What is the best fat cut food

Save fat: low-fat alternatives to high-fat foods

Reduced fat foods

There is fat in many of the foods we eat every day. In foods like sausage or cheese, the high fat content is less obvious than in oil or butter, for example. What many forget: Most foods are also available in reduced-fat variants or at least there are lower-fat alternatives. Even when cooking, roasting and baking, we can get by without fat or with less fat. Because if we prepare our food with less fat, it not only saves calories, it is also healthier. Especially saturated fatty acids, which are mainly contained in animal products, have a negative effect on the cholesterol level. In turn, elevated blood lipid levels increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases. With these tips you can reduce your fat consumption without having to forego enjoyment!

Dairy products

In particular, foods that you eat or process on a daily basis should be reduced in fat. For example, buy semi-fat margarine instead of butter or margarine. Switch to low-fat dairy products. Take milk with 1.5 percent instead of whole milk with 3.5 percent fat.

Instead of cream, you can round off a salad dressing with condensed milk or natural yoghurt. And for sauces and soups, it is better to use curd milk or sour cream instead of creme frâiche. There are also delicious low-fat variants of the cheeses.


Eat ham instead of sausage. Salami, for example, is almost half made of fat! If you don't want to do without sausage: Sausage made from poultry is better than pork sausage. Low-fat sausages are, for example, corned beef, ham, aspic sausage, and cold roast. Better to put ham than diced bacon in the stew. And if you're going to eat meat, make sure it's lean, like turkey for example. Cut off the edges of fat. When it comes to minced meat, the lighter it is, the more pork it contains, so the more fatty it is. When frying, you should use a coated pan or baking paper instead of frying fat.

Potato products

Prefer fries, wedges and croquettes in jacket potatoes and do not use a deep fryer. Baking, boiling, stewing or grilling is better than deep-frying. And if you still have to nibble something in front of the TV in the evening, it is better to have pretzel sticks instead of chips. Chips have a lot of fat.

fruit and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables have little or no fat. So you can eat plenty of it at any time. Many vegetables, especially tomatoes and cucumbers, are also suitable for cooking or for sauces. The apple is one of the almost fat-free types of fruit. It also has a lot of vitamins.

Cooking fat-free does not mean eating tasteless. Many dishes can be prepared aromatically with the right combination of herbs and spices.