! But it is unrealistic to find such money quickly, even if the bank approves a loan! So which business brings good returns with minimal investment?

  1. Income from weddings. You have a few good options:
  • You open your own wedding agency and start your own wedding preparations - find a host, photographer, order a hall, restaurant, ceremony, cars, decorations, etc .;
  • Do you have a camera? Take photos for the wedding!
  • Understand design and art? Start decorating wedding halls.
  1. Build up your own production. The business is very profitable but requires a good investment. But not always! Start producing your product at home if you want a quick income. Have you heard of the American families who organized mega-profitable businesses for making sauces, jams, cakes and biscuits? They even grow all of the ingredients themselves in greenhouses and clog their own ketchup jars.
  2. We make money with cars. You will need: a car, the desire to make money and the skills of the organizer or the knowledge and experience of repairs. If you have your own car this is the deal for you. Here are the ideas for a really profitable income:
  • Repair, installation of service vehicles;
  • Cars for rent;
  • Start selling parts:
  • Have you seen the movie "Diner on Wheels"? What's not an idea? Pay off quickly! You can even just drive around with a coffee maker!

Now consider which business is the most profitable in providing services and selling goods in Russia.

But what do you think is the most profitable type of business in our country? Correct! What offers people something important and necessary. And we're not talking about the oligarchs' factories, factories and steamships. Here are the statistics from the last few years: What else?

What do we see everywhere in cities? Vending machines! You stand on every street. They appeared relatively recently - that's the whole attraction. The devices that allow you to make a cup of cappuccino are not that popular, but there are more interesting options in this niche that will grab the attention of potential customers.


Here is an example: buy massage chairs and install them in large shopping malls on crowded streets! Install a classic bill acceptor in such a chair and maintenance costs will be minimal.

Income from the cultivation of plants and animals

There is no need to talk about the profitability and relevance of such a business - vegetables, meat, milk and fruit were and will always be in demand even in times of crisis.

Many examples can be given: growing seedlings, flowers, strawberries, raspberries, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, onions, potatoes, breeding animals and birds for meat and eggs (pigs, cows, chickens, pheasants, turkeys and geese).

Your job is to determine your niche and fill it in good time! You can earn money with every idea! All that is asked of you is efficiency, confidence in your strength and your actions!

Profitable business is not uncommon these days. When planning to become an entrepreneur, everyone dreams of "hitting the mark" and creating a profitable, sought-after, profitable and promising company. However, only time will tell how profitable the project will be. Because even with the same seed capital, in a niche, even in a region, the results are different for different people.

How do you choose the most profitable business with future prospects?

Conditions for creating a profitable and profitable business

If, at the beginning of trading, we are serious about analyzing the direction of activity and choosing a promising niche, the schedule of expected profits will surely increase.

However, if you are planning to open an IP or LLC, there is one pretty obvious fact that you shouldn't write off: what is profitable, profitable, profitable and promising today, tomorrow may not be relevant at all.

Moreover, in the same niche, under exactly the same conditions, it seems to some people that the idea turns out to be profitable and profitable and promising, while for others it is - unprofitable.

And now we're going to take a closer look at the factors that influence economic success.

A company that turns out to be profitable, profitable and promising at any time and in any country in the world must meet several conditions:

  • Source of income - passive income
  • There is always a demand for your goods and services - a niche has been successfully selected
  • When the crisis is good for you and stimulates business development
  • Lack of competition due to business specifics
  • Minimized costs and business costs

The list of indicators that characterize the most profitable areas for creating your projects can be continued. However, let's get into these. Let us now dwell on these terms in more detail.

Source of income - passive income

In order not to disappoint you, the source of profit should be a passive income that does not depend on your direct participation after you have created and implemented a source of income. At this point, you yourself begin to analyze new directions and start the next project.

And even better if the income is left over, i.e. always bigger. Passive income generating business is a profitable and promising craft today and tomorrow and always.

In commerce, such revenue can result in an ever-growing network of satisfied buyers of goods and services, the creation of a network of stores with a single functioning system, and pre-built business systems.

An example would be creating a large network of small grocery or specialty stores, a network of retailers or referrals, a network of websites including free resources, promoting them from reputable companies and services, creating your own link in the MLM system, franchising etc.

Niche has been successfully selected: there is always a demand for your goods and services

Profitable business is achieved there niche selected. The process should be based on goods or services of daily demand, which tend to end, but without which everyday life becomes impossible or loses comfort. And when we talk about monthly profits, the important thing to remember is that money can be scrolled several times a month.

The most profitable business - with consumer goods

For example, remember which MLM companies are booming. Where are the products for advertising - biologically active additives (BAA), cosmetics, detergents. They are bought, spent and the same customers (happy of course!). Come back for her.

In addition, and in particular, it is much more profitable to use the main products that are consumed immediately, such as clothing, shoes, cleaning products and spare parts for cars. Recently requested goods and services that can help people save on fuel, for example.

But Russians are already used to buying untwisted cosmetics, and it can be more difficult to start a business with. Still, beauty and health services will always be in demand.

No less interesting and significant are the services that provide entertainment and relaxation to people (online games, online cinemas, social networks).

Since perestroika, the introduction of a market economy in Russia, for example, advertising companies have aroused interest to this day. Everyone needs advertising. In the real world or on the internet, legitimate companies or very small legal entities or individuals don't matter. Demand and supply work best through advertising. Though we often say how tired we are of her. However, advertising projects such as entertainment services are always in demand. And it makes sense to think about it.

To determine this, we need to look for our market segment in these niches. And implement the chosen ideas and become better than the competition.

Your idea will surely be profitable whenever there is always a demand for the goods and services offered. When people need it regardless of regional, climatic and political conditions.

Profitable single-use business

Disposable items are becoming increasingly popular with customers. But there were times when it seemed like he'd bought something - and that for the rest of his life.

When the crisis is good for you and stimulates business development

There are many projects that are not afraid of crises: during a crisis fever, they will only thrive.

Hard times are always an opportunity for some to get rich for others. It is easiest to take advantage of the opportunity to become free and financially independent, especially in difficult times of crisis.

And such areas of activity are easy to find in the global network. Same advertising: context, teaser, from direct advertisers who pay good money for it. Why not give them a place in your information sources?

Lack of competition due to business specifics

A good profit can be made when not only are there no competitors, but simply not because of the particular nature of the nature of the activity. Again the same ads on their information resources, for example partnership with search engines. The main thing is to carefully dispose of such a gold mine as a database of searches from Yandex and Google.

Competent, its continuous improvement in technical terms, will gradually increase the rate of presence of the resource.

The profit from the development of the network of information sites worldwide will exceed the small investment in their content. Every day the projects can be expanded by adding new sections, articles and news. And the income will not only be passive, but also residual (steadily growing).

Minimized costs and business costs

The safest way to minimize the cost of your vehicle is to open it up in a virtual space. The possibilities of making money in a business niche are diverse and endless.

As the experiences of the last few years have shown and the grandiose events in Moscow confirm, there are enterprising people who are profitable on the Internet and are allowed to create millions of fortunes. Today, income from affiliate programs for the sale of information products has entered the category of quite sought-after and relevant products.

