Why are users frustrated with user interfaces

What do UX & UI mean and what are the differences?



The abbreviation UX also comes from English and stands for user experience. This is translated as user experience or user experience. This field is primarily about the experiences and impressions that users gain when interacting with systems. In the area of ​​IT and application development, these are above all experiences with design, suitability and also the user interface as well as the interaction between man and machine itself. Accordingly, the area of ​​UX is divided into several subcategories.

Part of the user experience is the visual design. This includes both the visual user interface of programs and real interfaces through which the user interacts. This includes, for example, buttons or switches. In the context of application development, this is about creating a user interface that is easy to understand and easy to use. It is ideal if an inexperienced user can operate the system without instructions or instructions, as the design is intuitive. Good examples of good visual design are the buttons on CD players. Everyone is familiar with the symbols such as stop or start or can deduce the function based on their appearance. Colors are used in a similar way. Red is known as a signal or warning color and immediately draws attention to a problem. This intuitive perception can be used in design. The more extensive the functionality of a system, the more complex and elaborate the visual design becomes. In applications, developing an easy-to-use user interface is a major challenge.