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Picnic buys with Edeka, Asket shows environmental voucher, Sephora delivers with Instacart.

of Stephan Lamprecht on September 28, 2020 in News

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Udo Kiesslich is a proven expert on the subject of online grocery retailing, and his assessments are accordingly significant. So he sees problems coming to the stationary food retailing industry like Douglas has already experienced. Because where e-food will have a share of 10%, the frequency in the markets is likely to decrease noticeably. Then “only walk-in customers will be served with Mickey Mouse tokens”. He fears that, as in the case of perfumery, the chains might react too late.

That reminds me that I also have to finish my order at Rewe.
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Our today's news:

Picnic wants to expand and buys with Edeka, fast delivery services in Leipzig and Hamburg, Asket shows environmental influences on Bon

E-food provider Picnic apparently wants to expand to France and Great Britain. This emerges from an interview that co-founder Joris Beckers gave. The concept is successful in Germany and the Netherlands, he sees no reason why this should not be the case in other countries as well. The own brands initiated by Picnic (we reported) already carry information in French and English. Which of the countries will be expanded to first has not yet been determined. When expanding, the Edekaeducated purchasing community help. The partners found the Everest purchasing office. The purchasing company is to procure brands, own brands and fresh produce.

Regional grocery delivery services are apparently the next big thing right now. In Hamburg stands with Pickery a new service before the start that wants to deliver the ordered products within 30 minutes. In Leipzig already delivers “Fast things” and with Gorillas a provider in Berlin makes you sit up and take notice. Jochen Krisch has put together some information about this exciting development.

It doesn't always have to be fast fashion. The Swedish company ascetic relies on high-quality products in smaller collections, including many basics. In doing so, the company also wants to increase consumer awareness of the aspect of sustainability. The company has now introduced the “Impact Receipt” under the motto “Goodbye Green-Washing”. This receipt shows exactly how much an item of clothing costs in terms of environmental resources. The company hopes that this transparency will ensure that customers wear their clothes longer.

Local shops in Basel benefit from Corona, Sephora is cooperating with Instacart

Local patriotism is usually not a selling point for customers. Choice, experience and price are decisive. Remarkably, the in Basel The campaign “Support Your Locals” initiated during the lockdown continues to bear fruit after the reopenings. In some cases, retailers report 20 percent more customers than before the corona outbreak. "Not only do more customers buy, they also buy more," says a spokesman for the inner city initiative. Whether this is a longer-term trend or a flash in the pan lit by Corona remains to be seen.

Beauty provider Sephora has an agreement with in the US Instacart closed. With immediate effect, customers in selected branches in California and Canada will be able to have products from over 300 brands delivered to their homes. Delivery charges are around $ 4 for same-day delivery baskets over $ 35. The prices vary and are higher for smaller shopping carts or express deliveries. In the coming weeks, the offer is to be expanded to 400 stores.

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