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It is unbelievable how many people are regularly on social networks. A statistic of the company Statista According to 3.08 billion people regularly use social networks. By 2023, the number of users is expected to rise to as much as 3.43 billion. The time users spend on social networks every day varies between countries. In the USA, a user spends an average of one hour and 57 minutes a day on social networks. In the Philippines, users even spend four hours and one minute a day in front of the social networks.

You mainly hear from Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and WhatsApp. This is because these networks have by far the most users. But what other social networks are there? The following list shows the social networks with the number of their monthly visitors. The data used for this comes mainly from the statistical platform Statista and covers the months of March up to and including June 2020.

List of the most famous social networks 2020

With 2.5 billion visitors per month, Facebook is the top dog in social media. The network can be used to find contacts, publish and share news and information, and meet new people and companies. Facebook allows the publication of text, picture and video messages.

Youtube currently has around 2 billion visitors a month. The platform is a video portal whose users can view videos but also upload and publish them themselves.

It can be said that WhatsApp has replaced the classic and often costly SMS (Short Message Service). WhatsApp is a program that can be used for free chatting and phone calls (also with video and in conference) and currently has around 2 billion monthly visitors.

Facebook Messenger:
With the Facebook Messenger app, Facebook users can be in direct contact with their contacts and Facebook page visitors via chat. In addition, the messenger offers the possibility of following pages, holding group discussions and even making phone calls via video. Around 1.3 billion people currently use this app every month.

WeChat is an app that is very successful in China and combines numerous social networks as well as functions. WeChat could be seen as a mix of Facebook, Tinder, Uber, Amazon and credit card administrators. After Facebook, WhatsApp and Youtube, WeChat is the largest social network. 1.16 billion people currently use the app every month. This is mainly due to the fact that the operator of the app works with numerous companies and the Chinese government and can offer a corresponding number of features such as money transfers, free phone calls and chats, shopping, paying bills with a click or renting an apartment.

The Instagram app offers its users the ability to post pictures, short videos and stories. The app is easy to use, not overloaded, and welcomes an average of 1 billion visitors a month.

Tik Tok:
Tik Tok is an app that is primarily used for entertainment. Users of the app move rhythmically to pieces of music or stories. The more creative the clip, the more interesting and often clicked. An average of 800 million visitors a month treat themselves to this fun.

QQ is a chat app from China with which it is possible to have video calls in addition to text chats. In addition, a translation function is integrated in QQ so that the written texts can be sent directly in different languages. QQ is currently used by around 731 million people each month.

Q zone:
Like WeChat and QQ, the Q-Zone app was developed by the manufacturer Tencent and enables its users to share photos, videos and blog articles. Around 517 million people currently use the app every month.

Sina Weibo:
Sina Weibo is a Chinese microblogging service from 2009. Weibo could be described as a mixture of Twitter and Facebook. 516 million people currently use the app every month.

Reddit is a social media aggregator, the operators of which call it the “home page of the Internet”. Reddit can be thought of as a kind of forum that doesn't have categories, and through which users can post online about odd, interesting, or funny things. Other users of the platform evaluate the contributions by awarding points, which determines the ranking of the article. 430 million visitors use Reddit every month.

Kuaishou is a Chinese app that can be used to produce and publish short videos. The app currently has 400 million visitors a month.

Snapchat is a chat app with which you can produce pictures and videos and publish them to your contacts or on your Snapchat history page. Text, emojis and other gimmicks can be added to the images. After a certain time, the picture or video disappears from your own page as well as from the private chats. 398 million people use the app every month.

Twitter is a short message service that is currently used by 386 million Internet users each month.

Tumblr is an online scrapbook that can be used to publish texts, audios, photos, moving images and videos. Tumblr can be described as a mixture of a blog and a Twitter feed. 328 million people use the app every month.

Baidu is a Chinese search engine currently used by around 328 million people a month

Skype is a video chat program founded by Priit Kasesalu and Jaan Tallinn and purchased by Microsoft in 2011. The app is used by around 300 million people every month.

Viber is a communication platform similar to Skype. You can chat, make phone calls and send audio and video messages with Viber. Viber currently has around 300 million users per month.

Line is a social network for posting short messages, photos, text messages and audios, but also offers the option of making phone calls and video calls. Line registers 164 million users per month.

VKontakte (VK) is the Russian version of Facebook. The app is used by around 100 million active users every month.

Pinterest is a social network that is primarily about images. The word Pinterest is made up of a pin and interest. The focus of the app is that users can put together a pin board from beautiful photos over time. 335 million active users use the app every month.

LinkedIn is a social network that you can use to make contacts in the business sector. In addition, LinkedIn offers the opportunity to post professional messages and receive job offers tailored to your own profile. LinkedIn has 675 million monthly users.

Telegram is a chat app that can be used to send messages and make phone calls. The developers at Telegram paid great attention to security and encryption. 400 million people use Telegram every month.

With the Quora social network, users can share their knowledge, ask questions and answer. The platform has over 300 million active monthly users.

Flickr is a social network where users can upload, share and rate high quality images. Almost 100 million people use Flickr every month.

Taringa !:
Taringa! is a social network from South America. It is an online community that includes a web forum and numerous features of classic social networks. The different topics are categorized. Taringa has over 75 million users! every month.

Foursquare is a social network that is used to find suitable places: for example, places to shop, eat out or for entertainment. Over 55 million people use Foursquare every month.

Renren is a social network from China, through which you can quickly get in touch with other users and publish and share thoughts. Over 40 million people use Renren each month.

Badoo is another dating-based social network that operates in 200 countries. Badoo shares details about people close to you. This makes it easy to make new contacts. Over 30 million people use Badoo every month.

Xing is a social network that is all about jobs. It is mainly active in the German-speaking area. Around 20 million people use Xing every month.

MySpace is a music-focused social network that can be used to publish blogs, photos and videos, among other things. About eight million people use MySpace every month.

ReverbNation is a social network for musicians and those who work in the music industry. The platform offers various tools to advance the musician's career. Over four million musicians use the platform regularly.

Wayn is a social network that specializes in travel. Users can post travel tips there and connect with prospects and like-minded people. 1.5 million travel tips are published every month. However, nothing is known about the monthly number of users.

The Tagged social network makes it possible to make contacts via games, profiles and interests. It is mostly used for friendships and dating. In 2017 Tagged was taken over by TheMeetGroup. Nothing is known about the monthly number of users.

StumbleUpon is a social network that suggests suitable contributions for its users, depending on their interests and tastes: websites, pictures, videos and so on. The users can then rate the contributions. Nothing is known about the monthly number of users worldwide.

The dots:
The-Dots is a social network in which creatives can connect with each other, for example to share ideas or to find creative people to implement joint projects. Nothing is known about the monthly number of users.

The French social network Skyrock offers its users free web space to run their own blog. Nothing is known about the monthly number of users.

Snapfish gives users unlimited space to upload their photos and images. In addition, picture books can be created. Nothing is known about the monthly number of users.

Film fans who want to connect with like-minded people cavort on the social network Flixster. Nothing is known about the monthly number of users.

Funny or Die:
Funny or Die is all about funny videos. Users can upload, share and rate videos. Lots of celebrities are said to be active on Funny or Die. Nothing is known about the current monthly number of visitors.


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