Only dollar millionaires who made their fortunes on the Internet could come on stage in Moscow. The sums of their income in the network were simply announced astronomically, up to 400 million rubles.

This thought-provoking information is very useful for those who want to find a clue to the question, who really think which project is more profitable to open or the most ordinary deal in reality (offline). In addition, so that it is profitable, profitable and promising.

In fact, there are many areas of employment that meet the above conditions. And without analyzing the market at the moment, it is almost impossible to name the most profitable, profitable and profitable trading sector. There are market segments that I don't want to mention here, but that I want to remember.

Hence, the question of which business is most profitable, or most profitable, or most profitable is likely to be misplaced. The success of a company depends on many factors, especially you.

In which market segment is a profitable business open?

If we consider virtual space as a platform for our project, then its success depends more on the professionalism, willingness to learn and the refusal of the future businessman to spend time in the empty network. And that's a business.

And it's pretty profitable (fast business), pretty profitable in the end and very promising today, it's quite possible to build on the network. And that is an undeniable fact.

Why? Because developing an internet project is quite easy and inexpensive. And these are important indicators of creating a profitable business. And it doesn't matter where you live: in a small town, in a big city, in a village, as you try to breathe life signs into your accomplishments.

Profitable business in a small town is a dream of many Russians

Profitable business in a small town with a large audience

A lot of young people, especially in small towns, small towns, who make up their minds, rely on the Internet these days.

No costs for renting offices, industrial buildings. But the whole world of potential customers who can be helped to find what they are looking for in the network.

This is a win-win and visionary way to make money on your home computer. Every day dozens, hundreds of thousands of ordinary people, from school children to the elderly, are educated in this sector.

Many are already familiar with the issue.And on the topic of making money on the network, they even record video courses and write e-mail newsletters.

Working at home on the internet is easy and convenient. And even if nothing happens at first, you won't be in the red. You can keep trying, improving your skills and professionalism, and choosing a niche that suits your needs and conditions.

You can only lose time here. Yes, and this cannot be called a loss: the actual practice and study required of any inexperienced internet entrepreneur.

If there are moments in traditional offline employment that depend on the "extraterrestrial uncle" in the form of various services, then everything here in the virtual space depends only on you. And more precisely - from the cost of your time and your desire. There are no other obstacles.

It is not difficult to learn how to develop and expand your idea in the network. Information today is full, even free. The main thing is to decide what you want to create, what niche you want to develop in. And act.

All roads lead to the Internet: this is where we build the simplest business

It is profitable to build a promising simple business on the Internet platform

Creating a commercial project on the internet is a pretty simple business. This is much easier than performing similar processes in real life. Ultimately, the virtual platform completely eliminates bureaucracy and delays in all types of services and often dies as unnecessary. No need for offices or office equipment, which makes starting and running a business a lot easier. Excessive monetary costs are excluded.

At the same time, you can secure a real income for yourself. Modern web professionals know different things. Not only do they know how to create a steadily growing cash flow on the network, but also how to make a lot of money and even a lot on the Internet.

Many IPs have created services that website owners can use to advertise their resources on the network. For beginners who test, they make little money and acquire useful skills.

Is it possible for a beginner or a beginner to make a lot of money quickly and online? More likely no than yes. It just takes time to figure out what is what. But the fact that many are spinning is now understood by almost everyone.

And it doesn't matter why - for work, for study, for receiving information, for paying for services, or for shopping for goods to get real income, just for entertainment goers who go there .. .

And where there is money, where there are people who are willing to spend sums of money, there are always opportunities to earn. You just have to make sure that it is thanks to you these people who are willing to pay that they are getting what they are looking for.

Many people today use the World Wide Web Internet as a source of solid income and substantial profits with minimal investment. 5 million citizens work in Runet and its related industries, and 5 trillion rubles per year are produced by companies in this goods and services sector. Labor productivity in this sector is three times higher than the national average (

From the youngest to the very elderly, a computer can now be used. And these are potential customers for your offer. Only the number of such people is increasing every day. And that is a crucial factor in internet business. The target audience for your proposal in this area can be found much faster and at the lowest cost.

Even the president of the country sometimes speaks out on the matter, not only hinting but declaring that it is time to fire everyone who has no computer literacy from work.

Yes, and you have probably long understood that there were times in the last century when many saw the computer only as a source of information or entertainment. - Today is not a curiosity and is becoming more popular by the day. The benefits of this type of activity and employment are obvious. And now they are beneficial to both the customer and the contractor.

For many people today, earning on the Internet is not just an extra income, but a significant income, the most profitable business, including multiple sources of income.

With minimal investment, such as earning decent money through studying and without leaving your home, it is certainly tempting to work for yourself. And there are people for whom it has become a popular daily activity. Many who work at home on the computer have created a steadily developing, in every way profitable, promising, profitable, and simple business at home. You are successfully promoting it and now you have a good, steadily growing income of more than 1,000,000 rubles. But ...

Does it offer unrealistically high returns? Internet fraud

Internet Scams: Not only can you make money, you can lose it too

Are you being offered an incredibly profitable business with minimal investment on the internet? Warning Unfortunately, only 10 to 20 percent of internet entrepreneurs take the problem of creating a new source of income very seriously and are making a profit. The remaining 80-90 percent refer to it superficially or peck at all sorts of free, attractive offers and simply offer this profit, often only for fraudsters.

As a rule, ongoing spam with such offers is constantly emailed to the accounts of the Skype system. Entire groups who have the gift of conviction and are able to voluntarily transfer money to these accounts work on such projects. And when the time comes for promised payments, your “golden fish” will become lifeless and show no signs of life. Scammers just go away.

Many websites and blogs, video tutorials and courses have been created, there are many training courses, but most of the people are still losing their money. Why? Because they don't want to learn from the mistakes of others, they prefer to make their own.

Which business is profitable with a future perspective?

What is the best company to implement online, which business is profitable? To make it profitable, profitable, simple and at the same time promising? Despite the fact that you do not intend to make substantial investments. Or at least ... well, you enjoyed the project! It was convenient to work.

Someone believes that all profitable businesses have long been busy and that they are now unlikely to be able to open anything as all profitable and profitable niches are so crowded that many cannot withstand the onslaught of competitors.

And someone has so much energy, mind, inspiration, and talent that they immediately notice every sentence they hear right away and are ready to turn any lightning-fast idea into the most profitable business.

Regardless of what ideas come to mind, one thing is certain: your project should be on the Internet, otherwise you will make maximum use of the virtual sphere to promote your traditional business.

And if not millions, then hundreds of thousands of rubles a month in the form of passive income on the Internet today, it is quite possible for a normal person to earn. Right, have to work hard.

Promising business and low cost - advertising on websites

Many internet entrepreneurs have profitable information pages as a source of income that actually work. The number of such assets at some site owners is ten.

For example, today we are very interested in the possibility of being able to use, shape and develop tools like computers and the internet without leaving home. We have our own information resources and are involved in monetizing them.

This is a profitable business with minimal investment, good business on the internet, even for beginners, where you are not dependent on anyone (compare MLM!) And create something yourself that will give you a steadily growing income in the future due to the look of everything brings new and new advertising platforms to expand information resources.

