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Master of Whisperers (formerly)
Varys is a main character starting with the second season of game of Thrones. In the first season he was still one of the supporting characters. He is played by Conleth Hill and appears for the first time in the third episode of the first season of the series.

In the series


Varys is a sophisticated and enigmatic eunuch with a mysterious past, of which he only reveals small parts to a few confidants.

Varys originally lived as an orphan boy on the streets of Esso. He was previously part of a traveling drama group, but they sold him. Instead of his new owner, a powerful wizard, abusing him, he cut off Varys' genitals and then threw him on the street to die.[1] Varys survived and became a skilled thief. Soon, however, he had the other thieves against him and only his meeting with Illyrio Mopatis, a gifted swordsman who protected him from then on, improved his situation. The two worked together from then on. Varys stole the booty from the other thieves and Illyrio gave it back to the rightful owners for a reward, making both of them very rich.

Varys started looking for little orphan boys and girls and taught them to sneak around as undiscovered as he and steal secrets, since Varys has learned that these are worth more than silver and sapphires. He calls his spies his "little birds". He taught them to read so that no one would notice their presence afterwards. Soon the King of Westeros heard of Vary's call to get any information and instructed him. From then on Varys lived in King's Landing and served the Mad King. He became a member of the small council as royal chief spy or master of the whisperers.[2] During the rebellion, Varys advised Aerys against killing Rickard Stark and his son and later trusting Tywin Lannister and letting him into town. Aerys ignored Vary's warnings, however. After Robert's victory, Varys retained his position and served the new king from then on.[3]

season 1

Lord Varys welcomes Ned Stark to the small council with Renly Baratheon, Petyr Baelish and Pycelle. He is present when Catelyn Stark arrives at King's Landing, who collects information about the attempted murder of her son Bran and wants to warn Ned at the same time. It turns out that Varys had long been informed about Catelyn's actually secret departure to the south and informed Baelish about it, who in turn had Catelyn and Rodrik Cassel brought to one of his brothels. Varys is waiting for her there, too, to ask her about the dagger she thought no one else knew about. In this brief encounter, Varys' extensive spy network and influence becomes apparent. Surprisingly, he doesn't know the owner of the dagger, but Baelish, who once lost it to Tyrion Lannister through a bet on a tournament.

In the further course it becomes apparent that not only Varys, but also Baelish and the Queen have informants, albeit not as extensive. This sometimes leads to a verbal exchange of blows at the highest level between Varys and Baelish, who only talk through vague hints.[4]

Varys provides the little council with news of Daenerys Targaryen, which he receives from Ser Jorah Mormont in exchange for a pardon. So he informs King Robert of their marriage and imminent pregnancy.

While Ned Stark tries to administer the kingdom for King Robert and at the same time is assisted by Baelish in the investigation into the death of Jon Arryn, Varys seems to be pursuing his own goals. Arya Stark overhears him unnoticed when he is talking to his long-time friend Illyrio Mopatis in the dungeons of the Red Keep. However, Arya can only hear and not see him and therefore does not know who he is, as she has never met Varys. In that conversation, Varys suggests an imminent war between the lion (Lannister) and the wolf (Stark) due to the tension between the two houses. Both realize that a war is of no use to them at the moment and Illyrio advocates an early death of Ned Stark. Unexpectedly, Varys goes to Ned Stark and warns him that King Robert could soon be infected with the same disease as Jon Arryn and leads him to believe that Jon's former squire and current Ser Hugh might have something to do with his death. Unfortunately Ser Hugh was recently "accidentally" killed at the tournament at the hands of Lannister vassal Gregor Clegane. With Varys' hints, Ned Stark comes to believe that the Lannisters could have had something to do with both deaths.[5]

After Robert dies through a chain of rapid events and Ned is imprisoned for treason, it is Varys who is the only one to visit him in the dungeon.[6][7]

Varys tries to convince him to recognize Joffrey's claim to the throne for the benefit of his daughters, which he has previously vehemently denied. At the same time, Varys tries, together with the other council members and with the help of Sansa Stark, to obtain a pardon for Ned Stark at Cersei. Ultimately, this will be granted, should Ned Joffrey confess his betrayal and recognize him as his king. Varys finally manages to persuade Ned to do so. When Ned asked who Varys actually served, Ned replied: "The Reich - one has to do it after all." However, Varys, like everyone else present, is surprised when, at Ned's public "confession", Joffrey orders Ned's immediate death, which he can no longer prevent.[8]

