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But can you actually buy cigarettes online?


Yes, you can. Through a double verification process whereby the age is checked before buying and when the ordered goods are delivered, it is possible for us as an online cigarette retailer to send you your goods. During the purchase process, you can decide whether you want to carry out the age verification with an identity card check or with the SCHUFA age check. Both are quite simple and straightforward. The delivery of the cigarettes is checked by our shipping partner DHL. Here the deliverer checks that the parcel is being handed over to an adult over the age of 18.


In order to be well informed about how the popular "glow stalks" are produced and which ingredients are usedCigarettes we have put together a few lines for you here.



How is an industrially manufactured cigarette made?


The production of a normal cigarette such as the JPS - John Player Special or the Lucky Strike from the manufacturer British American Tobacco takes place in different processing stages. First, the raw tobacco is refined. Here the ribs of the tobacco leaves are removed. Because the fewer tobacco stems there are in cigarettes, the less harmful smoke is produced. Thicker, more solid components produce more harmful smoke, so it is also in the interests of the manufacturer to use as good as possible tobacco in the form of fewer ribs and knots. After all, the smoker shouldn't consume a "waste product".


The leftover tobacco is processed into a mixture like the American Blend Mixture. This mixture is one of the most widely used concoctions in the world. It consists of subtle Virginia, sweet Burley and spicy oriental tobacco. The aroma, the condensate and the nicotine content determine the individual tobacco blend of the manufacturer.


These mixtures are then transported to the production machines via pipelines. From a roll of paper, the cigarette paper, runs a strip up to 7,000 meters long that surrounds the tobacco mixture. With the help of cutting machines, this long tobacco rod is cut into short pieces. Now both ends of the strand are fitted with a filter and wrapped in brown paper. The cigarette filter known to us smokers has now been attached to the cigarette.

The tobacco stick manufactured up to this point is then divided, mostly into the usual 85 mm length, which is referred to in the industry as the king size format. Once this is done, a quality control is carried out to ensure that the cigarette produced also meets the high standards of the European Commission.


In the last step, before anyone can smoke the cigarettes, they are portioned and packaged. As a rule, the packaging machine is coupled directly to the production machine. Finally, ten boxes each are wrapped in so-called sticks and packed in a cardboard box for shipping to the retailer. Modern production machines use a special process to produce 20,000 pieces per minute.

In larger plants in Germany, up to 200 million pieces are produced every day. A large part of this is exported to other countries. The main exporting countries for cigarettes “Made in Germany” are the other EU countries, to which around 83 billion units are delivered.


Once the production of the filter cigarettes, mostly made of American Tobacco, has been completed, we as online retailers can add them to our range.




How expensive are cigarettes currently in Germany?


The average price of a normal pack is currently 7.00 euros per box. The price can be recognized by a tax label on the side of the cigarette pack. With a pack size of 20 cigarettes, a carton usually contains 10 boxes. Thus the price is 70.00 euros per pole.

Smoking has become quite expensive when you consider that a pack of cigarettes for the euro changeover in 2002 was less than 3.00 euros. This is an increase of approx. 143%. But why has the cigarette become so expensive? This is mainly due to the tobacco tax. This amounts to a considerable share of approx. 59%, plus the sales tax of 19%. This means that there are currently around 78% taxes on cigarette prices.

So if a manufacturing company increases the prices, tobacco tax and sales tax are added and the actual increase is usually twice as expensive as it is.




How many cigarettes are in a carton and what pack sizes there are!


Usually 20 cigarettes are packed in a normal box. Of course there are also numerous variations as an example from the Marlboro Red brand shows. There are currently the following sizes of this brand of cigarettes: with 20 pieces for 7.00 euros, XL with 24 pieces for 8.00 euros, XXL with 28 pieces for 9.00 euros, XXXL with 32 pieces for 10.00 euros, or XXXXL, So 4XL with 39 pieces for 12.00 euros per box.

So-called mega packs, which are usually referred to as 5XL or 6XL, are relatively new. There are up to 50 cigarettes in one pack. On average, such a cigarette comes to just 0.30 euros. This corresponds to about 6.00 euros per 20 pieces. The values ​​range from 0.4 mg and 4 mg (Silver Blue) up to 0.8 mg nicotine and 10 mg tar (Red).


Of course, other manufacturers also have their own pack sizes such as BAT with their Pall Mall. There is e.g. the Pall Mall Giga Box with now only 49 cigarettes for 14.00 euros. However, these companies always orientate themselves a little on what the market leader is doing. In this case it is the manufacturing company Philip Morris. (As of July 2020)



What ingredients do cigarettes contain?


Additives such as ammonia, urea or sugar are just the most well-known pollutants. Tobacco is added to the cigarette to make it more durable and taste more attractive.


The addition of menthol, for example, to which tobacco is added to the cigarette, gives the smoker a mint-like fresh taste. How many additives there are actually depends on the manufacturer's tobacco blend. In the tobacco plant alone there are over 20 different toxins such as nicotine, nornicotine, anatabine or anabasine.


Admittedly, cigarette smoke is very harmful. Well over 4,000 toxic chemical compounds are created here. This means that even cigarettes like the American Spirit, which were produced "without additives", contain toxins, since the cigarette paper and the filter need a "glue" for the production of the cigarette. This of course releases pollutants when smoking.


The smoke of a cigarette alone contains a lot of soot. "Vaping" e-cigarettes would possibly be better here, since only steam is produced. However, scientists disagree on how many harmful substances are actually absorbed by the body by smoking the liquid in an e-cigarette. However, it is indisputable that no condensate / soot can settle in the lungs because there is only steam here.



Find cigarette brand! - What suits me?


If you would like to smoke despite our small list of ingredients and don't yet know which brand suits you, you can try it out with us. Because in our online shop you will find a clearly arranged category called cigarette brands as well as individual boxes. Well-known branded products such as Marlboro, Camel Original Yellow or Blue, Lucky Strike or newcomers such as the Elixyr or Mark 1 cigarettes are included.


With the single packs, it is probably a little easier for you to try new varieties. Because every aroma or every tar and nicotine content of a cigarette is different, and every smoker should be able to find his brand by simply buying and testing individual packs. We therefore offer you this option.


If you as a customer cannot find the right cigarette brand in the range, or if you would like advice, for example because you want to switch from smoking a normal cigarette to vaping e-cigarettes, please send us an email or give us a call Call us. We will be happy to advise you and take care of your concerns.


But be careful: In order to be able to buy cigarettes or alternative products such as the tobacco heater Iqos in our online shop, you must be at least 18 years old. Because the sale of cigarette types such as the Marlboro or other cigarette brands is only allowed to adults. So, of course, this also applies to us. If you would like to use our offer, you must confirm that you are of legal age to us.


(Text: Tabak-Brucker.de)