There are millions of topics and instructions for creating and promoting websites. No crisis is afraid of this craft, because advertising during a crisis, on the contrary, gains even more popularity and relevance. There is practically no competition, because even a topic, for example construction, or repair, gardening, child-rearing, everyone sees and develops in their own way.

Writing is better for ourselves, of course, but when it's really a burden, freelance exchanges help.

And in order to visit your website, you need to do it with the population's searches in mind. Write what people need! And there is certainly one subject that you are doing better than others. Starting and developing a business is easier than ever!

The demand for advertising was, is and will be! Because people are always buying goods, using services and learning. And for information they are turning more and more (and the younger generation is one hundred percent) to the Internet. And there on your resource you will see an advertisement on a topic of interest to you. Click the link and go to the website of the seller of the product or service. And you're dripping money. For those who have been seriously into this type of activity for a long time, it is clear that the advertising business is one of the most profitable areas of business on the internet.

Yes, this requires certain computer skills, some knowledge, but I repeat that we started from scratch and didn't even complete any computer courses. And today the network is full of even free educational materials and video courses.

By providing advertising pages for solvent companies and services on their websites, you can make a solid income of more than million rubles a year. And the amount of money will replenish your account 24/7. It doesn't matter if you're vacationing at the gym, at a party, or some other new page on your website.

Linking to this modern type of employment is not only a profitable, but also a visionary decision. This is an opportunity to create your promising assets from scratch without investing.

This internet trading line has long been known as "virtual real estate". And with the help of this "virtual property" is completely real. This may well be of interest to those who dream of their own apartment and analyze clues on the subject. For a real new apartment in real space, in your city. With a serious attitude and attitude towards the chosen profession, this is real what the video confirms when you click on the link.

Such a promising direction of trade is another reason for it. Year after year, more and more users and potential visitors to your resources appear in the global network. What to build a profitable business is an important factor.

In our opinion, the easiest and most interesting thing today is to build your websites with information that will be useful to people and put the code of advertising blocks on them with reputable and reputable services. This is our favorite pastime and generates income at the same time. This area of ​​activity on the internet is really safe as long as you don't break the rules of companies that provide sponsored links. This type of employment forms the basis of our family income.

Which business is better to open? How to choose a simple, profitable and promising business?

Which business is better, more profitable and more sensible to open? ... it depends on you

Which business is most promising in your particular situation, which is the most profitable business in your region, which direction of employment is more sensible to build a highly profitable business, and which business is of course better to decide for you. There is no need for advice. I like growing flowers - growing flowers, loving housekeeping - doing business there. The main thing is that other people claim it.

An example of a simple profitable business on the Internet that meets all of the above conditions can be advertising on websites: banners of reputable companies, contextual advertising Yandex Direct and Google AdWords.

If you intend to start your own business with the aim of making your idea profitable and profitable, and perhaps the most profitable, do not rush to grab the first very tempting offers that appear on the first few pages in the Internet search engines . Also, sign an agreement with suppliers, transfer money, and participate in affiliate programs. Today it will take very little time, but avoid a lot of unpleasant moments. Business is becoming more transparent, almost all information required for company analysis is now publicly available on the Internet.

In order to create the most profitable business from scratch against the backdrop of competitors, one has to secure a significant market share in the selected niche. But when you do what you love, 16 to 18 hours can quickly go by.

And one more important point that I would like to draw your attention to. Don't go looking for ready-made recipes to build the most profitable business. They just don't exist (or hardly anyone will be able to share their successes: why competitors breed). And if you manage to lay a strong foundation for your idea, everyone will have it their own way. Depending on goals, ambitions, opportunities, experience, perseverance, perseverance ...

For those who are financially limited and studying, it is important to examine and understand the psychological aspects of the problem through the examples of the richest people on the planet.

Everything discussed above can be used for analysis when you open your own project. It will continue to be more interesting, but it will be possible to use this for educational purposes only.

The most profitable business in the world. Unfortunately not for everyone

Spending or spending money is a lucrative business, but for the elite

Do you know concepts like seigniorage? So the most profitable business in the world is directly related to them. Seigniorage is income from spending money or printing banknotes. It is calculated from the difference between the face value of the invoice and its cost. And the higher the face value, the higher the profit, because the cost of pieces of paper with pictures is about the same.

The cost of producing the world's predominant hundred-dollar banknote is around 12 cents. The seigniorage in issuing just one such banknote in cash will be $ 99.88. How much does an ordinary person have to work for that amount?

All of this can easily be converted into percent: profit in percent \ u003d 99.88 x 100 / 0.12. Almost 100,000 percent. Impressive?

And it is not the state that spends money ... The owners of Seigniorage are the owners of the land that manages it. And that's in every country in the world.

  • Pharmacy business
  • Bakery products
  • Auto repair shop
  • Anti-crisis car wash
  • Microfinance organization
  • Export of goods abroad
  • Funeral home
  • movie theater
  • Driving school
        • Related business ideas:

The country's poor economic situation is no reason to hang up and lose heart. There are many examples of large corporations embarking on their most inopportune time for business. The crisis is a time of great opportunity, a time of real "cleansing". Weak entrepreneurs who have not thought of business development are leaving the market and giving way to new players.

Today we are going to look at the 11 most profitable and "undying" business ideas that work perfectly and bring profit to the owner despite the economic crisis.

Lotteries and betting shops

When there is a crisis in the yard, people believe more in happiness. The low income and labor shortage situation forces people to make adventurous decisions and literally toss their remaining money “down the drain”. Hence, any business related to the sale of lotteries, bookmakers, and auctions works on superprofits.In order to organize a sports betting business, it is not at all necessary to have large capital and to go through a strict registration and licensing process. Today, many major bookmakers are building their own franchise networks in Russia and the CIS. Therefore, for a nominal fee of 200-350 thousand rubles. You can join the network and open a betting center in your city. The only significant threat is strict government regulation. Here you won't guess when the government decides to cover up the "bank" by passing another law. I think everyone remembers what happened to the gambling clubs that made hundreds of percent profit for their owners.

Pharmacy business

The pharmaceutical business shows high profitability despite the oversaturation of the market in a time of unstable economic situation. In our city, many well-known pharmacy chains have only increased the number of retail stores in recent years. The reason is clear: people are getting sicker (fired from work, their salaries lowered, fear of cuts) due to stress and frustration. More and more people with heart problems, diabetes, indigestion etc. are going to the pharmacy accordingly. Investing in a pharmacy business can scare you. However, it is not necessary to open a big business. At the beginning you can limit yourself to a small pharmacy kiosk. Another option is to open a franchise.

Bakery products

Food is an eternal theme. It has long been known that when people lower their incomes, they switch to cheaper groceries. The number of baked goods is increasing in the diet: bread, cakes, rolls, donuts, cookies. I noticed that the number of stalls selling bread and flour products in our city has increased significantly. At the place where I buy bread, there are now four working instead of one kiosk. And everyone, you know, is enough. After work you have to stand in line to buy bread.

How much money does it take to open a bread stand?

