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Private school or state school: which one is better for my child?

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Almost every type of school is available as a Private school or state school. Private schools have been enjoying growing popularity for a number of years. With additional services at private schools, these seem to be an optimal choice to support your child. But are private schools really better for a child than state schools? Is it necessary to pay a possibly high school fee? Or are state schools possibly better? Both types of school have Advantages and disadvantagesthat should be considered.

Costs and benefits

A key difference between schools is the fact that private schools are one for their services monthly school fees desire. This can vary greatly in amount and can be between 50 and 2000 euros per month. However, school fees are often too linked to the income of the parents. That is why private schools attach great importance to individual support, smaller class sizes, additional offers and, if necessary, special educational concepts. Parents hope for better lessons, better care and thus better future prospects. However, there does not seem to be a concrete connection between the financial investment and the performance of the students. Students from private schools show better results in an analysis by the Union for Education and Science Servicesbut this is related to the socio-economic background. Taking into account the composition of the students, cut state schools as good or even better from. Thus, presumably better performance is not a reliable criterion when deciding whether a private school or state school is better for your child.

Special educational concepts

There are big differences between schools, not just in terms of quality. Often a special educational concept or an ideological orientation is pursued at a private school. This is an important point to consider when deciding on a private school or a public school.

Montessori school

One of these educational concepts is the Montessori school. With the motto "Help me do it myself" the individual needs of children are brought into focus and encouraged here. An important aspect is that Promotion of independence of the children. You should act independently and decide what makes self-determined learning possible. The Design of the lesson is very different from that in state schools. There is free work, group work, project work and tied lessons. During the first two to three hours, the students can decide for themselves which topic they want to cover for how long. Here, older and younger students learn together. The tied lessons, on the other hand, take place in one age group. The learning material is conveyed and explored playfully and with all the senses. The children get few rules and structures given and must organize yourself. Children with difficulty concentrating could therefore have a hard time at this type of school. Is at a Montessori school any degree possible.

Waldorf School

Another educational concept is that of the Waldorf School. One of the guiding principles of this concept is "Receive the child in awe, raise them in love and release them freely." It is assumed here that every person three basic skills owns, thinking, feeling and wanting. The development of artistic, social, creative and practical skills plays a major role here. The Major subjects are taught in epochs. For several weeks, the children deal with a subject at the beginning of the day. Then other subjects are dealt with. Projects often link several subjects with one another. One There is no fixed curriculum, this adapts more to the development of the children. There are no books, numbers are rhythmized, letters are sung and feelings are expressed through expressive dance, which converts sounds into movements. The The environment should be harmonious and stable for the students, there are small groups, a teacher who does not change if possible, no grades and no repetition of a class. It is important to if possible, no pressure to perform build up. Basically, after 12 years, students get the non-state-recognized one "Waldorf Degree". However, there is the option to pass additional exams to obtain state degrees, including high school diploma. For this, the students usually have to go to school for another year.

Denominational private schools

There are also many denominational private schools. These are tied to a particular belief. In Germany these are mostly Catholic or Protestant schools. Here are those Christian values like charity, compassion and a sense of justice in focus. It is Religiousness is not a requirementTo attend such a school, however, religious education must be attended. Here can every degree can be achieved

Private school or state school

When deciding on a private school or a state school, there are a few things to consider. As stated earlier, it is not necessarily the case that private school students perform better. If you take into account the composition of the students, they are State school students often perform at the same level or even better. The Scope of lessons but is much better at private schools. This is related to the higher personnel key that private schools have. This means that fewer lessons are canceled. The Proportion of foreigners in private schools is lower than in state schools. Critics say that private schools encourage exclusion, as German children from educational backgrounds are often to be found here. This is probably related to the school fees and also to the interest in education. Families who are less educated are less likely to think of sending their child to a private school. By that often innovative or special educational concepts of the private schools it is such that this one child-oriented pedagogy rather than a curriculum-based one. This enables pedagogical ideals to be better realized. But Innovative approaches can also be found in state schools. Here, too, there are some good concepts and teachers. In order to answer the question of whether a private school or state school is better for your child, you should deal with the special educational concepts. If you like one of them, it makes sense to attend a private school. However, if it is just a matter of speculating that private school students would perform better, consider choosing a private school. Not every private school is good just because it's a private school. As with state schools, the Quality of schools also at private schools vary greatly. In addition, state schools sometimes offer good development opportunities for the students. The services are also to be regarded as equivalent. Ultimately, the decision as to whether a private school or state school suits your child better is a very individual one, which you should also discuss with your child.

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