Petyr Baelish stands before the Iron Throne when Varys surprises him once more. He asks him what he would look like if he were on the throne and whether the lords and ladies who mocked him for years would flatter him. But Petyr says that it would be difficult for them to flatter them if they had run out of heads. Varys says he would not bet against Petyr because he is a dangerous player in the "Game of Thrones". And when Petyr asks what Varys would do if he were on the throne himself, he replies that he is probably one of the few men who does not want to see himself on the throne. Petyr jokes about Varys and says that everyone will fear him. He says that he admires Varys and Varys says that this is probably mutual.[9]

season 2

After Tyrion is temporarily appointed to the hand of the king, he and Varys team up more and more.[10][11]

Tyrion is particularly valued by Vary after he has succeeded in exposing Pycelle as an indiscreet councilor and imprisoning him, although Pycelle affirms that he has always served the Lannisters (especially Tywin and Cersei). Varys realizes that Tyrion is willing to serve the kingdom primarily, not the House of Lannisters. Varys keeps Shae's stay in King's Landing, which is actually forbidden, to himself. He also shows that he expects great things from him in the future.[12]

Varys provides Tyrion with plans for the city, books and siege tactics in preparation for the decisive battle against Stannis. For the time being, Varys and Tyrion talk the same way Varys does with Baelish, but not out of rivalry, but out of personal sympathy. Varys also informs Tyrion that in the east Daenerys is gaining more and more influence and now also has dragons. But they don't want to play this "game" until the previous one against Stannis Baratheon is over. Tyrion admits that he never thought he would ever have so much power and enjoy it so much, including the intrigue (games).[13]

On the night of the Battle of Blackwater, Varys considers Tyrion to be the only man who can stop Stannis. He sincerely hopes that he will return safely from the battle.[14]

When Tyrion, seriously wounded after the battle in his new chambers (the battle was won by the appearance of his father Tywin, Tyrion was immediately removed from office and moved to new chambers), it is Varys who makes him the only one besides his loyal squire Visited Podrick. Varys tells Tyrion that he will soon no longer be able to visit him so often, which Tyrion initially sees as a turning away from what has been lost. But Varys confirms his now situated friendship with Tyrion by introducing Shae to him.[15]

season 3

Tywin calls the little council together and Varys tells that Robb Stark is in fast water with most of his followers.[16]

Varys tells Tyrion how he got emasculated. As a little boy he traveled with a troupe of actors through the country. He was sold to an unknown man. Varys emphasizes his fear of the man at the time, but also says that his fears were nowhere near as bad as what the man did to him: He gave him a potion that drooped Varys' body. So the little boy couldn't defend himself or scream when the magician castrated him completely with a curved dagger and then burned his manhood. Two eyes came out of the smoke and said something in another language; Varys still follows this experience today, which is why he detests all magic - and works especially against Stannis and his red priestess Melisandre, who also practices blood magic. The wizard then exposed Varys to die, but Varys did not give up. He tells Tyrion that he was waiting for his revenge and that he was working for it. In the end he got it. The wizard is now in his power. He opens a small box in which a dirty old man is tied up and gagged and shows him to Tyrion. Influence grows slowly at the beginning, but from a certain level it spreads faster than weeds, he tells Tyrion. Revenge is something that it is better to commit late, when the enemy is no longer expecting it, but one must not lose sight of one's goals in the process.

Meanwhile, Varys has visited one of Littlefinger's brothels and hired the clever whore Ros as his spy to keep an eye on Petyr Baelish. This gives him information from which it can be concluded that Baelish intends to get Sansa Stark out of the city and thus bring the "key to the north" into his hands. Varys passes this information on to Olenna Tyrell, and together they decide to marry Sansa to Loras Tyrell instead. This succeeds insofar as Sansa raves about Loras and therefore does not flee with Baelish.[1]

Petyr Baelish reveals to Varys that he found out about Ros' espionage and that he got rid of it by letting Joffrey use it for his sadistic games. Varys replies that he only acted for the good of the empire. Baelish replies that the empire is nothing more than the Iron Throne, which supposedly consists of thousands, but actually only barely two hundred swords - a lie that one has to tell over and over again and coordinated with one another until everyone has forgotten that it is not true is. Varys insists that this lie must be preserved, otherwise chaos will be left behind. Littlefinger replies: "Chaos is a ladder."[17]

Varys is a guest at Sansa and Tyrion's wedding. He is one of the few who does not laugh when Joffrey takes the stepladder away, which is why he does not reach Sansa's shoulders during the ritual of the sheathing and has to ask her to kneel for the pleasure of the guests.[18]

Varys is later present at the Minor Council meeting as it discusses the events of the Red Wedding. He says nothing, but is disgusted by Joffrey's malicious joy and his idea of ​​showing Sansa her brother's head. When Joffrey gets into an argument with Tyrion about this and calls him a little monster, Tyrion replies that he should be careful; Monsters are dangerous - Varys grins to himself, he has no strong sympathy for Joffrey.

Varys starts a conversation with Shae and asks her to come to Pentos