To open a bread stand, you need to invest about 300-500,000 rubles or even less. There is no need to rent or buy a capital structure. For example, you can buy a mobile trailer (Kupava) and arrange outbound trade with the approval of the local administration. Less paperwork and you can start making money almost instantly. The goods can be bought in local bakeries or opened in their own production facility. While this is a completely different investment.

Auto repair shop

As with products, car repairs are a "no-kill" issue. Despite the crisis, there are more and more cars, and those that are getting old and break down more often. In our city there are petrol stations and garages at every turn. At the same time everyone works successfully and you can only get by appointment. I haven't heard anyone close or leave the market. Tire service, body repair, auto electrician - all of this is relevant. And although these ideas do not require a large initial capital. You can even start under "garage" conditions. The main difficulty is finding good craftsmen. If you know how to work with technology yourself, the flag is in your hands.

Anti-crisis car wash

Self-service car washes

- A new kind of service in the automotive sector. The idea came from the west, but didn't work out very well before the crisis. When people think more about saving, such services will flourish. Many will prefer to wash their car themselves, as the savings are almost twice as high (approx. 150 S. instead of 300 S.). Read the business forums, where many speak of good prospects for self-service car washes. Some post photo reports showing the queue for such a wash.

How much money must be invested to open a self-service car wash?

The only minus of this idea is a huge investment to start a business. To open even a small three-post sink, it is necessary to lay out at least 1.5 million rubles with all permits. Not everyone has this kind of money, especially in a crisis.

Microfinance organization

According to reports, there has been a demand for microcredit up to 30,000 rubles for the past three years. tripled. There are a number of reasons for this, including those related to the economic situation in the country. The interest on loans from large banks rose, which resulted from the falseness of their receipt. While a microcredit can be issued without leaving home, with no references and proof of income.

How much money do you need to invest to get microcredit?

To open your own microfinance organization it is enough not to invest more than 500-1000 thousand rubles. And the funds invested pay off quickly. See for yourself. Loans are granted at an average of 2% per day.

How Much Can You Make With Microcredit?

That is, take a loan of 30,000 p. In a month the customer has to return 48,000p. Profit 18,000 p.! It is clear that not all customers are conscientious. But as practice shows, only 15% do not repay the debt. In addition, debts can always be sold to collectors. In any case, the company remains in good shape.

Export of goods abroad

During the "expensive" dollar, a business selling certain types of goods overseas is quite profitable. For example, our citizens have recently started actively selling honey and other foods to China. There is good news for traders of various little things on the Internet: ebay is negotiating simplified rules for the export of goods from Russia to the USA and Europe with the customs and post office of Russia. That means selling boots, hats and handicrafts to “bourgeois” will be much more profitable. The only danger is that one day oil will grow and the ruble will rise in price, reducing the export advantage of some goods.

Funeral home

Funeral home It also doesn't depend on the crisis in the country. People can save on expensive shopping, entertainment, leisure, and food, but they won't refuse the expense of a decent funeral. In every season of the year, the demand for funeral services remains high. Strangely enough, but the worse the times, the higher the profit in this area. At the same time, there is no need to open a funeral home with all the difficulties in carrying out this activity. Reports indicate that more than 80% of ritual firms are not manufacturers. That is, they buy the same coffins from manufacturers or resellers. In that case, organizing your own coffin production would be an excellent idea. For example, from fibreboard in a hot molding process. The ticket for such a case is 300,000 rubles, and the number of employees is only 4 people. Production can also be organized outdoors. There are companies that can deliver finished blanks from which coffins are already knocked together. Product margin - 100%.

Hairdresser economy class

Hairdresser is always relevant. Well, who can refuse a haircut or hairstyle, maybe a very poor person. Therefore, we can say with confidence that such a business is not crisis-prone. However, it is only the crisis that could affect elite hairdressers and beauty salons. And here hairdressing economy class, where in only 150 - 200 p. You can get a quality haircut - will be in great demand. While this is not an overprofitable business, the idea is definitely not a failure and will work regardless of the situation in the country.

movie theater

Despite the fact that the entertainment industry is not having its prime, on the contrary, such massive budget entertainment as watching movies in cinemas is in great demand. People get tired of the gray everyday life, of problems at work, of negative news and want to get something magical for the soul. And they find this reassurance in the cinema. Budget 3-D cinema is a good business idea in a crisis. Such activity is not licensed. You only need permission to rent movies. Rental organizations typically work 50%. That means you leave 50% of the till fees to you and give the rest to the license holder.

Step-by-step plan for opening a small cinema

Not required and a huge investment to start the business. You can open a very small cinema for 12 people. The required floor space is only 18 square meters. In fact, a cinema can be opened in a residential environment (on the first floors of apartment buildings). If every day at least 50 people visit such a cinema, each leaving 300 rubles, then the monthly turnover will be 450,000 rubles. Half of this amount is spent on film rental, around 10% on rental, 15% on work and 5% on other expenses.

How much can you make when you open a small movie theater?

That is, the net profit will be about 90-100 thousand rubles. in the month. This is not a bad sum, since the cost of opening a mini-cinema with 12 seats does not exceed 1 million rubles. In addition to this, not only can you earn from tickets, but also from the sale of strong drinks, popcorn, fries, etc. I also want to mention the idea that is next to the cinema - the opening of a film café. In such a facility, you can not only play movies, but also play video games, smoke shisha, play board games and sing karaoke. However, payment is not made for a specific service, but for the time spent in the facility. The average is 100 p. per hour per person.

Driving school

Another company that is not afraid of crises and competition is driving schools. No matter how bad the income is, the influx of young people who need a driver's license is not drying up. While 15 to 20 years ago mostly only men went to training, today exactly half of future drivers are women. Of course, this only increased the number of customers at existing driving schools. In addition, due to legal innovations, the minimum training time in driving schools has increased, which has led to a rise in prices. To get rights, you need to spend at least 50,000 rubles today. only for training (theory and practice). That's a lot of money. It turns out that with a small group of 20 people, you can help 1,000,000 rubles! And how many people would like to study in your city? That's thousands of people.

Step-by-step plan for opening a driving school

To open a driving school, you need to rent a room, accreditation with the traffic police and the staff of instructors (with whom you can agree a percentage). A room with an area of ​​35-50 square meters is suitable for the student class. m. There is even the option of opening an online driving school. You can also study theory remotely, and licensed driving schools in a specific region will do hands-on exercises (you can negotiate with them for a percentage). This saves rental space and the organization of the student class. Indeed, a business can be opened from scratch. The main thing is to competently advertise the service and find good performers (teachers and instructors). There are companies that offer to open an online franchise driving school. But you can't just invest in stores or start your own business. Even in a crisis, it is real to invest money in real estate or cars while receiving passive income. What to invest and how to do it you can learn by reading a new book from Investment Territory. Would you like to achieve a stable cash flow but don't know how? You will have the opportunity to become a completely financially independent person in just a few years. Find out how to invest and trade wisely.

04 Sep

Hello! Today we're releasing the next selection of profitable and promising business ideas for 2019. We have divided it by the amount of initial investment to make it easier for you to choose a profitable business idea based on your finances. At the end of the article, we've also provided links to other collections of ideas.

