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fREeCHARGE - participation in the competition "German Founder Prize for Schoolchildren 2018"

fREeCHARGE - participation in the competition "German Founder Prize for Schoolchildren 2018"

Two pupils and one pupil from the - at the beginning of the project - E phase, now Q3: Bonnie Brader, Aaron Möller and Niklas Moos have successfully qualified themselves nine times round after round with their project fREecharge up to the final round with the involvement of entrepreneur mentors , Sparkasse, experts and teachers, even if the deadlines were often very unfavorable in exam times.

When they reached the finals, they finally achieved a phenomenal 19th place out of 818 teams nationwide and a great 2nd place out of 45 teams in Hesse.

In addition, they received sensational personal feedback from their juror, which comprehensively appreciates the interdisciplinary achievements: from inventiveness and knowledge to linguistic precision to the various soft skills extracted from the submissions.

At the school, the three participants in the competition were advised and looked after by teacher coach Mr. Bissinger.



Description of the project:


The time has come!

Finally, you no longer need to think about charging your phone at home. You don't even have to think about charging your PowerBank, let alone taking it with you.

We have developed an app that shows you the nearest locations where you can charge for free, wherever you are. Whether at the hairdresser, while shopping or in the restaurant. The numerous locations in our app offer a comprehensive selection so that you can stay mobile and ideally integrate the charging units into your everyday life.

Not only can you charge your mobile phone at the various locations, no! You can also charge your ultrabook conveniently and free of charge on the go. Our service is therefore perfect for people who travel a lot. But also for those who do a lot with their mobile phone. Whether with morning coffee at the bakery or while waiting at the train station. Our app gives you the opportunity to use your time more efficiently.



Description of the team:


As every year, the German Start-Up Prize for Schoolchildren took place, a nationwide competition in which schoolchildren put their skills to the test with regard to setting up a company. So this year we got the start-up fever and we used the last chance before our Abitur to start our own fictional company.

The composition of the team was clear to us from the start, and with our coach Mr. Bissinger at our side and our entrepreneurial mentor Mr. Bruns, we felt safe enough to start a new chapter in our school career.

The start-up award runs every year from the beginning of February to mid-May. Then the business concepts are evaluated in several rounds and finally the best 30 are evaluated in detail in a jury round.

First of all, we were faced with the task of even finding a business idea. During the winter holidays we met several times and tried to explore a wide variety of options. Finally, we came up with the idea of ​​solving the everyday charging problem for smartphones, tablets and ultrabooks. Our company should treat free charging in public. And so we came up with the name - fREeCHARGE.

Building on this idea, we made our way through nine tasks that awaited us as part of the start-up award. We had to meet deadlines, which was not always easy in addition to exams and sporting activities.

What surprised us a lot was the scope of a business start-up and that this start-up game was kept very realistic. So in addition to the SWOT analysis (S.trenghts W.eaknesses Oopportunities Threats) and a clearly defined USP (Unique S.elling P.roposal) also prepare comprehensive financial analyzes - starting with sales revenue planning through to break-even.

Constant communication with our coach and many helpful tips from the sponsor enabled us to understand and work on the tasks quickly. We grew more and more together as a team. Not only did we meet regularly at school, we also worked on our project outside of school. Barbecue evenings with sponsors and coaches were of course a must.

Finally the time had come. May 9th was the deadline for the last submission. From a company idea to a website, marketing strategy and financing, we had worked out everything in just under four months to start founding our company. We had to be on the result for some time now, but it became clear to us during the work phase that it couldn't be the game alone. We agreed that we need to turn the idea into reality. When the result was final on July 2nd, we couldn't believe our eyes. 19th place out of over 800 teams. So we were in the decisive jury round of 30 teams and received comprehensive feedback from a jury member who was familiar with the industry. (See below for evaluation excerpts). It was precisely this extremely positive feedback that strengthened our backs for the future and made us even less doubtful about our mature concept.

In summary, the Founder's Prize was a great opportunity for further training for us, which challenged us but was also a lot of fun. That is why we can recommend the DGPS to all other students with a clear conscience.



Excerpts from the jury's assessment:


Without wanting to anticipate much, you have impressed your comparatively small team extraordinarily. You have developed a professional business idea in clear and optimistic language. Without exception, you will find in each of the modules your unconditional will to provide a comprehensive and best possible representation of your innovation on the best possible factual basis and with the help of external sources. You were also extremely convincing in the long-term cross-comparison of the German Start-up Prize for Schoolchildren. This also applies to the very high quality of orthography, grammar and punctuation. For this reason, I only highlight the special features in the following comments on the individual modules.

[. . .]

In this context, the explanations, illustrations and examples are a successful mixture of necessary details and a clearly recognizable central theme.

[. . .]

You and your small team have come up with a really excellent idea. I was enthusiastic about your commitment and your performance. In module 6 you summarize it aptly that you can very well imagine actually implementing your idea. I fully agree with you and wish you every success. You will do it in your team.

I was very happy to be able to evaluate your business model. If you would like to contact me, you are very welcome to reach me.

I wish you all the best and every success for your private and professional future, your juror for the German Founders Award for Schoolchildren.





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