Profitable business ideas with investments from 100,000 to 300,000 rubles

Below is a selection of 13 profitable business ideas with small investments from 100 to 300,000 rubles.

Business Idea 1 - Open a paintball club

The approximate investment is 260,000 rubles.

The essence of this business idea - Opening of a modern paintball club for outdoor enthusiasts. This sport is becoming increasingly popular among people of different ages who want to get new impressions and emotional relaxation. Active paintball is based on building strategies, the desire to touch military disciplines.

Implementation of the idea:

The amount of money invested depends on the choice of a closed and open area, the number of employees and the following steps required:

  • room rental for the winter season;
  • purchase of protective and shooting equipment;
  • organization of changing rooms, parking;
  • the acquisition of additional goals, inflatable obstacles for the game.

Seasoned organizers recommend starting with a minimum of 10 sets of equipment, uniforms for players, and a gas station for small arms equipment.

You can generate income by adjusting the pricing policy to match the cost of a game. For example, if you set the price at 600 rubles per person per session for 2-3 hours, you can get a profit of at least 50%. The only difficulty is that it takes time to achieve a full return on investment. Some savings can be made by inviting beer outlet owners to collaborate, purchasing some of the used equipment, and self-promotion on social networks.

Business idea 2 - water entertainment business

The approximate investment is 240,000 rubles.

Essence of the idea: The idea of ​​a company is to organize a place of entertainment near a reservoir with the help of inflatable attractions. This is a seasonally profitable activity that doesn't require any special training. The main problem is choosing the optimal equipment location that has good traffic and a constant workload. The attraction is designed for people of different ages, children.

Implementation of the idea:

Most of the expenses go towards opening and buying everything necessary for work:

  • buying an inflatable attraction, components for it;
  • payment for the rental of the placement
  • employee salary;
  • transportation costs.

Having placed such a slide or trampoline in a busy place, you can get a monthly income of 100,000 rubles. With a total monthly cost of 35,000 rubles, the profit can be 65,000 rubles. The problem is seasonal income generation, which is limited to the summer months. The positive features of this idea include the ability to rent an attraction, easy storage in the off-season.

Business idea 3 - opening a large tea shop

The preliminary investment amount is 300,000 rubles.

The essence of this business ideaconsists in organizing a stationary trading place for the sale of loose tea of ​​various kinds. This is a promising area of ​​work due to the large target group and the constant demand for products. With a wide range of familiar and unusual tastes at affordable prices, you can buy a fixed circle of regular customers and earn a stable income.

The popularization of tea in Russia is now at its peak. Many show business stars also promote this natural drink. Tea ceremonies and tastings of new and unusual varieties are held in many shops. And some stores not only offer tea by weight, but also offer exquisite gift sets, which differ from each other on the eve of the holidays.

Implementation of the idea:

  • purchase of inventory for the first period;
  • rental of retail space;
  • purchase of equipment, showcases;
  • purchase of packaging materials.

The main costs are incurred in buying negotiable goods that are offered for sale with a margin of 100%. Total sales with a good location can reach 200,000 rubles.After calculating the cost, deducting the rents and salaries of employees, a profit of 40,000 rubles remains. A temporary product, some types of condiments, coffee or tea accessories can provide an income increase.

Business idea 4 - opening a cooking school

The amount of investment is 300,000 rubles.

The essence of this project - The opening of a modern school where everyone can learn how to cook certain dishes in order to learn famous world recipes. This type of useful leisure time is becoming particularly popular with people of different ages, housewives and those who wish to join the office workers' fine dining kitchen. It is logical to open such a store in large cities and offer thematic courses.

Implementation of the idea:

Opening a school is an expensive project in the first phase that requires significant financial investments. Most investments are made in renting space, which can be a coffee shop, dining room or large hall with utilities. In addition, it is necessary:

  • advanced professional equipment;
  • various sets of utensils and cooking accessories;
  • Compensation to a qualified chef with insignia.

One-time programs, weekly or monthly courses, and field courses can be offered for the convenience of customers. The average check with one-day training is 800-1000 rubles. Every day you can work with groups of 10 people. After subtracting all utility overheads, a school can bring in more than 5,000 rubles a day, which will fully cover costs for two to three months.

Business idea 5 - opening a massage parlor

Estimated investment - 220,000 rubles.

Project base - Opening of a specialized salon to provide preventive and therapeutic massages to clients. This procedure is very popular with visitors of all ages and in professions that take their health seriously. Many beauty salons make good profits from running courses in sculptural massages for weight loss.

Implementation of the idea:

Such a project is characterized by strong competition, so that the choice of a job and the qualifications of future employees come first. Cost items are:

  • purchase of special tables and equipment;
  • purchase of towels, clothes and accessories for work;
  • repair of the premises to bring them up to hygienic standards;
  • payment to the staff.

At the initial stage, advertising, promotion of the salon with the help of leaflets, social networks is necessary. The average price for a popular back massage starts from around 400 rubles. We serve at least 6-8 customers every day and we can speak of a turnover of 3200 rubles. The price includes overheads and administrative costs of 50%, so the monthly profit can be 48,000 rubles, which allows access to self-sufficiency in six months.

Business Idea 6 - Organization of science-educational shows for children

Acquisition cost - up to 150,000 rubles.

Meaning of it interesting Ideas for organizing thematic performances, holidays and stagings at events for children of different ages, young people. This is a new type of mass entertainment consisting of enchanting shows based on simple chemical and physical experiments that small customers can take part in. Such a service is of interest as an alternative to the usual puppet theater or to the performance of clowns.

Implementation of the idea:

Such a spectacular project does not require special financial costs for the independent development of all organizational issues. The cost plan consists of several points:

  • office rent;
  • purchase of reagents for experiments;
  • cost of equipment, bespoke tailoring;
  • advertising, content of the website.

Mysterious experiments with lightning bolts, explosions and the manufacture of cotton candy cost customers an average of 5,000 rubles. It is easy to calculate that with 20 such shows per month, the self-sufficiency threshold will be exceeded after 2 months. Given the considerable cost and price of the compositions for the experiments, one can talk about real income in 4-6 months. Of great importance is constant advertising that is not worth storing.

Business Idea 7 - Rufa Fish Peeling Business

Estimated investment - 170 000 rubles.

Essence of the idea consists in providing exotic peeling services for Ruf fish. This interesting procedure has long been known in expensive beauty salons, where it is popular for pleasure and not up to standard. Many customers already prefer this type of ficure over the usual one. Pygmy fish in warm countries perfectly remove unwanted skin and create a feeling of relaxation.

Implementation of the idea:

An unusual business project does not require high financial costs. The best option would be to sublet a beauty salon, swimming pool, sauna, or organize such a workplace of the master at home. A room of 3-4 square meters is enough for a customer. The main cost:

  • buy a set of reputation fish;
  • spacious aquarium of a certain shape;
  • a complete set of equipment to create ideal conditions;
  • comfortable chair for customers.

An unusual idea requires mandatory advertising. The minimum price for processing stuffing fish with rufa starts from 600 rubles. This can be significantly increased by providing additional services (pedicure, massage). With an average load and an aquarium, the amount invested can be paid back in less than a year.

Business idea 8 - manufacture of seals and postage stamps

The investment cost is 150,000 rubles.

The manufacture of stamps and seals for businesses and organizations is a profitable business that is independent of the season and has constant demand. With the growth of small businesses, the constant changes during re-registration and name change, the number of customers will keep increasing. An additional income is the production of stamps for archives and libraries.

Implementation of the idea:

To work in the first stage, you can use a standard set of sketches and a trained person can do the engineering work. The main costs associated with opening such a workshop depend on the range of services and the choice of manufacturing technology:

  • rent of premises for work;
  • acquisition of computer equipment, special equipment;
  • purchase of consumables;
  • payment of taxes and wages.

Despite the demand for such services, most projects pay off no earlier than 8 months, even if they are located in large cities, and the threshold of self-sufficiency begins in six months. With increasing competition in this market, new manufacturing methods, advanced technological materials and components should be constantly introduced in order to increase profits.

Business idea 9 - sale of electronic cigarettes, water pipes, vapes

The amount of initial investment is about 200,000 rubles.

The basis of a business idea consists in organizing a point of sale for electronic cigarettes, hookahs, vapes, the compositions and mixtures necessary for refueling. This is an actual type of business activity, perfectly legal and legal, that can bring average income to the owner.

The target audience are people of different ages who want to replace real cigarettes, entertainment venues and fashionable hookahs. The relevance of this idea is also evident, especially against the backdrop of the introduction of the law on the ban on smoking in public places. Electronic cigarettes don't let out smoke, they let off steam. In addition, sophisticated devices are an excellent topic for discussion among vape culture enthusiasts.

Implementation of the idea:

The best option for starting such a business would be to use a franchise company that will solve the problem of delivery of goods and first-time support. In the opening phase, the main costs for such items are incurred:

  • rental of premises for a retail store;
  • purchase of the first batch of products;
  • minimum equipment and furniture.

The cheapest electronic cigarettes cost 400 rubles. Therefore, if we sell 4,000,000 products a day, we can talk about moving to full self-sufficiency in two months of stable sales. In conditions of strong competition in this sector, it is necessary to conduct active advertising, regular promotions and discounts in order to attract customers.

Business Idea 10 - Selling packaged honey

The approximate investment is 150,000 rubles.

The general essence of the proposed business idea consists in organizing the process of buying fresh honey in apiaries, packaging it and selling it through retail stores. The relevance is due to the steadily increasing demand of the inhabitants of the metropolis for high-quality and natural products that are almost never to be found in modern supermarkets.

Implementation of the idea:

In order to implement the project, several apiaries need to be found that will provide raw materials, as well as:

  • rent a room for work;
  • buy filling systems;
  • find a supplier for new packaging;
  • Develop and order stickers in the print shop.

An additional cost factor is the maintenance of the vehicle and the staff. The main options for the outlet market: retail chain, wholesale buyers, own retail store.

From calculating one kilogram of a sweet product, an approximate calculation of profit can be derived: if you buy it at a price of 500 rubles per kilogram, then you can pack it in containers of 200 grams. By implementing each jar at a price of 200 rubles, you can increase the profit up to 1000 rubles. If you deduct from this amount the cost of honey, containers, overheads and organizational expenses, you can get a significant income, from 300 to 400 rubles per kilogram. Good savings are made by including family members, your own car, or your premises in the process.

On the shortcomings of this project - its seasonality, which does not allow it to benefit all year round.

Business Idea 11 - Landscaping and Decoration

Initial investment - from 150,000 rubles.

At the center of a business idea- Organization of the entire landscaping process with laying tiles, asphalting individual sections, installing fences and laying out flower beds. This service is in demand with owners of private residential buildings, shops, leisure centers and industrial companies who want to create beautiful paths, a parking zone or the appearance of the adjacent property.

Implementation of the idea:

Building materials are purchased by the project client, so the main financial items of the entrepreneur's expenses are:

  • purchase of the tools necessary for work;
  • payment of wages to employees;
  • maintenance of office space and warehouse for inventory;
  • transport services.

The cost of services must be calculated based on an estimate that takes into account taxes, all time costs, depreciation and amortization of construction equipment. The calculation is made per square meter for the benefit of the customer. The amount of profit is also included in the estimated cost and is at least 20%.

A clear disadvantage of such a project is the complete lack of orders in winter. This time should be devoted to finding customers, advertising and studying new technologies.

Business idea 12 - create photo books

The initial investment is 150,000 rubles.

An interesting and pleasant photo book shop is available for people who want to work creatively. The new service is in demand with young parents, couples and wedding photographers. It consists in the production of an individual commemorative album in book format from photographs of the customer.

Implementation of the idea:

There is no need for a large space to carry out the project, and the main cost consists of several points:

  • purchase of the machine necessary for printing;
  • purchase of equipment for manual editing of albums;
  • training in mandatory courses and design of photo collages;
  • advertising services;
  • purchase of consumables.

Such a project is perfect for implementation in a small town, as orders can be processed via the Internet. Once the cost of a printed page has been determined, it is easy to assume a profit. For example, if you put the price of a hardcover sheet and an envelope at 100 and 500 rubles, respectively, then you can put the price of a photo book at 1,500 rubles. If the cost was 600 rubles, then any simple order will bring an income of 900 rubles. To attract customers and increase prices, consider adding original covers and photo editing.

Business Idea 13 - Sports Nutrition Business

Initial investment - 150,000 rubles.

One such project is a purchase from providers of sports nutrition, the implementation of which is carried out through their own business at a premium. The relevance of the business rests on an increasing interest in a healthy lifestyle, a cult of a beautiful body and a certain fashion for prominent muscles. Sports nutrition is in demand among young people who want to stick to a certain diet.

Implementation of the idea:

Opening such a business will be inexpensive in a city with a large number of gyms, health centers, and departments. Good walk-through areas can include retail space in hypermarkets, subletting in a large store, or working with the sporting goods department. For full work you will need:

  • small room;
  • purchase of sample goods;
  • commercial equipment and shelves;
  • advertising.

The average trading margin for such a product is 50%. With a monthly turnover of 100,000 rubles, after deducting the costs of the seller's salary, transportation and advertising costs, there remains a net income of 20,000 rubles. By taking on the functions of a seller involved in the delivery, the project owner can significantly reduce these cost elements.

Profitable and relevant business ideas with investments from 300,000 to 500,000 rubles

Below is a selection of 14 profitable business ideas with investments from 300 to 500,000 rubles that are relevant now.

Business Idea 14 - Manufacture of stretch ceilings

Pre-investment - at least 300,000 rubles.

Essence of the idea consists in organizing the entire production process for the manufacture of stretch ceilings of any size and type to order from customers. The relevance of opening such a company is due to the growing interest in this type of room decoration. Homeowners and designers choose stretch ceilings because of the practicality and affordability of this element of decor. Impractical and short-lived whitewashing is a thing of the past, but modern technology is only gaining momentum and increasing demand every year.

Implementation of the idea:

To implement the idea, it is necessary to choose the optimal production room for the size, in order to buy the necessary equipment. Additional investments require:

  • purchase of high quality raw materials (foils);
  • salaries of employees;
  • advertising costs, website content.

To save money, it pays to partner with wholesale buyers, construction and design companies to abandon maintaining a team of plumbing workers.

According to the results of the work of most companies producing caps, we can speak of a profitability of 31% and self-sustainability of the project in six months with average capacity utilization.

Business Idea 15 - Opening a Cono Pizza point of sale

Approximate investment amount - 270 000 rubles.

Essence of the plan - Opening and equipping of a small stationary point for baking and selling horse pizza. This is a relatively new type of fast food that is becoming increasingly popular due to the perfect combination of consumers' favorite tastes and the practical way in which the product is presented. The relevance of the project is supported by the novelty of the product and the lack of great competition.

Implementation of the idea:

Such a point should be opened in places with a large concentration of potential customers: bus stops, stadiums and amusement parks, train stations. Most of the money invested is needed to buy the necessary equipment and the stand itself:

  • thermo showcase for Con Pizza;
  • oven;
  • special press.

With a correct investigation of the target group and determination of the trading location, the monthly sales volume of Con-Pizza can amount to at least 3000 pieces. Having estimated an income of 30% of the cost of the finished product of 90 rubles, you can fully pay for the opening of the project for the first 4 months of stable operation. Savings can be made in the first phase by replacing the stationary kiosk with a more mobile mobile counter that sells its delicious products at city and children's parties.

Business Idea 16 - Selling milk through milk machines

The preliminary cost is up to 200,000 rubles.

The essence of the project - Purchase of high-quality fresh milk from the producer, sale to consumers via a special milk machine. This way of selling a useful product has enjoyed stable popularity in Europe and the United States and is an equipped device that dispenses metered milk into a customer's packaging without the slightest intervention by the seller. The relevance of the business rests on the minimal competition in the sector and the desire of consumers to get high quality healthy products.

Implementation of the idea:

To implement it, you need to purchase a compact device - a milk machine. Furthermore:

  • rent a small area for its installation;
  • entering into an agreement with a milk producer who works with similar establishments;
  • ensure a constant flow of raw materials.

The amount of income depends on the daily milk turnover. A high performance can be achieved by installing a milk machine in places with a large flow of customers: in halls of clinics, hospitals, sanatoriums, on squares of shopping centers. It is important to ensure strict control of the quality and freshness of the product in order to generate a regular flow of customers. Consumer distrust of such equipment and the difficulty of working with it in the elderly creates a problem.

Business idea 17 - opening a makeup school

Pre-investment - 200 000 rubles.

Essence of the idea It consists in creating the conditions to teach everyone the basics of cosmetic services through specially designed courses. The relevance of such a project is emphasized by the ever-increasing demand for the work of masters of the beauty industry, henna tattoos, makeup artists and eyebrows among clients and salon owners.

Implementation of the idea:

Starting a makeup school requires a relatively small financial investment but can bring a good return if the goals are set correctly:

  • attraction of famous masters as teachers;
  • conducting master classes with interesting guests;
  • curriculum development taking into account the latest advances and technologies.

The main expenses are for rent and equipment for a classroom, salaries for craftsmen, and the purchase of consumables for studying. With an average cost of courses of 10,000 for several days, a one-day master class of 2500 rubles, it is possible to recoup such courses in a few months. The main task is to create a positive image, work on the quality of the training material and constantly introduce new relevant disciplines.

Business idea 18 - opening a coworking center

Minimum cost - from 500 000 rubles.

The essence of such a business project- Opening of a specially equipped place for negotiations, business meetings and mini-offices, creating working conditions for visitors. Such centers are widespread in many large cities in industrialized countries and help save the rental office for inexperienced entrepreneurs, lawyers and freelancers. The relevance of such a project is the minimum competition in the market.

Implementation of the idea:

To open, you need to find the largest and most spacious room, next to which there is a traffic intersection, a parking lot. To organize a coworking center you need to:

  • purchase a variety of furniture for leisure, work;
  • buy office equipment;
  • to ensure the highest possible quality of communication, Internet.

Such a center does not provide a quick return on investment. It will require constant promotion of services, attracting customers through discounts and a gradual increase in prices. Income can be generated from the provision of space for large organizational events. Coworking is more of a business project for the future that could soon bring a decent profit.

Business idea 19 - opening a climbing wall

The minimum investment is 350,000 rubles.

Essence of the idea - Organization of a special indoor attraction that simulates the ascent to the rocks and provides sports and entertainment services to everyone. Modern modular complexes make it possible to place such a climbing wall in small rooms. The relevance of this attraction is based on the increased interest of young people in this sport, the desire to get new emotions and reduce psychological stress.

Implementation of the idea:

The main cost of organizing and carrying out such a project:

  • rent a room suitable for height and size;
  • purchase and installation of special mobile modules;
  • salaries for coaches with appropriate mountaineering skills.

Having found such a climbing wall in large shopping malls, recreation parks and near places of youth entertainment, you can quickly make the first profit. With an average cost of one hour of lessons from 800 rubles and 50% of the charge of the attraction, you can earn up to 500,000 rubles per month. This is possible after conducting a high-quality advertising campaign that creates conditions for simultaneous training of several clients and visiting shifts in summer recreational areas.

Business idea 20 - opening a massage parlor

The minimum investment is 300,000 rubles.

Essence of the idea - Opening of a specially equipped salon for the provision of different types of massages: wellness, beauty or modeling. Given the growing interest in following healthy lifestyle trends and the great demand for a good massage therapist, such a salon can bring a stable income any time of the year.

Implementation of the idea:

In order to implement such a project, it is necessary to invest most of the money in renting a room in an area with a good transport hub in order to make work easier for customers.

  • buy special tables and massage chairs;
  • buy furniture and set up a waiting room;
  • equipment of separate rooms, rooms for employees in the room.

A big cost factor can be the wages of the masters, their regular retraining for advanced training, the purchase of cosmetics. But the salon can bring an excellent income, given the minimum cost of a simple massage from 250 rubles, anti-cellulite - 500 rubles. With a workload of 50% with 5 jobs, the daily profit can be from 6,000 to 10,000 rubles, or up to 300,000 rubles per month, which will help recoup investments quickly.

Business idea 21 - opening a fitness club

The minimum investment is 500,000 rubles.

The essence of the project - Opening of an equipped high school that attracts professional trainers to collaborate and provide related services. This kind of business is relevant in connection with the increasing demand and popularization of an active lifestyle, a beautiful, healthy body. A modern fitness club, the target group of which is medium-sized visitors, will find steady interest from customers of different ages.

Implementation of the idea:

To open a small fitness club, you need an equipped room in a densely populated area near a bus stop. Most financial investments go to:

  • buying high quality professional simulators;
  • equipping the fitness club with exercise machines;
  • Retrofitting of changing rooms, showers, leisure facilities for employees and customers.

The average cost of one lesson in such an institution starts from 100 rubles. If you get an average number of visitors of 50 people per day, then you can speak of a minimum monthly profit of 150,000 rubles. With this work he will pay off in the second year of his work. You can make additional profit by sublet a space for a massage or beauty salon.

Business idea 22 - donut production

The initial investment is 500,000 rubles.

Essence of the idea - Organization of a small stationary point for baking donuts with various fillings, their implementation for consumers. The modern, highly competitive fast food market requires new players to be exceptional. Hence, making this type of product can be a good investment.

Implementation of the idea:

The opening of a small cafe or fast food tent should be located near places with a large concentration of consumers: large shopping malls, recreation parks, next to university buildings or train stations. To implement the project you will need:

  • purchase of commercial and industrial equipment;
  • purchase of furniture for visitors;
  • design an attractive point of sale;
  • salary to employees.

If the process is organized in road conditions, then a special van tent is used as a substitute for the space. The device can produce 250 to 600 delicious products per hour. If you properly combine the trading location, a wide variety of fillings, and quality service, you can make big profits by setting a 100% margin on some types of donuts.

Business Idea 23 - Open a design studio

Pre-investment - 300,000 rubles.

The essence of this project - Opening of a small office or studio that provides services for the development of interior design projects that accompany them in their implementation. Such services are becoming increasingly popular in view of the growing interest in individuality, the originality of repairs in residential and commercial premises, and the growing well-being of part of the population.

Implementation of the idea:

The main expense is a well-equipped and properly located office. The best place will be a business center, a non-residential building in the central area with a convenient transportation hub. To organize the process you will need:

  • office equipment, high-performance personal computers;
  • licensed programs;
  • furniture for employees, meeting rooms with customers.

In most cases, the salary of employees depends on the number and total number of orders, and the owner is an experienced designer who can carry out serious projects at the initial stage. The initial cost of developing an individual design is from 1000 rubles per 1 m2. The profitability of such a studio therefore depends only on the talent of the staff and a good advertising component.

Business idea 24 - opening a jewelry workshop

Initial investment - from 400,000 rubles.

The project is based on the idea of ​​setting up a modern jewelry workshop that will provide the public with services for cleaning, repairing expensive jewelry and making exclusive and original products. Such a business project will be relevant due to the low level of competition and consistently high demand for precious metal products.

Implementation of the idea:

The place to be opened should be carefully selected, near jewelry stores or renting a few meters in jewelry salons. This will help solve the security issue and a constant stream of customers who want to put on a ring or bracelet after buying it.

The main costs of implementing the idea are:

  • purchase of modern equipment and tools for repair;
  • the design of the rooms, showcases and waiting areas for customers;
  • advertising costs, sign;
  • payment for services to a qualified employee.

Most jewelry repair services are inexpensive, so working for a reputation and getting jobs done efficiently and on time can make you a high income. This will help attract customers to more expensive exclusive orders that are a significant part of the bottom line and will help the project pay off in no time.

Business idea 25 - skydiving

Essence of the idea - Opening of a compact drop zone for the organization of a full skydiving cycle, including training for beginners and training for professional teams. The growing interest in adrenaline sports and outdoor activities makes this type of business very relevant. There is little competition in the market for such services, so you can quickly fill a vacant niche.

Implementation of the idea:

Opening a project requires large investments due to the characteristics of the organization:

  • leasing a runway, entering into an agreement with an organization that operates flights and has a license to do so;
  • purchase of special equipment and uniforms;
  • salary of a team of trainers;
  • costs for a comfortable stay for customers.

The minimum profitability of such drop zones is at least 10% and reaches 60% for known and stable employees. Additional income can be generated by providing comprehensive training services for professional teams, trips, organizing a small campsite or organizing fast food in the jumping zone. The downside is the seasonality of this business project and the need to find real professionals as trainers.

Business idea 26 - opening a café on wheels

The minimum investment is 450,000 rubles.

The essence of such a project - Opening of a fully equipped mobile cafe in an equipped caravan, offering fresh fast food and drinks to visitors. The selection of the product option (cake, doner kebab, pancakes, hot sandwiches) should be made after a thorough analysis of the market for such services in the city. Such a project is only relevant for implementation if the correct location is selected.

Implementation of the idea:

To open up the best option for cost and convenience, it is necessary to purchase a fitted and converted trailer that has access to minimal utilities, stoves, and display cases. In addition, certain costs are required:

  • purchase of high quality semi-finished products;
  • salary of the seller;
  • payment for land lease.

It is inexpensive to open such points near high-traffic areas: train stations, markets, stop complexes, and clinics. With an average check of 30 rubles and a minimum number of customers of 200 people per day, we can speak of a good daily turnover of 6,000 rubles. This will make it possible to get the project back in 4-5 months, especially with constant further development of the range and high quality of service.

Business idea 27 - opening a mini coffee shop

The minimum investment is 400,000 rubles.

The essence of a business idea - Establishment of a small coffee shop for the preparation of different types and types of coffee, its implementation for the consumer in practical containers. Such practical mini-coffee houses are especially popular with fans of a fragrant drink of different ages. The relevance of this type of business is possible when the optimal location is selected, quality and fast service are organized.

Implementation of the idea:

For a successful project, a small mobile café with no visitor tables or the conclusion of a franchise agreement with an advertised and established brand is an excellent option. The second option makes the search tasks easier:

  • suppliers of raw materials for work, packaging materials;
  • employee training;
  • execution of the necessary documents;
  • the purchase of equipment for the preparation and sale of the drink.

In most cases, it is impossible to make high profits without offering visitors additional services: snacks, confectionery, original fillers and additives.Excellent return on investment is considered 40%, which allows you to amortize the project in 4 months, but you have to maintain a high pace of work.

Promising and successful business ideas with investments from 500,000 to 1,000,000 rubles

Below is a selection of 11 promising and successful business ideas with investments between 500,000 and 1,000,000 rubles. Although the investment is up to a million, it is still considered a small business.

Business idea 28 - opening a foreign language school

Estimated investment - 500,000 rubles.

Essence of the idea - Opening of a technical school for thorough learning of foreign languages, development of comprehensive or individual training programs. Such a project can bring a good profit and does not require a large financial cost. The demand for this knowledge is constantly growing, making this business relevant.

Implementation of the idea:

The opening of training courses begins with obtaining a compulsory license and finding a room. It should be near bus stops, have several isolated rooms, and amenities for students and staff. To ensure the learning process, the following are required:

  • purchase of comfortable furniture;
  • development and manufacture of work materials;
  • loyalty advertising;
  • selection of decent staff.

The profitability of such a language business project is quite high. If the average cost of an academic hour in a group is from 300 to 1000 rubles, then occupying a group of 5 people brings from 1,500 to 5,000 rubles. Individual training of a student, which costs at least 600 rubles per hour, is in great demand. Daily courses can be offered from 9000 rubles, which will fully amortize school costs for 2-3 months.

Business idea 29 - maternity wear

The minimum investment amount is 600,000 rubles.

The essence of the project - Opening of a comfortable store with clothes and accessories for pregnant women. At such a special time, there is a need for a comfortable and high quality wardrobe, which is complemented by various ones. Many women do not save on health and choose the best products for themselves. The idea should be implemented in cities with a large population, where there are potential buyers with an average income.

Implementation of the idea: